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Armistice Day Assembly

As part of our Peace and Conflict context for learning, P7 hosted the Newton Primary Remembrance Assembly. This year was particularly important as it marks 100 years since the guns fell silent across Europe, and World War One came to an end.

In class we wrote emotive war poems and Amelia, Lewis C and Annabel F recited theirs during the assembly. We learned about the songs that the soldiers and their families on the Home Front used to sing to keep their spirits up during both WWI and WWII. We sang ‘Keep the home fires burning’, ‘Quartermaster Stores’ and ‘We will Remember’ for the school.

We created silhouettes of soldiers at sunset which we used as a poignant background. We also recited ‘In Flanders Fields’ and  ‘The Inquisitive Mind of a Child’ to explain the significance of the poppy. Our P7 musicians played beautifully to close our assembly.

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Theme Park Challenge

Primary 7I have had a very busy and creative start to school this year! We have been working hard in our friendship groups to design and build a theme park! We were set the challenge to create a theme park with a budget of £5000 and had specific criteria to meet! We LOVED it! We got to use whatever materials we wanted and had 2 days to create our park. We had to work on our teamwork, communication and time management skills in order to complete the task on in! Take a look at our finished parks!

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Jane Nelson Visits P6

On Monday 17th April Jane Nelson came and visited P6 and talked about starting a business. Her business is an Interior Designer business.

Jane came to talk to us because we are going to be starting a business which is a healthy tuck shop.  She told us that her friend asked her to decorate her house and that’s how she started her business. She also talked about the skills you need to start a business.  She said you need patience, responsibility and kindness. She also told us what to do if you make a mistake.  Jane said to ask the customer what they wanted and try to do as much as you can to make it better.  She gave us good advice for our healthy tuck shop like what we could sell for example strawberries, mango, fruit jelly, and smoothies.

I enjoyed learning about what you need and how to start a business.

By Hannah


On Monday 17th April we had a visitor in P6.  She was talking about her interior design business because we are going to be running a healthy tuck shop and she was giving us some advice on how to start a business.  Before she arrived we had been thinking of questions we could ask her.

We all wrote down what she said about her business. She was an Interior Designer. She also told us about how she started her business. Her friend was wanting her home refurbished so Jane said she would do it and she designed her house for her. Then from that she started a business.  Now she has got a great business.

Jane said to us to work as a team because if you work as a team you will be able to give good customer service. Jane said it was important to listen to the customer so they will come to the healthy tuck shop.  Also, she told us to shop at more than one shop to provide our food because sometimes shops can let you down.

By Charlie

Dyslexia Awareness Week 6-11 November

This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland.  The theme this year is ‘Positive About Dyslexia’.  We have created a piece of art which shows the positives about being dyslexic.  Our art work is being entered into a competition run by Dyslexia Scotland.  All entries will be published on a new website called ‘Dyslexia Unwrapped’ which is being launched during Dyslexia Awareness Week.  It is a new website designed for young people with Dyslexia.

Welcome back!

Primary 6J have settled back into the routines of the classroom very well. We have had a very busy first few weeks with launching our Destination Dunblane context and performing our Primary 6 year group assembly.

For our assembly, we shared with the school the importance of keeping safe and healthy.

Our assembly performance, ‘Pause and Rewind’, took our audience on a journey through Fred and Alex’s very strange day!

We acted out 5 scenarios where Fred or Alex may not have made the most safe or healthy choices and rewound these to make better choices. These scenarios included; eating well, talking to others, staying safe while using technology, how football can be good for physical, mental and social health and that sleep is good for you.

We reminded our audience that in real life we cannot pause and rewind and so we need to make the right choices first time around!

Well done to all our fantastic actors/actresses, singers, dancers narrators, producers and props team!

Miss Johnstone

British Science Week

Primary 5 were learning about seed dispersal. Seed dispersal is the movement of seeds away from the parent plant and, like pollination, is a process that is vital to the survival of plant species.

We focussed on 3 main methods of dispersal; wind, water and by animals. We watched 3 videos and discussed and shared our reason as to why each dispersal method was successful. It was noticed that dandelions are light and have  parachute like qualities, which make them fly in the wind. Burdocks have hooks which cling to animals and sea beans have a waxy, waterproof layer that survives in water.

Each group were given a small pom pom and were challenged to design their very own seed which would disperse in either, wind, water or by animals. Firstly they had to work as a group and design their seed, keeping in mind what they had previously learned about successful dispersal methods. They then created their design by using a variety of arts and crafts resources.

We tested the prototypes at the end and discussed which seeds were successful and why.

‘We used tin foil to make it water proof and we wanted to add spikes so that any animal in the water wouldn’t want to eat it so that it would get further.’ Ella.

‘We used tissue paper to create a parachute, similar to the dandelion so that it would fly in the wind.’ Hannah P.

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