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HTs, SROs, & School Email Addresses

In discussion with colleagues in ICT and across other services, we recognise that there is a need to maintain links to the centre and a corporate identity for our schools/establishments. It is also critically important that we do not confuse, or cause unnecessary workload during this transition.

For these reasons, certain specific school accounts will continue to exist as part of the centre/corporate email service.  As the corporate accounts are migrated from Groupwise to Office 365 (corporate), these few accounts will also move across, providing an email service using the address.

What this means:
1. All the existing email addresses for schools (e.g., etc) will continue to exist and there will be no need for these to be removed from contact lists or the council website information.
2. All head of establishment addresses will also continue to exist.
3. Some other specified accounts (eg Secondary SROs and Primary Admins) will also continue to exist
4. All of the above postholders will additionally have a full Glow account with a corresponding address and a full Office 365 experience
5. All other school/establishment staff will ‘only’ have a full Glow account with a corresponding address and a full Office 365 experience

– Lynne Alexander ( holds/maintains a list of these contact email addresses on behalf of education and other services. It is important that these addresses remain valid and contactable during the coming months.

For those establishments who have created a “our address is changing” rule already for their school address, can you please remove it as soon as possible to avoid any confusion by centre staff, partners and the public?
You can continue to use a forwarding rule so that you gather all email in the one place for convenience.

– Please expect centre staff to continue to use and share your school and head of establishment addresses.
– This will reduce workload and stress.

For the purpose of clarity:
The GroupWise email system is being replaced across all services. All services will be moved into an Office 365 environment over a period of months and will all be using Outlook for email. Education establishments are moving first, and are moving into a specifically educational Office 365 (which forms part of the much greater Glow offering).
–>All establishment staff do need to move into Glow Office 365 for their email as explained previously and I would encourage you to ensure that all staff feel confident to move into Glow O365.

Please get in touch if you require any clarification , or if I can offer any support to you or your teams. Contact me at