Have you used BrainPOP, Twig or TigTag? I need your feedback.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try out the BrainPOP and Twig/TigTag resources, you still have time!

Just log into Glow and choose the Council Launchpad.  There you will see tiles for each of these resources.  By accessing through the Glow Launchpad, you will automatically be signed in.

  1. Twig/Tig Tag are premium science resources available through the Glow Launchpad. Funding for Twig/Tig Tag will expire next year.
  2. BrainPOP is very extensive covering almost all areas of the curriculum.  We have had free access to the BrainPOP premium resource since February. Access to BrainPOP was due to expire at the end of April, but I have been able to extend this for a further month.

I would appreciate your honest feedback about BrainPOP, Twig and Tigtag, and if/how you have used it/them…

  • as a class/individual resource?
  • number of pupils involved?
  • the type of content (eg Science) you accessed?
  • whether you would it useful as a paid for resource?

Please use the comments box below to leave your feedback for me.  Your help and input is greatly appreciated. Phil

15 thoughts on “Have you used BrainPOP, Twig or TigTag? I need your feedback.”

  1. Bannockburn High uses a lot of the Science videos and associated quizzes on twig. It is invaluable to the learning and teaching of the BGE in this school.

  2. TWIG: I used the films, photos, quizzes and ‘did you knows’ with my P6/5 class (25 pupils) at Borestone Primary for our topic on Renewable Energy. This was an excellent factual, real-life resources. The children loved doing the quizzes, and the Key Facts were a great summary of their learning. Occasionally had trouble loading the films, but could be internet speed rather than website!
    BrainPop: used with the same class and topic. Children enjoyed these a bit more because of the fun aspect. Explanations were very clear, but didn’t quite have the seriousness I wanted for some of the discussions.
    Incredibly useful to have both options, especially for areas I’m less confident teaching like Science and Technology, but I have also looked at other areas eg. Language in BrainPop, with the intention of using them at some point, and they look very useful. I have already recommended both sites to colleagues.

  3. We used Brain Pop when learning about Space and recently Tig Tag for learning about the body (bones).

    We found both websites useful in terms of interactive resources, activities and teaching ideas.

  4. We have used TigTag Junior resources extensively in our Early Years setting for our dinosaur and growing contexts and have found them to be excellent: informative; pitched at the correct level of information and in terms of duration, and the children have really enjoyed them.

  5. Love using BrainPop, and Twig/Tig Tag – have used both very successfully (for me and the children) in lots of curricular areas in Primary from P1 -P7. Please keep them available as a free resource for us to use!
    Have used as group, individual and class resources: love the stuff on Brainpop in all areas, and have used much of the Biology and Physics resources in Tig-Tag.
    If they became pay-for resources, I would certainly ask school to pay, but doubt if they would, in these straingtened times, but would possibly pay for Tig-Tag myself if I had to!
    Thank you!

  6. All three are excellent resources.
    tigtag – individuals and class upper primary and early years to provide depth and breadth in science lessons. Help ASN children develop vocabulary to participate in upcoming class science lessons.
    Brainpop – transition work for individual children during transition work on peer pressure and internet safety. Can see how it would work in upper primary really well too. Excellent games for body systems and microorganisms. Fun way to embed learning.

  7. I have used the Science videos on both Brainpop and twig with my S1-S3 Science classes and My nat 5 Biology classes. I find the short TWIG video clips really useful in reinforcing key concepts and good for revision as well. Many other colleagues in my school also use the Science videos. I think it would be a worthwhile resource to purchase.

  8. I have used this resource with one of our pupils who engaged very well with the interactive nature of the programme. We have dipped in and out of it in various subjects and found it very useful.

  9. Twig is a wonderful resource that I have used for all year groups I teach. As a science teacher I have found them to be invaluable. For some topics such as digestion, I use Twig almost every lesson. Some of our learning activities have taken advantage of the short, succinct clips offered by Twig such as the structure and function of DNA clip. The colourful animations are a great learning resource for us to visualise abstract concepts such as the inner workings of a cell. We also heavily use Twig clips to compliment our junior school courses for our science BGE. They often raise interesting points that a non subject specialist can expand upon. As the clips are produced as an educational resource I find that our pupils can access the materials more easily than a video from youtube for example. I am finding it much easier to access Twig now that our email has moved onto GLOW as we can now access the resources without having to log in again. This is an integral tool to our teaching practise and I would encourage everyone who has not used Twig to explore its wide range of excellent clips.

  10. We have used Tig Tag Jnr many times to support our learning. We find the resources really easy to use and appropriate for age range 3-5. We particularly like the short video clips that relate to our learning contexts.

    If we had to pay for the service , we probably would, however this obviously depends on the cost.

  11. fabulous – used with classes throughout the school, using video clips to enhance learning. used planning to scaffold own planning. used some of the pictures – copied onto active inspire and integrated into own flips. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I would use it to solely teach, I like to create own resources, however it could be used this way

  12. My class regularly uses Twig to watch maths videos, giving a context to the content. We occasionally make use of the worksheets too, or at least use them for a question bank. The pupils also watch the videos independently, when exploring a science concept they want to investigate further.

    I’ve used TigTag briefly for some science CPD, though I haven’t dedicated as much time as I’d like to. It was very informative and user friendly.

    We didn’t get round to using Brain Pop.

  13. I use TigTag most weeks to enhance my teaching of science to my P6 class. I find the lesson plans and curricular links really helpful. The videos explain the science well, generate a lot of discussion and are not patronising. My class engages well with the lessons and it would be great if we could continue to use the resource in the future. Due to budget constraints I’m not sure we would be able to do so if there was a fee.

  14. Tig Tag and Brain Pop are both excellent resources and I use them on a daily basis for the P4-7 classes. Learners love the short and useful clips, quizzes and printable activities. Please keep this resource!!!!!

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