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P6 Inventions Fayre

P6 Inventions Fayre




On Thursday 24th October, Primary 6 hosted an ‘Inventions Fayre’ for their families, to showcase their learning from their context ‘Evolving Inventions’.

This context involved learning about the history of technology and how it has developed over time, as well as pupils developing skills in using the technology available to them in school. They worked hard on presentation skills, which were put to the test on our School Trip to Sky Academy Studios in Livingston.

In preparation for the Inventions Fayre, P6 developed skills in team work, communicating and presenting to an audience through a group research task. Each group worked hard to create a detailed timeline, a 3D model and a Google Slides presentation about a technological invention. P6 even thought about what the future might hold for their chosen invention.  They loved sharing their finding with many family members who attended this successful event.


RME and impromptu drama

P5F have had a busy start to this term. Here we are acting out the parable of “The Sower and the Seed” as part of both drama and RME. The children were very resourceful and only given a short space of time to retell the story.

The farmer and the birds who ate the seeds.

The Narrators

Judah in the role of Jesus in the fishing boat.

Time Travelling in Primary 5F

Primary 5F have been busy this term. To start off we had a Halloween Poetry competition with Sam’s poem winning first place. He used excellent adjectives for description and lots of WOW words throughout. See for yourself…

Also in the first few weeks back we studied the work of an artist called Vincent van Gogh. We looked at some of his most famous pieces of artwork, in particular Starry Night. From this, we created our very own Starry Night inspired art.

Primary 5F are enjoying learning all about the past in our ‘Time Travellers’ context for learning this term. So far we have been to Ancient Greece and we are currently visiting the Romans. Over the remainder of the term we will be visiting the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Victorians and finally the Future. Here are some of our fact files and vases created whilst in Ancient Greece…

Welcome to Primary 5!

P5 have been learning all about Fairtrade as it is our new context this term. We’ve been thinking about the amount of money that farmers are paid and we have been very surprised to learn they get paid very little! Remember to look out for the Fairtrade logo when you’re shopping.

We have really enjoyed visiting the Memory Café in Dunblane with Mrs Watt. We can’t wait until they come and visit us at Newton, where we will have entertainment and lots of Fairtrade baking for our afternoon tea.

Both classes have been working hard on our class charters. We thought about what rights we have and how these are important in school. We designed our own class charters and voted for our favourites.

In literacy we have been learning about non-fiction texts and persuasive language. We can identify the main features of a non-fiction text and have used our skimming and scanning skills to look for key words. Last week we looked at a number of adverts to see what techniques are used to persuade and influence buyers.

In maths we have been learning about place value up to 100,000 and beyond as well as estimating and measuring. As part of our mental maths we have been using CLIC with a focus on times tables.

We’ve been enjoying P.E. with Mr Shearer. We are developing our basketball skills and get to play fun games!

Written by May Cruft (P5F) and Holly Stobie (P5P)


On 21st May 2018 P4WE went to the Laigh Hills to go geocaching.

Geocaching is when someone hides something like a bolt and you use a device to find the object by giving it commands.

First of all Rory used the geocaching device.  We found a carved stick.  It looked amazing.  Next it was Sam’s go on the device.  He found a little bolt.  Then it was finally my turn.  It was really hard to find the object but after a while I found a medium sized cup.

We had to get back to school so I got my partner Rory and walked back to school after our amazing afternoon at the Laigh Hills.

By Archie McQ

Sketching at Dykedale

Recently we went to Dykedale to sketch the land use of Dunblane.   On the way there Ellie’s grandpa showed us a plant called a ‘marestail’.  He told us it has been around since the time of the dinosaurs!!  We were sketching what we could see.  We could see the Hydro, houses and hills.  We also saw a herd of cows in a field.  It was tricky sketching the land use.  I had fun and enjoyed learning about the ‘marestail’.

By Aiden

Recently we went to Dykedale Wood to do some sketching. We went to look at the land use. We put down the blanket and we got our jotters. We opened our jotters then we put on the paper and we started. I sketched farms, trees, hotels and hills. Then it was time to go back to school. When we got back to school it was time to go home. I learned about the land use of Dunblane.

By Mac

Empty Classroom Day

On the 17th of May 2018 we went to Ochlochy Park and Holmehill for empty classroom day.

First we walked to Ochlochy Park then we played a warm up game. Next we had stations to go to. They were rounders, bug hunt, back to back drawing and find the paint colour around the loch.

After we played football we got ICE LOLLIES!! Then we went back to school for lunch. After lunch we walked to Holmehill and we got put into stations.  They were leaf detectives, find the age of trees, bark printing and spelling.

I had a fun day and learned how to find the age of a tree.

By Brodie T

On the 17th of May we got ready to go to Ochlochy Park for empty classroom day.   When we got there we did a warm up game it was ‘shepherds and sheep’.  Then we went into groups to do activities.  The activities where rounders, bug hunt, plant colour and back to back drawing. We had break time and then Mrs Miller’s husband came with a basket full of ice lollies and we ate them all and we said thanks and bye to Mrs Miller’s husband.

Then we headed off to have lunch back at school. Next we went to Holmehill and we went around different groups.  The groups were leaf detectives, bark printing, tree measuring to find the age of trees and spelling. Then we headed back to the school and went home.

I enjoyed empty classroom day.  It was fun.  I learned how to do bark printing.

By Rowan W