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Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders area a group of children in P4-7 who are interested in all things sport.

The aim of the Sports Leaders group is to build confidence in leadership abilities in a sporting context with the hope that the children work on the skills of teamwork, cooperation, encouragement, organisation and independence. 

With the help of Mrs Alexander the Sports Leaders have so far this year:

  • Learned how to lead warm ups and small games with the help of Active Stirling. Children have all had practise leading small group warm ups in order to support their class teachers in weekly PE time. Children worked in mixed stage groups coming up with games and leading them infront of the learning group. This allowed the P6 and 7 pupils to support the P4s and 5s. This meant that the skills of teamwork, communication, perseverance and creativity were developed.


  • Organised activities for Sport Relief 2020. The children had to come up with team activities, organise a timetable so as all classes could take part, create and deliver PowerPoint presentations to the whole school and then collect classes at the appropriate timings as well as leading the games for all year groups on the day. This is event was a huge success with the whole school taking part throughout the day.


The Sports Leaders Managed to raise over £250 on the day which is a great achievement. With all sports leaders present contributing throughout the day.

We hope that the Sports Leaders will continue to work on these skills over the coming months, as well as taking more responsibility for the equipment we have at Newton.

P6 Inventions Fayre

P6 Inventions Fayre




On Thursday 24th October, Primary 6 hosted an ‘Inventions Fayre’ for their families, to showcase their learning from their context ‘Evolving Inventions’.

This context involved learning about the history of technology and how it has developed over time, as well as pupils developing skills in using the technology available to them in school. They worked hard on presentation skills, which were put to the test on our School Trip to Sky Academy Studios in Livingston.

In preparation for the Inventions Fayre, P6 developed skills in team work, communicating and presenting to an audience through a group research task. Each group worked hard to create a detailed timeline, a 3D model and a Google Slides presentation about a technological invention. P6 even thought about what the future might hold for their chosen invention.  They loved sharing their finding with many family members who attended this successful event.


Welcome to P6A

Welcome to P6A with Mrs Alexander



After the summer break we were able to write all about our long holiday including a variety of openers and interesting adjectives to make our recounts exciting.



We have been busy creating all about me silhouettes. Pupils were able to sketch an outline of their face and then filled it with all their favourite things.

Examples can be seen below.


We have launched our context for term one – Evolving Inventions. This topic will cover the history of technology and will include digital learning.

 So far we have been learning how to take effective notes, we have been learning how to use Google classroom and we created and presented an “All About Me” Google slides presentation to the class.

We are now beginning to research inventions of the past in small groups in order to develop an invention of the future.

We have placed a great emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, being patient, showing great problem solving skills and respecting those in your group.

Everyone is very much excited to visit Sky Studios at the end of September.


Mrs Alexander


P5P have had an exciting start to Term 4. We completed our 10 weeks of swimming and received our certificates just before the Easter holidays. We learned about different swimming strokes, techniques and survival skills. We even got to wear our pyjamas!

We launched our final context which is Japan! We started off by exploring exactly where Japan is on a world map. We have also been learning some Japanese words and even had a go at writing our school values. This week we have created Spring Haiku poems, counted to five in Japanese and learned lots of interesting facts. Did you know Japan is made up of over 6000 islands?

We want to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful parents and carers who joined us at the end of last term to share in our Nature Detectives family learning. We loved seeing all those Mini-National Parks and listen to some creative stick stories.

P5 have been learning some impressive pieces of music inspired by Space ahead of this years Hand Bell Festival at Newton Primary. We have been practicing our hand bells with Mrs Moore to get ready for the festival in May.

We are excited about our last term in Primary 5 and cannot wait to learn more about Japan!

By Louis and Eilidh P5P


P5P Nature Detectives

Over the past few weeks P5P have been exploring the Scots language. They have been learning some interesting new words to add to their vocabulary. Pupils created an A-Z of Scots words and sayings. Dae ye ken?

We have also began our new context as ‘Nature Detectives’ and are excited to be completing the John Muir Award! P5 recently made popcorn bird feeders and have been learning about different animal groups.

As John Muir was the founder of National Parks we were inspired to create our very own ‘Mini National Parks’ in our school playground. Each group created a mini park with its own name and attractions. Thanks to the snow we even had some ski slopes and snowy mountain ranges.

 “I enjoyed making the National Parks because it was nice and peaceful in nature” – Murray

“I liked that we got to be creative” – Gregory 


P5P Time Travellers

P5P are enjoying learning all about the past in our Time Travellers topic this term. We used a variety of sources to research life in Ancient Greece and created some impressive fact files using this information. We have explored Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, Greek myths and Greek artefacts such as ancient vases. Next stop the Romans!

P5 created their own Van Gogh inspired Starry Night artwork! Don’t they look spectacular?

As part of Anti-Bullying week P5P have been thinking about what respect means to them. They discussed what respect looks and sounds like. Pupils each designed a speech bubble and filled it with what respect means to them: friendship, being helpful, kindness, no discrimination, standing up for others and working well with others were just some of the brilliant responses. #chooserespect

Welcome to Primary 5!

P5 have been learning all about Fairtrade as it is our new context this term. We’ve been thinking about the amount of money that farmers are paid and we have been very surprised to learn they get paid very little! Remember to look out for the Fairtrade logo when you’re shopping.

We have really enjoyed visiting the Memory Café in Dunblane with Mrs Watt. We can’t wait until they come and visit us at Newton, where we will have entertainment and lots of Fairtrade baking for our afternoon tea.

Both classes have been working hard on our class charters. We thought about what rights we have and how these are important in school. We designed our own class charters and voted for our favourites.

In literacy we have been learning about non-fiction texts and persuasive language. We can identify the main features of a non-fiction text and have used our skimming and scanning skills to look for key words. Last week we looked at a number of adverts to see what techniques are used to persuade and influence buyers.

In maths we have been learning about place value up to 100,000 and beyond as well as estimating and measuring. As part of our mental maths we have been using CLIC with a focus on times tables.

We’ve been enjoying P.E. with Mr Shearer. We are developing our basketball skills and get to play fun games!

Written by May Cruft (P5F) and Holly Stobie (P5P)