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Launching into Space!


To launch our new topic  ‘Space Explorers’ we created our own rockets.

First we got into partners. The diameter of the rocket had to be twenty eight millimetres to fit onto the top of a plastic bottle and we could only use one piece of card. You could decorate it whatever way you wanted but we had to think about how high it would go and far it can go.


We had a competition, with winners for the best design and which rocket travelled the furthest. Sienna and Victoria’s rocket won the most attractive rocket design. Next we did who could go the highest and Anna and Chloe’s rocket won.

After we had a class discussion about why different rockets travelled higher than others and considered the design of a space rocket and other vehicles we have seen. We are very excited to learn more about this topic and to design and build other things!

Written by

Sienna Shepherd

P6 Curling Taster

On Tuesday 20th November, we were invited to attend a curling taster session at the Peak. There were 3 coaches there to help us – Norman, Judith and Elspeth – from Active Stirling and Scottish Curling. When we arrived, we began by warming up and then had a go at walking on the ice. It wasn’t as slippy as we thought it would be!

We spent the morning learning a variety of different skills such as :

  • how to ‘sweep’ the ice

  • ‘the delivery’ – (how to slide on the ice)
  • how to slide the stone properly across the ice – it was 20kg so pretty heavy!

  • Tactics involved in curling games

After we had practised the skills we required, we had the opportunity to play games of both long and short curling. Long curling involved sliding the stone as far down the rink as possible, with ‘sweepers’ in each team helping it to travel further. Points were awarded for how far the stone travelled and the closest stone to the centre of the ring at the end.

Short curling was from a close range, trying to aim the stone to land as close to the middle of the ring as possible. The closest stones to the centre awarded the team points for that rounds. There was 2 rounds in total.


‘I liked curling because it gave us a new sport to play and it was exciting. I thought it was going to be boring but it was very fun’ Chloe

‘It was hard, but eventually I didn’t fall over and I really enjoyed it’ Kirsten

‘I never expected that I would like it as I’ve never done anything on ice before but I found it very exciting and fun’ Alex R


We Love Reading in P6G!


Over the past few weeks we have set up a book recommendation wall and a display to keep track of all the books we have read during the year. We are encouraged by Miss Guthrie to share a little bit about what we have been reading, because other members of our class might enjoy reading the text too.

Every week we go up to the library and we have a recording system so that we can borrow books to read from school and from each other.

During Guided Reading, we have been looking at non-fiction books. One is called ‘How to Persuade People’ and we have been using this to look closely at persuasive language and techniques. We have also been learning how to take effective notes and have been practising our note-taking skills using books and video footage.

In Shared Reading, we have been reading a book with Mrs Savoury called ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. It is about two boys who get evacuated from London because of a war.

“I really like Friend or Foe because it is very adventurous and I like those kind of books. I also love going up to the library to get comfortable and read a nice book.” – Esmee

“I love reading in the mornings and when we go to the library.  I love when I read an adventurous book because it takes me in and makes me excited to see what happens next.”– Evie

“I like reading because it’s when I feel most happy when I read. Friend or Foe can get really dramatic at times, where it makes you want to keep reading it to find what happens next.” – Lilith

Our Class Charter


During the first week of term,  our class revisited and reflected upon our school values and discussed the behaviours that we expect from each other at all times. We came up with 11 statements that have formed our P6G Class Charter.

We then went into small groups to come up with different designs to display our charter. We voted using counters to choose our favourite design. The Piñata idea, created by Saul and Theo, won our class vote.

Led by Theo and Saul, we split off into small groups to make the design come to life. One groups made sweets, one worked on the statements and one created the Piñata itself.

When we had finished our display, we all chose a sweet to write our names on, to show that we agree with the statements on our class charter and that we will try our best to follow them throughout the year.

P6 Rockin’ Responsibility Assembly


On Thursday 6th September, Primary 6 became the first year group to perform for an assembly this year. This term, all of our assemblies are focused on our five school values.

For our P6 assembly we focused on responsibility.

As a whole year group, we decided together how we wanted to share our ideas about being responsible. We then volunteered for different roles throughout the performance and we wrote our own speaking parts, created drama scenes and choreographed dances.


We also learned and performed a new song about responsibility, to the tune of One Directions ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’, to finish our assembly. Every member of P6 had a part to play, we were all included in some way.

 “I was really nervous, but the assembly was amazing. I felt proud afterwards.” – Anna

“I felt like birds were flying in my tummy, after I felt happy!” – Victoria

“I felt nervous at first because we hadn’t learned our drama scene perfectly, but on the day it went smoothly and I felt amazing when we did it right.” -Bailey