My tool-box.

 This tool-box is a life saver!

I use this tool-box almost every day and is an essential part of my work.

The box has multiple compartments that keeps everything organised. This allows me to keep different types of tool can be stored and retrieved easily. 

For example, the top right has all my measuring tools, the top  left has abrasives and files, the two middle compartments has sizing and adjusting tools, nail, glues and all my small hand made tools like punches and hammers. The bottom compartment is the largest so is good for storing  projects and billets of steel and also my brushes and sets of small tools.

I would recommend a tool-box when doing this type of work as it keeps everything organised and in view, reducing the time taken to find scattered tools around the workshop.

Leaves more time for forging!

Door Handle (The finish)

Even though the handle is finished, I decided that the surface finish was not very good as there was noticeable variations of shade on the surface due to the oxides formed after forging. What I did was heat the steel up once again to a bright red/orange and used a steel brush to remove most of the oxides. At a lower heat I continued to brush the steel to then generate an even bright finish on it.

The surface now looks clean and even, with an new bright, semi-shiny finish.