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P5P’s Merry Adventures

P5P have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. With Christmas fast approaching they are feeling very festive. They loved making snow globes to sell at this year’s Christmas market.

Huge congratulations on an amazing result at last week’s Fun in Athletics Festival! P5P took a very impressive second place and will go through to complete in the finals next year. They had a wonderful day supporting and cheering each other on. Well done P5!

P5 continue their adventures as Time Travellers and have been exploring the Scottish Wars of Independence. Last week we were visited by David Smith from the Stirling Smith Museum. David shared his knowledge of William Wallace and even brought in some weapons for us to see.

This week we also enjoyed a visit to the Battle of Bannockburn Centre. Pupils visited the statue of Robert the Bruce and had an opportunity to be brave leaders in their own battle!


“My favourite part was the 3D glasses and experience.” Jake

“My favourite part was the battle.” Oliver

“I loved the whole trip.” Hollie

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From P5P and Mrs Spence

Time Travelling in Primary 5F

Primary 5F have been busy this term. To start off we had a Halloween Poetry competition with Sam’s poem winning first place. He used excellent adjectives for description and lots of WOW words throughout. See for yourself…

Also in the first few weeks back we studied the work of an artist called Vincent van Gogh. We looked at some of his most famous pieces of artwork, in particular Starry Night. From this, we created our very own Starry Night inspired art.

Primary 5F are enjoying learning all about the past in our ‘Time Travellers’ context for learning this term. So far we have been to Ancient Greece and we are currently visiting the Romans. Over the remainder of the term we will be visiting the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Victorians and finally the Future. Here are some of our fact files and vases created whilst in Ancient Greece…


Primary 2 are enjoying their magical learning context – Fairyland. They have enjoyed receiving letters from the friendly dragon, as well as hunting for fairytale characters around the school. The friendly dragon wants the children to keep reading and believing in fairytale stories, so along with clues we have been exploring some well-loved fairytales. The children have been developing their understanding of describing character and setting and will use this learning to help them write their own story, very soon.

‘Our topic is Fairyland and we have been reading lots of fairytale stories, my favourite has been Little Red Riding Hood. A friendly dragon has asked us to turn our classroom into Fairyland and read lots! I really enjoyed doing art.  I chose oil pastel and watercolour to decorate my dragon art.’ Anna (P2K)

Primary 1 Reading Detectives!

As part of our learning in literacy, Primary 1B have been learning about what a sentence is.  We found out what a  full stop is and what they mean.  We practised writing some words and using a full stop.

As part of our learning we became Reading Detectives, and our job was to find the full stops hidden in our books.   We had a great time!

Ancient Animators

This term’s context “Ancient Animators” has been brilliant! We have  learned so much about the Romans and ICT through our big questions “What have the Romans got to do with Scotland?”, “How does animation work?” and ” How do you make an animation about  he Romans?

Rocket Launchers

On Monday 24th September, Leigh Austin from Funky Science, visited P2 to demonstrate how rockets launched. The boys and girls were very excited and did not know what to expect. They participated in 3 different practical experiments; mini rockets, fizzing chemical reaction and water rocket launcher. They all had so much fun! Thank you Leigh.

‘Yesterday Leigh Austin came to do science experiments with us. First we did the fizzing powder in water. It was fun. Then we did the mini rocket. Then we did the water rocket.’

by Ronan

Powerful P6 PE

We have really been enjoying PE this term, especially playing Dodgeball. We have been learning to use our team working and communication skills. We have also been trying out a new game, which we have called ‘The Snake Game’.  In this game you have to jump between a line of hoops with two teams lined up at either side.  When you meet someone from the other team you have to play rock, paper scissors and the winner gets to keep going along the snake. The aim of the game is to try to get to the other side of the snake without being eliminated. It’s really fun!

We have also enjoyed learning more about Basketball with the help of our new PE specialist, Mr Shearer. He taught us some fun games and we have all imporved in our basket ball skills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting.

P6 have also been taking part in a Sports Afternoon every Wednesday. We have all chosen a sport to play including hockey, basketball, rugby and tennis. Some of us have been doing Bikeability level 2 with Miss McGregor.

“I have enjoyed learning about left and right hand turns in Bikeability” – Brooke

“I really enjoy riding my bike. Bikeability is helping me to keep safe when I’m cycling on the road” – Sienna

“I really enjoyed doing left and right hand turns and I feel more confident on the roads now” – Sarah.

“I enjoyed playing basketball because we were all working as a team and we had fun”– Libby

“I feel like my shooting skills in basketball have got a lot better, even from just one lesson” – Alex R

“I think dodgeball has been a lot of fun. I like the teamwork we show.” – Harvey

“I like playing football rounders because it helps develop shoting skills”– Theo

Destination Dunblane

For our context this term ‘Destination Dunblane’, we are learning about working, living relaxing in our local community.

To launch our topic we took part in a European quiz and the first letter of each answer spelled out the title for our context. It was hard!

Last week we wrote formal, functional letters to some local businesses and places of interest, to ask if we can visit them to interview them about Dunblane. We are going to visit some of the places that we have written to on Friday 28th September and Monday 1st October.

We have also been learning about Dementia and we are all now Dementia Friends. This will help towards the ambition for Dunblane to become a Dementia Friendly Community. If you would like to join us in becoming a Dementia Friend, please follow the link below:

Our Library visit


Yesterday P2M visited Dunblane Library with our teacher and parent helpers. There was lots of books.  There was a helper at the library called Angela. She read us a book about pandas going into space and I read a book called the moon. I had fun. All of the space books were interesting and I liked some books.

Written by Charlotte, P2M