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First Harvest

Our efforts with our vegetables are “bearing fruit”! We have now harvested our radishes, spinach and salad leaves. We loved tasting them as part of our Scottish food tasting afternoon. How special to be including our own produce! P3S and P3M await the potatoes and turnip with excitement!

Empty Classroom Day

On Thursday 18th of May, Newton Primary School took part in ‘Empty Classroom Day’. Our contribution to this wonderful day was a walk around Dunblane collecting soil samples as part of our context for learning.

We are exploring ‘The World Beneath Our Feet’ and the conditions for plant growth. Mr George Matthews from Dunblane in Bloom accompanied us for part of the walk and shared his knowledge of everything below ground!


We collected soil samples from Dunblane Hydro woods, Holmehill, Dunblane in Bloom’s rock garden and The Dunblane Centre.


We spotted a heron by the riverside!


We enjoyed our snack and a spot of centipede racing in the Memorial Garden before finishing by enjoying the lovely hospitality of the Dunblane Centre.

Our thanks to all the parents and kind participants in this super soil walk!


Seed to Soup

Primary 3 have been learning all about how to grow and look after vegetables.  We have planted salad leaves, radishes, spinach, turnip, spring onions and potatoes.

The recent good weather has really shown us the importance of water along with air, good soil and warmth in ensuring good growth. We became dab hands with a watering can!

Watch this space – we plan to harvest in June!

Egyptian Engineers

Over the last weeks, Primary Three has been investigating the wonders of Ancient Egyptian engineering. Recently, we  staged a very successful pyramid building workshop in which we investigated the properties and suitability of different materials to construct pyramids. Eight fantastic teams worked through a range of options, including paper, marshmallows and spaghetti and sugar cubes. We evaluated both our success as teams and the respective merits of our pyramids.

We followed this venture up with a shaduf workshop. We invited family and friends to come in and help construct these amazing devices for lifting water from the Nile to irrigate crops.

It proved to be a most productive, fun filled afternoon with amazing working shadufs being the result.

Our thanks to all who supported us by supplying materials or joining us for a spot of construction!

Scots Sang

On Monday, 13th March P3S and P3M shared the work  they had been undertaking with Amy Lord, Scots Sang tutor, with friends and family in a fantastic performance at the Albert Halls, Stirling.

The children performed a number of songs, enjoyed the input of some amazing traditional singers and musicians and enjoyed hearing the results of the linked art competition. Well done to all our artists and P3S is particularly proud of Murray Wright, whose piece was highly commended; Tom Cruft, a runner – up; and to Matthew Inman, overall winner.


Reflecting on  our experiences:

“I have loved when we are all singing together” Holly commented . When asked for their favourite part of the Scots Sang classes, many couldn’t choose because they had loved everything about the initiative.

Ana observed that ” I know more about Scots Song and Language and I have learned to sing with other people without getting nervous”.  These sentiments were echoed around the class.

Thank you, Amy!

P3 Global Goals Assembly

On Wednesday 8th of February we shared our learning about the importance of ‘Quality Education for Everyone’. We talked about Robert Burns’s education, our own experiences and education for some children in other parts of the world. We danced, we recited poetry and gave lots of information.

Murray P3S – “I think it went well because everybody said their parts clearly and my brother thought it was good.”

Ana P3S – “My favourite part of the assembly was the African dance because I enjoyed it so much.”

Alex P3M – “I really enjoyed performing as Robert Burns and sharing my learning with the whole school.”

Fabulous Fairy Tales

sam_3560 sam_3559 sam_3563

“These are our fairy tales which we have been sharing with each other.” – Freya

“We thought it was fun to make up things in our stories” – Holly S

“We swapped the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” around so that the giant was a goodie and the human was a baddie” – Eilidh

“We had to write them independently and we worked hard” – Sophie

“We enjoyed sharing the stories with other people including our families” – Elizabeth.


Did you know that we use the force of magnetism every day in our daily lives? We use magnetism in compasses, fridges, computers, fridges and so much more!

As a class, we have been super scientists, conducting experiments to consolidate learning on our understanding of the forces of push and pull and then to explore magnetism within our classroom.