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Our Dynamic Earth – A Wonderful World of Science

Primary 7 have loved learning about science through our latest context ‘Our Dynamic Earth – A Wonderful World of Science’. Our Big Questions were:

What are Natural Disasters and how do they occur?

How do substances change and what causes a chemical reaction?

What is happening currently in the scientific world?

How do we see light and colours?

How does sound travel?

We had a fantastic trip to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh where we learned lots on the tour and participated in a workshop called ‘Quake, Rattle and Roll’. We learned how to conduct a fair experiment in class by exploring variables and researched current scientific developments. On Monday 25th March we shared our learning to family members, demonstrating some of the experiments we did in class.

Armistice Day Assembly

As part of our Peace and Conflict context for learning, P7 hosted the Newton Primary Remembrance Assembly. This year was particularly important as it marks 100 years since the guns fell silent across Europe, and World War One came to an end.

In class we wrote emotive war poems and Amelia, Lewis C and Annabel F recited theirs during the assembly. We learned about the songs that the soldiers and their families on the Home Front used to sing to keep their spirits up during both WWI and WWII. We sang ‘Keep the home fires burning’, ‘Quartermaster Stores’ and ‘We will Remember’ for the school.

We created silhouettes of soldiers at sunset which we used as a poignant background. We also recited ‘In Flanders Fields’ and  ‘The Inquisitive Mind of a Child’ to explain the significance of the poppy. Our P7 musicians played beautifully to close our assembly.

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Space Buggies (plus a whole lot more)

Space Buggies

This term we built and raced space rovers. Jamie, Daniel and Lewis came joint 1ST with Becky, Hannah, Lily and Cara. It was a tight race but both of the buggies where really good and fast. One of the buggies was called Fusion which was the girls team and the other team was called Crater Conquerors which was the boys team. The crowd at the side was just “WOW!!!” After the race everybody was mad and when I mean mad, I mean mad.  I have to say it was a race that I will never forget for the rest of my life. There were drum rolls and even shouting. It was a good race but a noisy one. The winners went to St Modan’s High School to do a buggy competition with people from all over Stirling.

Wind Farm Art Competition

Also this term we have taken part in a wind farm art competition. The winner gets £50 and we have sent them away and hopefully one of p6L’s will win. We have all tried so hard to win this. COME ON P6L!!!

School Reports

We have also been doing our school reports writing about our learning journey and achievements. After we had hand written them we typed them up on to the computer.

Healthy Tuck

This week we started our healthy tuck business called Lucky Lucky Lemon Tucky. We split into groups across the two P6 classes and voted on a manager and a deputy manager. There were a lot of jobs needing done like marketing, advertising, accounts and operations.

We recently had Empty Classroom Day. We did Literacy Circles and function machines outside. We read books outside on the hill and we also made our posters for the healthy tuck. We also got to use the computers lots of the time the same week as it was Digital Learning Week and we learnt about being safe online and some of us did some coding.

By Murray, Eva and Michael

P6L Update

This is what we’ve been doing recently in P6. We hope you will be interested.

This term we’re finishing our old topic, the Titanic, by filming the plays and animations we have scripted ourselves.

Our current topic is Space and will include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

A little bit about our topic we have just finished (Titanic). We had been writing some great scripts and fascinating fact files and we will be sharing both with our parents. With our scripts we are either doing a play or an animation. They are going well! We were all set homework to make something to do with the Titanic. Some of us made models and shoebox dioramas and someone even made a Titanic board game!

This  term and a bit before Christmas we have been reading to the nursery. They have been really enthusiastic and we have been working really well with the younger children. We have been taking on a lot of responsibilities this year and will be buddying the nursery children when they go into P1.

In maths we have been doing coordinates, dividing with decimals and linking fractions with percentages and decimals. All of us can do coordinates now and dividing with decimals. Some of us can even read 6 figure grid references.

Our current topic, as you know, is Space and we have made rockets out of card and we have fired them with an empty 2 litre bottle. Our fuel was air and so we had to have a top on the rocket so the air didn’t just go through. It was very exciting. Right now we are making moon buggies.

Some of us entered the 500 words challenge and the stories were about space! Fingers crossed for good results!

Most of us also entered into a competition where we had to make a poster, song, poem, power-point or a video about racism. We entered most of the posters. We learned about how racism is bad!

Since Christmas we’ve had a great time!(All year really)!

Perfect Pizza!

How to make a ham and salami pizza

What you need:

Grated cheese, cooked salami, ham, peppers, spoon, tomato sauce, pizza base, knife, cheese grater and chopping board.


1. First spread the tomato sauce on the pizza base with a spoon.

2. Then put up some ham and cooked salami on top of the tomato sauce.

3. Now chop the peppers and put on the ham and cooked salami.


4. Then grate the cheese and add the cheese to the pizza.

5. Next put the pizza in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

6. Take out oven and enjoy!

By Daniel McCreery




Dyslexia Awareness Week 6-11 November

This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland.  The theme this year is ‘Positive About Dyslexia’.  We have created a piece of art which shows the positives about being dyslexic.  Our art work is being entered into a competition run by Dyslexia Scotland.  All entries will be published on a new website called ‘Dyslexia Unwrapped’ which is being launched during Dyslexia Awareness Week.  It is a new website designed for young people with Dyslexia.

Launching the Titanic

Recently  our class has launched our new topic, and it is the TITANIC! Mr Lunan and Miss Johnston made the launch really fun.  It was a life or death situation  8 people were on a ship and it was going to sink.  There were 4 escape pods, 2 people could fit in each one, but 2 were broken! We had to choose who would survive!  The teachers gave us a description of each person on board.


We have also been finishing off our brochures about Dunblane and we are going  to send a couple to Visit Scotland! Our writing assessment is writing to them asking if they would give them to some of their tourist information centres around Scotland.  The best ones will get picked to send off.


  • The first interesting thing we did in P6 was make crosswords about ourselves for the other people in our class or our teacher to solve.
  • Another interesting thing we did was create massive collage value words. Our school values are respect, responsibility, kindness, fairness and unity.
  • In our first maths lesson of P6 we made up survey questions such as what colours of cars are there in the school car park and then we went into the playground and collected our information for our survey question.
  • Quite early into P6 we had a competition where we had to come up with a classroom behaviour game to play throughout the year but there were 2 really good games.
  • One of them was Bedroom Blitz thought of by Dougie and David and created by Dougie, David, Nathan, Kasper, Bethan and Amelia. The second game was Rule the School based on Cluedo thought of by Bethan, Amelia and Hazel and not yet created.
  • The most exciting maths lesson we have had so far in P6 was on spreadsheets as we learnt a lot of things about what spreadsheets can do (and how you can use them to do your maths homework) (don’t tell Mr Lunan) while doing fun activities and solving puzzles.
  • Last but not least we launched our topic. DESTINATION DUNBLANE! We are planning to investigate the places of relaxation,  work, housing and groups so we typed and handwrote lovely letters to some businesses asking if we could possibly come to visit.