360 Degree Safe Scotland

If your school is looking at E-Safety, the 360 Degree Tool might be useful as part of your self-evaluation. It was launched in 2013 and is due to be updated in the coming months to reflect recent legislative and policy developments.

The website www.360safeScotland.org.uk provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to build on existing e-safety and anti-bullying policies.

The 360 degree safe self review tool is free to use and is intended to help schools review their e-safety policy and practice. It provides:

  • Information that can influence the production or review of e-safety policies and develop good practice.
  • A process for identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school.
  • A continuum for schools to discuss how they might move from a basic level provision for e-safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.

Benefit for schools using 360 degree safe:

  • Encourages collaborative online use within  schools.
  • Receive immediate feedback and suggested actions to help progression.
  • Log sources of evidence, comments and action points.
  • Easily compile and print a wide range of reports.
  • Compare and benchmark responses with other users of the online tool.

Collecting work using Google Classroom

So you’ve set up a Google classroom (see this post for a link to a handy video showing you how to do that). How do you go about setting work for pupils and collecting it in?

The second video in the series by Google classroom guru Dean Stokes explains all sorts of things you can do with Classroom. This includes Read & Write, a Chrome extension that is free for teachers and which can be bought as a subscription for pupils.

Glow accounts for Stirling Council partners

To facilitate collaboration with our partner organisations, it is possible for us to create Glow accounts for individuals who are not automatically provided with them (for instance, through being a member of staff in a school).

If you are a member of a partner organisation and you need access to Glow, please see the files below. You will need to read the community rules, and together with a sponsor from within Stirling Council’s Schools, Learning and Education service you will need to complete and return the two forms.

Glow Partner Account Application Form

Glow Partner Account Terms and Conditions

Glow Community Rules

For those organisations who are not Stirling Council partners, there is information on how to apply for an account via Education Scotland on Glow Connect.