A Message from Mrs Kane

It is important that we all always look after ourselves so I have put together a little presentation (supported by North Lanarkshire Wellbeing Kit) thinking about the 8 Wellbeing Indicators and how they can help us think about our mental and physical wellbeing. Please take time to have a look and I hope you enjoy the poem/story. Remember if you are worried or need to talk, find an adult to help you. It may be mum or dad but it can also be a relative, friend or teacher.

Mrs Kane’s Wellbeing Presentation

Please take care and look after yourselves.
Mrs Kane

Have a go at some of the challenges below:

Moving Monday  – try to get yourself moving. You might want to try a Joe Wickes or another online exercise class, go for a walk or run, get out in the garden or in a space in your house to do some star jumps, high knees, jog on the spot touch your toes etc to get you moving. Remember to take movement breaks away from the screen every 10 -15 minutes.

Tasting Tuesday – Have a go today at tasting something new to eat or taste something you’ve tried before but decided you didn’t like. Sometimes when we try again it is actually really nice (or not as bad as you thought) – give it a go! Try to have a healthy snack today and have your 5 a day.

Wonderful Wednesday – think about the wonderful world around us. (even though the weather may not be wonderful). If you get a chance today, I would like you to have a ‘chill and still!’ Get your coat on and stand outside in the rain. Stand really still and relax. Listen, really listen, what can you hear?? Maybe the birds are chirping, can you hear the Allan Water? Can you hear the rain? some of you may be near the railway or the road, can you hear a train or cars? Have a look at the view – what do you see? Some of you live in the country, on a farm or you may see other gardens or houses? Enjoy a few minutes to just chill out and be still.

Thinking Thursday – It is really important for good mental wellbeing to challenge ourselves.  Try hard to think about your school work or a job you’ve to do or been asked to do. If you are writing, really think about spelling the common words you know correctly. Remember those spelling rules! Use ambitious vocabulary, interesting connectives and openers and remember to use the correct punctuation. This will up-level your work and make it much more interesting and really exciting. Read a book or a story, discuss the characters and the setting. Have a real go at your numeracy tasks and think about what you already know, think it through, decide what you need to do and see if you can problem solve for yourself. Maybe try a puzzle such as a jigsaw, a word-search or a crossword (there are loads online). Build or create something out of Lego, old boxes, blocks or bits and pieces you have around the house. Think about how you might piece it together to make it strong!

Friendly Friday – think about what makes a good friend and are you a good friend? Are you kind to each other? Do you listen to each other? Do you try to help if they are feeling down and are they there for you? Do you have fun together? If you are able to, today you might want to reach out to a friend and say ‘hi, how are you?’ call them on the phone or message them. It is really sad that we can’t meet up with our friends just now but remember this time won’t last for ever and hopefully soon we can all be together again.


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