Glow 101: What is Glow?

question1Glow includes a lot of things.

Glow includes:

  • Outlook email
  • Word, powerpoint or any other O365 tools
  • A place to store and share files
  • A collaborative tool
  • A collection of links to other sites

…and any number of other features that are found in Glow and form part of Glow, but none of them actually define with Glow is.

So what is Glow?

Recently I attended the EduTech Scotland conference, where I heard Ian Stuart (@IanStuart66, formerly head of Islay High School, now a consultant for No Tosh) speak. He said something that really resonated with me.

“Glow is a library ticket.”

When you log on to Glow and explore the App Library, you will see a plethora of tools available to you. At the time of Ian’s presentation on 7th December, there were 142 tools in Glow. These range from the ones that will be familiar to all teachers – Outlook email, Office 365 tools, SharePoint storage – to those more specific to particular subjects, or particular subsets of learners. Have a look. Add some useful tiles to your Launchpad. Point out useful apps to your classes. And let us know about any particularly interesting uses of Glow in your classroom – we would love to know!

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