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Whose Water? Whose Power?

Primary 7B have been working hard on their ‘Whose Water? Whose Power?’ context, within which they have created their fictional community ‘Riverwood Valley.’  The valley is under threat of a dam being built, which will cut off their water supply and force them to leave their homes.  P7B have been learning about the threats dams can pose to humanity and have created a campaign to protest against it.  They are looking forward to sharing their animation once the final editing has taken place.  Watch this space!

Here is the link to our Riverwood Valley website designed by Jakub, Abbi and James! Newton Digital Leaders!

An Extra Special Visitor to P1/2R

On Monday 20th March, Anna was very excited to introduce her baby sister Harriet to us. Mrs Barnes arrived in the classroom with a beautiful big pram where Harriet was lying asleep. We were very quiet because we didn’t want to wake her up (well, we did really!). Mrs Barnes was very good at answering all the questions we had for her about how to look after a new baby and we learned so much from her. After lots of discussion about babies; how to feed them, look after them, what they need, how to hold them and what they like to do; Harriet woke up. We liked seeing her sit up on her mum’s knee and we  played ‘peek-a-boo’ with her which made her smile. Just before it was time to go home we sung ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to Harriet because we learned that babies like to be sung to. Finally, on our way to get our jackets and bags we all got to give Harriet a cuddle and say goodbye to her.

Harriet asleep in her pram.

Harriet just woken up after her sleep.

Asking Mrs Barnes questions.

Playing ‘peek-a-boo’.

Singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

Giving Harriet a cuddle before we go home.

Here are some quotes from the children about what they learned:

Katie – ‘I learned that babies need lots of nappies, wipes, bottles, clothes and a changing mat when they are going out.’

Johnny – ‘Now I know that babies can only see black and white when they are born.’

Rory – ‘When babies cry their mum might know if they need a drink of milk or if they are tired.’

Aaron – ‘When babies sleep they grow.’

Phoebe – ‘Babies put everything in their mouths because taste is their strongest sense.’

Eilidh C – ‘You need to hold babies heads when you lift them up because they are a bit floppy and it could hurt their necks if you don’t hold them properly.’


Thank you Mrs Barnes and Harriet for coming to visit us in P1/2R.

Great Scot!

On Wednesday 22nd February,  Primary 7 performed Great Scot in front of family and friends.  The fabulous tour through Mrs McTavish’s Wax Museum brought characters such as Robert Burns, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Oor Wullie and even Andy Murray and Chris Hoy to life!  The singing throughout was beautiful, and featured some fantastic Scottish songs including:  ‘Caledonia’,  ‘500 Miles’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

“I loved being on stage and acting,”  – Libby

“I really liked being on stage and I was proud that I acted in front of people.” – James F

Scots poetry/songs and Mini Burns Supper

On Wednesday 25th January we performed our Scottish song ‘Three Wee Mice’ at the ‘One Scotland’ assembly as well as having a special visit from Mr Glendinning. He arrived wearing his kilt and talked to us about the different parts of it. We also enjoyed listening to him reciting a selection of Burns poems and learning about what happens at a Burns Supper.

pic1 pic2

On Friday 27th of January we had our very own ‘Mini Burns Supper’. We went up to the library to watch the Scottish entertainment which included poetry recitals, singing and dancing. The Selkirk Grace was said and then we all went back to the classroom to enjoy some Scottish delicacies: Irn Bru, cheese and oatcakes and shortbread. Afterwards, we enjoyed dancing along to a variety of Scottish music.

Chinese New Year

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit this afternoon (25th January) from Mrs Cowley. She told us all about Chinese New Year. We learned how to say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ in Chinese and we know that this year it will be the year of the rooster.  Mrs Cowley brought in the most beautiful decorations which we loved learning about and enjoyed getting to hold.

Mrs Cowley



Burns Poetry visit from Mr Glendinning

On Wednesday 25th January we were very fortunate to have a special visit from Mr Glendinning who arrived wearing his kilt. He talked to us about the different parts of his kilt and we learned some new words – sporran and skean dhu. We also enjoyed listening to him reciting a selection of Burns poems and learning about what happens at a Burns Supper.

Mr Glendinning

Visit from Countryside Ranger and Little Critters

On Friday the 11th November we had a visitor come to the class called Claire. She is a countryside ranger. Claire taught us all about owl pellets and we even got to dissect an owl pellet. We had to try and figure out what animal the bones we found had come from.



On Wednesday 30th November we had a visit from Little Critters. They brought with them a snake called Cuddles, a bearded dragon called Rocky and a hedgehog called Jaggy. They also brought 3 owls with them. A Tawny owl called Chestnut who was 3 years old, an Asian Wood owl called Oakley who was 4 years old and a Barn owl called Willow who was 2 years old.



Fabulous Fairy Tales

We had a very special sharing session recently when we read our alternative fairy tales books to an appreciative partner and received focused and fabulous feedback! Our starting point had been “Jack and the Beanstalk” but our imaginations took this story in some amazing directions whilst retaining the features of a fairy tale.sam_3559sam_3560sam_3563

Andrew Butchart’s Visit

On Tuesday 6th of September Primary 7 were very lucky to have a visit from the Olympian Andrew Butchart. When he arrived the whole school cheered him on as he entered, giving high fives to everyone as he walked towards the entrance of the school. Four lucky P.7 pupils were picked to welcome Andrew and take him to the P.7 classroom where everyone was waiting, excited to ask questions. We asked a lot of questions about his journey and experiences.  We found out lots of interesting information about him including; he kisses a necklace before he races, there is a free McDonalds in the Olympic Village, he is great friends with Mo Farah and so much more. Each Primary 7 got an autograph from Andrew. After all the autographs we went outside to do Kilometre Club with him. Everyone enjoyed running with him and got a group photo so we could remember the special day. As he was leaving everyone said goodbye and off he went.

By Neve & Sophie C (on behalf of P.7)