Historical build part 2. viking style knife.

 This was surprisingly simple to make as the shape is easy to forge. Its a one sided blade with a very gradual bevel.

The handle of the knife was inspired be a lot of Scandinavian pendents and jewellery. However next time I make something like this, I will forge out more material for the handle in order to make it longer as I feel that griping the handle feels very close in the hand.

Just to clarify, this blade is not sharp as making it so would be going against its intended purpose to be a dinner knife to go with the fork.

Viking style fork (Historical build part 1)

 This is part 1 of my historical builds. This series will be demonstrating my theme of old style blacksmithing using traditional methods and hand made tools.

This fork was surprisingly  easy to make, as all I did to forge this was to get a half inch square stock, draw it down to a gradual taper. then use the hot cut hardy to separate the steel in two. Once at this stage, I used the horn (bick) on the anvil to draw down each point to equal dimensions.

I am looking into engraving so that I can engrave the handle with Nordic style letters. I need to make an engraving chisel and I have already made an engraving chisel, but with mild steel, so only a practice one.

I will be making a proper chisel soon out of higher carbon content and will be an  update on that soon.