Viking style fork (Historical build part 1)

 This is part 1 of my historical builds. This series will be demonstrating my theme of old style blacksmithing using traditional methods and hand made tools.

This fork was surprisingly  easy to make, as all I did to forge this was to get a half inch square stock, draw it down to a gradual taper. then use the hot cut hardy to separate the steel in two. Once at this stage, I used the horn (bick) on the anvil to draw down each point to equal dimensions.

I am looking into engraving so that I can engrave the handle with Nordic style letters. I need to make an engraving chisel and I have already made an engraving chisel, but with mild steel, so only a practice one.

I will be making a proper chisel soon out of higher carbon content and will be an  update on that soon.    

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