Door Handle (Part 5) (machining)………….)-:

The good news is that I have finished the angle adjustments of each end and is now flush on a flat surface.


This is the bad news… Using a 6 mm drill bit, the drill slide down and went too far down the piece.

The second hole’s position is fine. however the drill bit, even with lubricant, will not penetrate through the steel. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but i will find out and find a way to drill through.

Before i do that however, on the anvil, I will try and hit out that mark I made with the drill. The end of the piece was looking too narrow anyway, so stretching out the piece hopefully will conveniently do it some good.

I’ll try do be more careful with the other side and just to be sure,  i’ll only drill one hole for one screw as it was getting a little too close for both of them.

By the way, I hate machining. (-: