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Nature Detectives

P5S have had a busy term, working hard towards achieving their John Muir Award! They have visited Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Dykedale  Woods and Ochlochy Park. They have embraced the outdoors and thoroughly enjoyed learning all about nature. They were particularly interested in learning about endangered animals and animal adaptions. They even designed their own wild animal with special characteristics to survive in challenging habitats.


This term Primary 5 have been learning how to play the ukulele in Music with Mrs Moore. They were excited to try out the instruments and are beginning to play some impressive tunes!

The library development is finally complete and P5S could not wait to see the final transformation. The library is full of beautiful new books and much loved authors. P5 have taken full advantage of the amazing new reading space.


P5 made some superb snow globes for their Christmas craft this year.

Well done to all P5 pupils who competed in the Fun in Athletics Festival last week at Dunblane High School. Over the past 4 weeks the Sports Leaders have helped P5 develop their skills in long jump, relays and javelin. P5 had a great day and lots of FUN!

P5S’s Wild Adventures

Primary 5 are enjoying their new context for this term and have become “Nature Detectives.” They have been exploring the school grounds and eco garden hunting for different leaves and signs of Autumn.

Earlier this week pupils had a fantastic visit to The Lodge at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. They were guided around the area by the park rangers. They enjoyed visiting The Hide to spot different birds and squirrels, visiting the waterfall and they even created some impressive nature artwork! They are working hard towards their John Muir Award.

Over the past few months pupils across P5 have been visiting the Memory Café at the Braeport centre in Dunblane. They were excited to host a delicious afternoon tea here at Newton for the visitors. Pupils worked hard to organise and set up the café in the hall. They put their measuring skills to good use, baking tasty treats and cakes. Pupils reflected on this experience and thought about what skills and attitudes they used in the build-up and during the Memory Café:

“I used presentation skills to perform a song at the Memory café.” Seb

“I developed by communication skills when talking to the visitors at the café.” Eddie

“We used teamwork as we worked together to set up the café.” Alex

P5S put on a spectacular Diwali assembly a few weeks ago to share their learning about Hinduism and Diwali. They learned all about  different traditions, symbols and Hindu gods.

Welcome to P5S

Primary 5S are settling in to their new class and embracing new challenges! Pupils created some amazing artwork  last week. They produced their very own “Minecraft” inspired self-portrait.

As part of our “It’s Fair to Care” context this term, last week pupils began to explore Fairtrade. They thought about why it is important to buy Fairtrade and how it benefits others, such as farmers in other countries.  Pupils were set the task to design their own Fairtrade chocolate bar. Bubble Pop, Tibble and Caramel Drip were just a few of the incredible chocolatey creations. Linked to our literacy focus of persuasive writing, pupils then created an advert for their chocolate bar that would make it irresistible to buy. They were very persuasive indeed!

By Leila Jasat The delicious Choco Bite and Heir bar by Jack and Imogen The tasty Choca and Caramel Crunch by Brie and Leila

This afternoon P5S enjoyed the opportunity to use the Loose Parts play out in the sunny playground. They had lots of fun using their imaginations and getting creative with the resources.


P4M Marvellous Mappers take their learning outside…

P4M have been working really hard this term on their new context Marvellous Mappers.

To launch this context we had a treasure hunt. This gave us our first test of our mapping skills to find objects in the playground then solve a puzzle to discover the new context. We liked this because it was fun finding the objects.

Marvellous Mappers meant we took our learning outside and planned 3 trips: a walking tour of Dunblane, sketching local land use above Dykedale Woods and geocaching /orienteering in the Laigh Hills.

Our walking tour of Dunblane…

We took turns being tour guides giving directions using positional language around all the landmarks of Dunblane.

Our second trip was to sketch land use above Dykedale Woods

We went there to sketch the land use because we could see for miles from a high point in Dunblane.  We loved that when we were sketching we had to put in detail and could see all the different types of land use. The funniest bit was when the cows jumped on each other and unfortunately one cow did the toilet…but it was really funny!

Our 3rd trip was to the Laigh Hills to do some geocaching and orienteering. It was great fun but we needed to have a lot of energy to run around finding the geocache objects and the controls. We loved that we also got to have time playing in the play park.