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Novel Study – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

As part of our ‘School of Magic’ context this term, primary 5 have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a novel study.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about some of the different roles involved in literature circles (an in-depth discussion about a given text). Some of the roles are as follows:

  • Question Master – ask a range of questions that check/help understanding of the text, ask my group to suggest reasons for a character’s behaviour or to explain why problems have arisen

  • Character Cop – understand a character’s personality, relationships and emotions and explain how these make a character do something surprising or unexpected, understanding of a character to predict how they will react to an event or to explain why they reacted to an event in a particular way

  • Illustrator – use detail from the text to make visual representation accurate

  • Word Wizard – identify and predict the meaning of tricky words using surrounding text and can offer an alternative word

  • Summariser – summarise the main ideas of a text

  • Connector – talk and write about links made between one story and a range of media (book, film, TV) or real life

  • Fortune Teller – predict what will happen next in the story

  • Writer’s Tricks – understand the different tricks that writers use and explain why they use them, identify examples of writer’s tricks within a text and explain the effect they have

Throughout our shared reading sessions we have been practising all of these roles. As from next week we will work in small groups, using these roles to help us analyse and evaluate the remaining chapters of the novel.

Quality Meat Scotland

On Thursday 25th January we had a visit from Jennifer Morrison who works for Quality Meat Scotland. The children learned about where our meat comes from and how to recognise if our meat comes from Scotland. They also learned about the eat well plate (ensuring a balanced diet) and the many benefits of protein. Following that they had a cooking demonstration on how to make beef fajitas that involved a few helpers. Throughout, Jennifer highlighted the importance of hygiene whilst cooking as well as giving them many tips on how to be safe in the kitchen. The children had the opportunity to taste what was made, with many commenting on how delicious they were.

P5 McHistory Performance

This term Primary 5 have been learning about the ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’ alongside performing a show called ‘McHistory’. The show has taught us all about Scottish history and influential figures that have helped shape Scotland today. We have also learned about what is involved in putting on a performance.

We separated into groups so that everyone had a role and part to play. The set design group decided what our staging would look like and any props we needed. We had to paint a racing car, a milk float, bookshelves, a clock, teacher’s desk and door for the classroom. The dancers choreographed their own dances. We had to make sure that the dances tied in with the songs we were singing. The songs helped tell the story throughout the performance. We had an amazing band of musicians who played everything from violins and drums to glockenspiels, hand bells and maracas.

On Monday 20th of November we held a dress rehearsal to the entire school. Then on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd we performed ‘McHistory’ to our friends and family. Everyone thought that it was funny, interesting and informative!

Written by Alex R, May, Sienna, Euan and Annabelle

David Smith Visit – Scottish Wars of Independence

David Smith from the Smith Museum and Art Gallery came to teach us about the Scottish Wars of Independence. He taught us about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Falkirk and Bannockburn.

We found out that Alexander the III died by falling off his horse. Since there were no heirs to the throne, Princess Margaret of Norway was the next in line. She died on the way to Orkney, so again Scotland had no heirs to the throne. This was the beginning of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

David brought in a sword and told us that William Wallace was six foot tall and that his belt was made of human skin, his sword was called Claymore.

He showed us some real artefacts that he had borrowed from the museum. We all wanted a shot of the sword.

We really enjoyed learning about Wallace and Bruce and can’t wait to learn more.

Thank you David!

By Lennon Ward, Isla Cheyne and Kirsten Johnstone

Fairtrade Campaign

Primary 5 have been working in groups to campaign for a small change within the school, to support Fairtrade.  Each group used their knowledge of Fairtrade and their knowledge of persuasive language to create a campaign that included: a speech, banners, posters, powerpoint, rosettes etc.

