Have you used BrainPOP, Twig or TigTag? I need your feedback.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try out the BrainPOP and Twig/TigTag resources, you still have time!

Just log into Glow and choose the Council Launchpad.  There you will see tiles for each of these resources.  By accessing through the Glow Launchpad, you will automatically be signed in.

  1. Twig/Tig Tag are premium science resources available through the Glow Launchpad. Funding for Twig/Tig Tag will expire next year.
  2. BrainPOP is very extensive covering almost all areas of the curriculum.  We have had free access to the BrainPOP premium resource since February. Access to BrainPOP was due to expire at the end of April, but I have been able to extend this for a further month.

I would appreciate your honest feedback about BrainPOP, Twig and Tigtag, and if/how you have used it/them…

  • as a class/individual resource?
  • number of pupils involved?
  • the type of content (eg Science) you accessed?
  • whether you would it useful as a paid for resource?

Please use the comments box below to leave your feedback for me.  Your help and input is greatly appreciated. Phil

A useful feature for pupils & teachers using e-Portfolios


Feature in Development

In the coming weeks there will be a Blogs release that will introduce aggregation functionality to the Glow Blogs service. This will allow teachers, students and non-teaching staff to see an aggregate view of latest blogs posts from blogs (public, private and Glow-only blogs) that they choose to follow. It will also be possible to group the aggregate view into different folders/groups which will make it easier for users to manage a large number of blogs that they are following.
This has been implemented in the form of  a plugin that will be activated across the network for all users.

The Glow blogs reader allows you to ‘follow’ a number of Glow Blogs. In following blogs you will be able to see which of these blogs has been updated in your dashboard rather than have to visit each site to check for updates.

We envisage that this feature will be particularly useful to teachers whose pupils are using the Glow Blogs e-Portfolios.

Click on this link below to get more information on this upcoming feature:  Glow Blogs Help