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P6 Inventions Fayre

P6 Inventions Fayre




On Thursday 24th October, Primary 6 hosted an ‘Inventions Fayre’ for their families, to showcase their learning from their context ‘Evolving Inventions’.

This context involved learning about the history of technology and how it has developed over time, as well as pupils developing skills in using the technology available to them in school. They worked hard on presentation skills, which were put to the test on our School Trip to Sky Academy Studios in Livingston.

In preparation for the Inventions Fayre, P6 developed skills in team work, communicating and presenting to an audience through a group research task. Each group worked hard to create a detailed timeline, a 3D model and a Google Slides presentation about a technological invention. P6 even thought about what the future might hold for their chosen invention.  They loved sharing their finding with many family members who attended this successful event.


Space Presentations

On the 28th of January 2019, P6G and P6L worked together to complete a space group challenge. Each group was given a planet to research. We now know that there are 8 planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. One group also researched the sun, which is not a planet but a star.

Our challenge was to work as a group to research different aspects of our given planet, for example it’s size, gravity, position, appearance etc. We then had to use our research to create a 3D model of our planet, an A3 poster and a Google Slides presentation to teach the rest of Primary 6 all about it.

We made the presentations over a couple of weeks and had to make sure that everyone had a part to play in our group.  Finally on Friday the 18th February, we presented all of our presentations. We all had a grid in our context jotters to take notes about what we had learned during each presentation. 

When we were making the power points we had to work together in all sorts of ways for example, we had to know when someone else’s part is coming up so we can tell them. We had to work together to make the slide show and planets. When other groups presented them, we had to respect them like they respected us when we presented our slideshow. Everyone tried their best and they were all really good. I learned so much about the different planets that orbit the sun.

Written by

Bailey Niven

Launching into Space!


To launch our new topic  ‘Space Explorers’ we created our own rockets.

First we got into partners. The diameter of the rocket had to be twenty eight millimetres to fit onto the top of a plastic bottle and we could only use one piece of card. You could decorate it whatever way you wanted but we had to think about how high it would go and far it can go.


We had a competition, with winners for the best design and which rocket travelled the furthest. Sienna and Victoria’s rocket won the most attractive rocket design. Next we did who could go the highest and Anna and Chloe’s rocket won.

After we had a class discussion about why different rockets travelled higher than others and considered the design of a space rocket and other vehicles we have seen. We are very excited to learn more about this topic and to design and build other things!

Written by

Sienna Shepherd

P3G’s STEM Pyramid Building Challenge


On Friday 9th of March, we worked in small teams to complete a STEM pyramid building challenge. Based on the learning from our Egyptian Explorers topic, we had to collaborate to build our own pyramids using a variety of different materials such as paper and cello-tape, Lego, wooden bricks, play dough and art straws.

We created our own success criteria for our pyramids so that we could self and peer assess our creations. We decided our pyramids had to have equal sloping sides, be free standing and have a square base.

We worked in small groups to complete the task, so teamwork was important. Everyone was assigned a different job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help to contribute ideas and build the pyramids.


Here’s P3G’s reflections on the challenge:

Seb – “It was very hard because you had loads of different materials and we were not used to building with them.”

Katie – “I liked the one where you had to use straws and plasticine, it was easy.”

Gregoire – “I liked doing the Lego pyramids.”

Leila – “The pieces keeps on falling off the Lego pyramid when we were putting them on.”

John – “My group broke the big Lego pyramid we made and made a smaller one with bricks inside it so that it wouldn’t fall in.”



P3 STEM Pyramid Challenge

On Friday 9th of March, Miss McDonald set us the challenge of making STEM pyramids. We had to make pyramids using different materials:  paper and cello-tape, Lego, interlocking cubes, play dough and art straws. We needed to make sure our pyramids had equal sides, it was free standing and had a square base.

Teamwork was important for our challenge. Everyone in our groups had a job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help build our pyramids.

We found making a pyramid from paper was the most difficult. Only 2 groups out of 4 managed to make one! We felt that the play dough and art straws were easy, as well as the interlocking cubes.

Eilidh – “I thought it was really fun making the pyramids!”

Aaron – “I really liked the materials we were making the pyramids with. My favourite was the paper!”

Fraser R – “I really liked building the pyramid with the Lego because it was quite easy and you could use the blocks to help shape it.”

Eva – “I liked making the pyramid out of paper because it was a real challenge.”

Finn – “I found making the pyramids easy, especially the paper one – my group managed to make it!”