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Our Class Charter


During the first week of term,  our class revisited and reflected upon our school values and discussed the behaviours that we expect from each other at all times. We came up with 11 statements that have formed our P6G Class Charter.

We then went into small groups to come up with different designs to display our charter. We voted using counters to choose our favourite design. The Piñata idea, created by Saul and Theo, won our class vote.

Led by Theo and Saul, we split off into small groups to make the design come to life. One groups made sweets, one worked on the statements and one created the Piñata itself.

When we had finished our display, we all chose a sweet to write our names on, to show that we agree with the statements on our class charter and that we will try our best to follow them throughout the year.

P6 Rockin’ Responsibility Assembly


On Thursday 6th September, Primary 6 became the first year group to perform for an assembly this year. This term, all of our assemblies are focused on our five school values.

For our P6 assembly we focused on responsibility.

As a whole year group, we decided together how we wanted to share our ideas about being responsible. We then volunteered for different roles throughout the performance and we wrote our own speaking parts, created drama scenes and choreographed dances.


We also learned and performed a new song about responsibility, to the tune of One Directions ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’, to finish our assembly. Every member of P6 had a part to play, we were all included in some way.

 “I was really nervous, but the assembly was amazing. I felt proud afterwards.” – Anna

“I felt like birds were flying in my tummy, after I felt happy!” – Victoria

“I felt nervous at first because we hadn’t learned our drama scene perfectly, but on the day it went smoothly and I felt amazing when we did it right.” -Bailey