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Primary 7 Burns Supper

On Wednesday the 29th of January Primary 7 hosted a fantastic Burns Supper for our parents, carers and invited guests. Over the past few weeks we have worked in the following teams: decorations, food and catering, productions, entertainment and sales and promotions.

The decorations team made all the decorations for the event. They made place cards, thistles, bunting, posters and much much more!

Our food and catering team worked alongside our kitchen staff to create a great menu and helped to prepare all of our favours and shortbread that our guests enjoyed.

Not only did P7 organise a Burns Supper, but we also created a book full of our art work and poems. Without our production team this wouldn’t have been possible! The team worked hard uploading all of our work into the book, deciding on the layout and getting it published at Stirling Copy Centre.

Without the entertainment, the night wouldn’t have been the same.  They also put together our program and wrote the script.

The sales and promotions team helped to raise money through the selling of tickets and the Scotland is…book! The team designed tickets, made ticket order forms, advertised the event and will be calculating our profit.

Our Burns Supper was an amazing night, one we’ll not forget in a while. It really showcased all of our talents and was enjoyed by all!

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Welcome to P7!

We have all made a fantastic start to our final year at Newton Primary School! From the minute we walked in the door on the first day of term we have been fantastic role models for the younger pupils. All of our Buddy training in P6 has came in handy the past few weeks as we have been helping our new Primary 1 buddies settle into life at Newton Primary. We have been helping them line up in the morning, get coats on at play time and helping them get their lunch in the dinner hall at lunch time.

In class we have been reading the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This is a fantastic book and we cant wait to read on to find out what happens next. Through reading Wonder, we have been learning all about SHANARRI and we led a school assembly to share our learning about kindness and inclusion. We create lovely artwork based on the front cover of wonder, all about the things that make us unique and special!  We have also been learning a lot about the different types of discrimination and the impact it has on society.

We are all super excited about beginning our transition week in a few weeks and staying at Dalguise with our friends in the Dunblane Learning Community! We will post all about it when we get back!

Space Presentations

On the 28th of January 2019, P6G and P6L worked together to complete a space group challenge. Each group was given a planet to research. We now know that there are 8 planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. One group also researched the sun, which is not a planet but a star.

Our challenge was to work as a group to research different aspects of our given planet, for example it’s size, gravity, position, appearance etc. We then had to use our research to create a 3D model of our planet, an A3 poster and a Google Slides presentation to teach the rest of Primary 6 all about it.

We made the presentations over a couple of weeks and had to make sure that everyone had a part to play in our group.  Finally on Friday the 18th February, we presented all of our presentations. We all had a grid in our context jotters to take notes about what we had learned during each presentation. 

When we were making the power points we had to work together in all sorts of ways for example, we had to know when someone else’s part is coming up so we can tell them. We had to work together to make the slide show and planets. When other groups presented them, we had to respect them like they respected us when we presented our slideshow. Everyone tried their best and they were all really good. I learned so much about the different planets that orbit the sun.

Written by

Bailey Niven

Brochures, Top Trumps, Skiing and Multi-Sports

P6 recently made brochures about Dunblane and how amazing it is. We focused on Places to Live, Places to Work, Places of Relaxation, Places of Interest and on Groups. We were learning to write persuasive, non-fiction texts. We also made Top Trumps about Dunblane too.  We started this activity learning about databases. They’re really fun to play and we are hoping to sell them at the Dunblane Extravaganza. They are going to be fundraisers for our Dalguise trip next year.

We recently went skiing at Firpark in Tillicoutry. We had 2 days of learning how to ski and we all very much enjoyed it. Our skiing teachers, Andy and Louise helped most of us learn how to ski. By the end, most of us reached the ‘big halfway blue’ line. Some of us came home with soggy clothes despite the second day being a sunny and warm 20 degrees because they had to put the sprinklers on more often to keep the slope slippy! It was amazing learning a new skill and it will help us in the future when we want to ski. Andy and Louise were amazing coaches and were fabulous at teaching us simple skiing techniques.

“It was very fun because I couldn’t ski but now I can ski from the halfway line.” Isla C

“It was fun because it’s funny when you fall over.” Abigail

“It gives people opportunities to do things they have never done before.” Euan

“It was amazing because I learned how to ski and how to use the tow-lift.” Tina

“It was fabulous because I learned how to ski. To begin I was like Bambi on ice when I was on the slope!” Alby

On Friday the 9th of November, P6’s from Newton Primary and St Mary’s went to Dunblane High School for 2 hours and did sports. It was organised by Active Stirling, Mr Turnbull, a PE teacher from Dunblane High School and the S4 Sport Coaches. It was really fun and we did sports from hurdles to football and even piggyback races!! Here are some student’s thoughts:

“It was very fun to do something new.” Caitlin

“I really enjoyed the football activity.” Aoife

“The S4’s were really kind and they had some good ideas for activities.” Tina

“It was really fun.” Isla.R

“I loved the piggyback races and the wheelbarrow races.” Isla C

“I thought it was really fun especially the piggyback races.” Alby