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Fairness Assembly

P5L informed the whole school at an assembly recently about local and global issues related to fairness.  The assembly began with a short drama illustrating a common misuse of the phrase ‘it’s not fair’! We then shared with the school a couple of issues which really are not fair; people with Dementia being treated badly and our single use plastics littering foreign shorelines and hurting sealife. We were very grateful that 4 human guests and 2 canine guests came to help us develop an understanding of these challenging topics!  Breda Seaman from Dementia Friendly Dunblane and Rosie Hunter who is imminently opening a zero waste shop in the High Street were very ably interviewed by Primary 5 pupils who prompted some fascinating responses to these issue.

Following the assembly all our visitors spent time in both Primary 5 classes sharing about their work.  Two highlights were learning about Ecobricks and stroking the two assistance dogs which accompanied our guests.  One of the dogs was fully trained as a Dementia assistance dog, one of only four in Scotland.

Super Science Assembly

    This week P4W have been busy preparing for our Super Science Assembly.

We have been working hard creating scripts, practicing our lines, creating and developing PowerPoint presentations, making models, learning a song and dance and designing artwork.


Every member of the class had an important part to play whether that was being a presenter, narrator, dragon (judge), inventor, artist, choreographer or technology expert.  We all have worked incredibly hard and this definitely paid off.

What an incredible assembly it was! A massive well done to the whole of P4W.

Below are some pictures of the Assembly.


Now that Super Science has finished we all cannot wait to get started with our new (and final) P4 topic – Marvellous Mappers!


Glasgow Science Centre

What a trip!

Last Thursday we had a great time at the Science Centre in Glasgow.

We were able to explore the three levels taking part in puzzles, games and activities.

Additionally, we took part in an amazing marvellous materials lab. The children were able to find out about hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials, they were able to create an edible water bottle from combining two substances  causing a chemical reaction and they also got the chance to look at how different materials absorb water and what use this could have in the current environment. It was a fantastic!


Below are some pictures from our exciting day.




A massive thank you to all the parents who offered to help and to those who were there on the day.


Science Explosions

This week in P4W we have been working hard being scientists.

We are really enjoying learning all about water, its different forms and what we can do with it.

We were lucky to have Mr Austin from Funky Science come visit to show us what can happen when different chemicals mix with water.

Below are the class preparing for the experiment.

Working in pairs it was important to have the correct equipment laid out and to have the exact amounts of the different substances  ready before we started.


We worked well in pairs and were able to create a chemical reaction with the help of Mr Austin.

Below you can see some of the fantastic reactions.

Thank you to Mr Austin for a wonderful afternoon. The class are now creating science reports including the equipment used, the method followed and the results found.

A great time was had by all involved.

P4W Super Science

   This Term the context for Learning in primary 4 is SUPER SCIENCE

We have been exploring all things water, magnet and sound related.

We have loved experimenting with water finding out about when water  boils, melts, dissolves, condenses and evaporates.

Below are some pictures of P4 being scientists.

We have also worked well as a team showing great communication skills in order to create magnetic games.

P4W are very excited to head to the Glasgow Science Centre in March to keep exploring this exciting topic.