Different groups campaigned for different things. Heroes to Help Farmers were campaigning to hold a Fairtrade tuck shop, Funky Fairtrade Footballs wanted to raise money to provide the school with Fairtrade footballs, as were the Football Fairness group. Chocolate Changers wanted to sell Fairtrade chocolate at a tuck shop, during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Fairtrade Freedom Fighters were keen to hold ‘Save a Life Day’, encouraging people to bring Fairtrade snacks and hold a Fairtrade lunch.  The Fairtrade Appreciation Party wanted to encourage the staff to only buy Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staffroom.

We held a mini election, where we invited P4WE to come and listen to the campaign speeches. Primary 5 delivered some wonderful speeches, sharing the change they would make and the impact on the farmers’ lives.  P4WE voted and the winner was announced……………….FOOTBALL FAIRNESS.

Well done,and we cannot wait to see you implementing your change in the school.


Primary 5K and Primary 5F held a very successful assembly, focussing   on being Active and Nurtured.

It was clear to see on the day the variety of sports and clubs the young people participate in. We had gymnastics, martial arts, basketball, football and tennis, to  name  a few. We got to see some super demonstrations from confident individuals.  We got the whole school up on their feet, dancing to wake themselves up!

The children shared a lovely poem about what a seed needs to grow and compared it to what we need to grow and develop to the best we can be.

Well done TEAM P5!


P5K are back…..

Primary 5 are settling back into school routines nicely.  We have had a busy couple of weeks, discussing and preparing our Class Charter , and re-visiting the school values.

Learning has well and truly kicked off and routines are being established across the curriculum. Here is what some children said about school so far…..

Kirsty – ‘I have enjoyed seeing my friends.’

Ruaridh – ‘I have enjoyed maths again, looking at numbers up to and beyond 100,000.’

Freya S – ‘ I have enjoyed PE and starting basketball. I really look forward to the Basketball Festival.

Isla C – ‘I have liked getting back to reading again as I didn’t read a lot in the holidays.’

Andrew – ‘I enjoyed art, making name bugs. I liked how writing your name twice turned it into a bug.’

Have a look at some of our photos.


P4WE Book Club

Last week we started Book Club and we made badges. We also made Book Club bookmarks. Book Club is a club where we can read books. We can also make dens to read in so we are comfortable to read. We use blankets and cushions to make the dens.  At Book Club we all read a book.  There is a special jotter to sign in and out the books.  Some people brought books from home and Mrs Whitehead brought some books and we got other books from the school.  We have to try and read lots of books.  If we finish a book we get gems to put in our class pot for a treat at the end of term.  We have a ‘Class Reading Caterpillar’ and once you finish a book you get a coloured circle to add to the caterpillar.  We have to write the book title, author, date and our name then we add it to the Reading Caterpillar.  At Book Club we are allowed to listen to audio books.  I like Book Club because it helps me to learn and read.

By Isla


Sports Day!

On Friday 2 June we did sorts day. It was cloudy for a little while then it got sunny and warm.

Primary 4 started at the relay race. There was a side for girls and a side for boys. The girls went first and after the girls the boys had their turn.  The fastest person from each race had to race each other.

After that we went to the bouncy hoppers. You had to bounce up to the marker then run back to the next person and give them the bouncer.  It was fun bouncing up and down.

Next we went to a running race where we had a metal baton. You had to run up to the cone and back down and pass it on to the next person as fast as you could.  We got quite a few turns at this station.

We moved on to a different station which was an obstacle course. It was hard to jump over things when you were balancing something on your head!

The next stop was toss the welly. You scored different points for throwing it as far as you can.  I got 10 points!  It was my favourite activity.

After that we went to badminton where we had to hit the shuttle cock and aim it inside a hoop to get points. You had to hit it hard to get 10 points but not too hard or you would go past it.

Our next activity was basketball. Every single time you got it in the hoop you would get one point.  It was pretty high up!

The next station we went to was beat the goalie. When you finished your team the next team would have their go.  However got the most points would win because it was the last station.

At the end of sports day we had a picnic with our parents. We had it sitting on the football field.  It was a fantastic sports day.

By Andrew