Final email migration

All remaining Education accounts will be moved over to corporate Office 365 during the week beginning 1st February. All content including contacts, calendar and email will be moved at the same time.

This applies to HTs, DHTs, Admin staff, Technicians, School addresses etc,  it does NOT apply to teaching staff.  They have now moved full-time into the Glow environment.

Once this move has taken place, you will no longer be able to use Groupwise to access your email.  Instead you will be using the Outlook 2013 desktop application.  Look for the shortcut on your desktop,


The program can also be found by going into your PC Start menu, then finding Microsoft Office 2013, Outlook 2013.
Your email address and password will not change, and you should use your existing details when you log into Outlook 2013.

This move has been planned for the w/b 1st Feb because it falls before the inservice/holiday week.

You can find help pages provided here:

and also pages provided by the Office 365 team:

Once you have successfully logged into your account through Outlook 2013, you will be able to do everything you could previously do with Groupwise, plus a lot more:

  • Adding your glow account to Outlook 2013 to access them both in the same place,
  • Sharing calendars and sharing contacts between your (and others) accounts.

Pupil e-Portfolio Update

The e-Portfolio Plugin Version 1.0 has been released.  Pupils can now set up an e-Portfolio by selecting e-Portfolio from a popup on the Create Blog page. Existing blogs can gain the functionality by activating the e-Portfolio plugin.The old portfolio themes are no longer available in the theme picker.

The e-Portfolio plugin make creating a profile from a series of posts much simpler. There is a new Taxonomy ‘Profile Tags’ which control which posts appear on the profile. Pupils can create as many profiles as they like.

A series of help pages are available on using the e-Portfolio Plugin.



Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 16.41.05

This release also add the ability to embed Sways in a blog by pasting in the url to the sway: Example post.

Q – I have been trying to set up new e-portfolios but cannot find my local authority theme?

A – The various LA themes have been disabled for new blogs as the e-portfolios have been changed to use a plugin rather than a theme:
Help for the new system is here:

News posted about the e-portfolios:

Get in touch  with John Johnston if you need more information:

Tigtag Science Resources on Glow

 Tigtag Junior, the science resource from Twig World for 4-6 year olds is now live. This is the latest instalment from Twig World Ltd that has come as part of the £430,000 procurement exercise led by Education Scotland in summer 2015. As with Twig and Tigtag, Tigtag Junior is now available to all state schools in Scotland (until July 2016) through the National Glow Launch Pad. To access this resource, look for the Tigtag Junior tile in the National ‘Scotland’ Launch Pad in Glow. Alternatively, you can also search for the tile in the Glow apps library and add it to ‘My Launch Pad’. The following video guide will help you do this.Practitioners can also sign up for Twig Newsdesk and Tigtag Topical Science updates. These are regularly updated and link current news articles with available Twig and Tigtag films. This supports the teaching of topical science which was identified as an aspect for development in the Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report.

Practitioners looking to boost their confidence in science may also be interested in Reach Out CPD. Reach Out is an online Twig World resource designed to help primary school teachers with the science curriculum. The site has been developed by a team of educational and production experts from Imperial College London and Tigtag. Teachers can enroll in many different courses focusing on science education in lower and upper primary settings as well as accessing skills-based CPD courses. Again, look for this tile on Glow.

Remember that learners can also access them at home too using their Glow logins.

To receive updates about these and other sciences resources please sign up for the STEM ebulletin at:

or visit the sciences hub at :