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Welcome to P5S

Primary 5S are settling in to their new class and embracing new challenges! Pupils created some amazing artwork  last week. They produced their very own “Minecraft” inspired self-portrait.

As part of our “It’s Fair to Care” context this term, last week pupils began to explore Fairtrade. They thought about why it is important to buy Fairtrade and how it benefits others, such as farmers in other countries.  Pupils were set the task to design their own Fairtrade chocolate bar. Bubble Pop, Tibble and Caramel Drip were just a few of the incredible chocolatey creations. Linked to our literacy focus of persuasive writing, pupils then created an advert for their chocolate bar that would make it irresistible to buy. They were very persuasive indeed!

By Leila Jasat The delicious Choco Bite and Heir bar by Jack and Imogen The tasty Choca and Caramel Crunch by Brie and Leila

This afternoon P5S enjoyed the opportunity to use the Loose Parts play out in the sunny playground. They had lots of fun using their imaginations and getting creative with the resources.


P4M Marvellous Mappers take their learning outside…

P4M have been working really hard this term on their new context Marvellous Mappers.

To launch this context we had a treasure hunt. This gave us our first test of our mapping skills to find objects in the playground then solve a puzzle to discover the new context. We liked this because it was fun finding the objects.

Marvellous Mappers meant we took our learning outside and planned 3 trips: a walking tour of Dunblane, sketching local land use above Dykedale Woods and geocaching /orienteering in the Laigh Hills.

Our walking tour of Dunblane…

We took turns being tour guides giving directions using positional language around all the landmarks of Dunblane.

Our second trip was to sketch land use above Dykedale Woods

We went there to sketch the land use because we could see for miles from a high point in Dunblane.  We loved that when we were sketching we had to put in detail and could see all the different types of land use. The funniest bit was when the cows jumped on each other and unfortunately one cow did the toilet…but it was really funny!

Our 3rd trip was to the Laigh Hills to do some geocaching and orienteering. It was great fun but we needed to have a lot of energy to run around finding the geocache objects and the controls. We loved that we also got to have time playing in the play park.


The Gift of Christmas

This term we launched our new topic  “The Gift of Christmas” with a massive Christmas cracker. In this cracker there were words which were to do with the two parts to our new context. We had to sort these into groups to find out what our topic was called. We learned that we will be running the Christmas Post and writing a pop up Christmas book.

Together we came up with some big questions: How do we set up and run the Christmas Post? How do you make a perfect pop up book? Why is giving so important? How do we write a Christmas book about giving? How do you put the values of caring, sharing, fairness and love in our story?  

Have you noticed someone hiding on our learning wall?

Yes you guessed…it’s our Elf on the Shelf, called Zippy!

Here are some of the silly pranks Zippy has done in P4M.

First of all,Zippy was on the floor with our literacy jotters and he left us a letter explaining who he was. We had to decide fairly what his name would be and so we had a blind vote on our 4 choices; Diamond, Zippy, Smartie and Knotch. We chose Zippy!

The next day when we came into class, Zippy was reading a book on Katie’s desk. The following day he was lying on a parcel on our learning wall and this morning he was hanging on our whiteboard? 

Beware…if you come into our class, please don’t touch Zippy or he may lose his magic!

P4 are writing Christmas pop up books so we designed our own elves as our main character in our books. Can you find them on the tree on our learning wall.

Last Thursday we went to Dunblane library and Angela kindly showed us some Christmas pop up books and let us borrow some to keep in school.






This post has been written and edited by Lucy and Lori.


Ancient Animators

This term’s context “Ancient Animators” has been brilliant! We have  learned so much about the Romans and ICT through our big questions “What have the Romans got to do with Scotland?”, “How does animation work?” and ” How do you make an animation about  he Romans?

European Languages Day

As part of European Languages Day, we loved learning French from Mrs Ingles, Portuguese from Ms Hall and Italian from Mrs Caruso.


We also learned about a fun French artist called Henri Rousseau who loved, animals, plants and the  jungle.  We made our own drawings inspired by Henri Rousseau and are very proud of them.

P3G’s Terrific Trip to Tesco

As part of our health and wellbeing topic, we have been learning about healthy eating. To find out more about this, we went to visit our local Tesco store on Wednesday 6th June.


 Margaret very kindly gave us a guided tour and told us lots of interesting facts about healthy foods, where they come from and how the shop operates in general. After a busy morning, we finished our adventure off with a lovely fruit basket picnic at the memorial park, kindly provided by the staff at Tesco.

” I loved seeing the freezer where they keep all the ice-cream. It smelled really good. It was freezing!” – Imogen

“I liked tasting the gluten free chocolate buttons” Matthew

“I learned that the red star means the most people like to buy it” – Lori

“I liked tasting all the different foods and going in all the staff bits” – Seb

“I liked going underneath tescos where the money counting room was and the cameras” – Leila

“I liked making our snacks out of the fruit” – Katie

“I liked having our picnic outside” – Lucy

Health and Wellbeing Warriors – Life-saving Lungs!

In class we have been learning about the major organs in the body. We learned about the brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver and lots more!

We found out that lungs are important because they help you to breath. They take in oxygen and release stale air (carbon dioxide). The ribcage protects the lungs in your body. We also found out that your left lung is slightly smaller than your right so there is space for your heart!

We decided to make our own lungs using plastic bags, big straws, elastic bands and cello tape.

First we attached the plastic bag to the straws using our elastic bands – making sure it was very tight and no air would escape.

Secondly, we cello taped the two straws together and attached our nose and mouth.

Finally, we stuck our straws onto a lung template.