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P4W Super Science

   This Term the context for Learning in primary 4 is SUPER SCIENCE

We have been exploring all things water, magnet and sound related.

We have loved experimenting with water finding out about when water  boils, melts, dissolves, condenses and evaporates.

Below are some pictures of P4 being scientists.

We have also worked well as a team showing great communication skills in order to create magnetic games.

P4W are very excited to head to the Glasgow Science Centre in March to keep exploring this exciting topic.

P4 Christmas Party

With Christmas getting ever closer it was time for the P4 Christmas Party.

Here were P4W all dressed up and ready to go.

We could not wait to get dancing!

Below are some pictures from the party of the children having a great time.




We all enjoyed some Scottish dancing that we had been practicing in PE. Along with this, we played games of pass the parcel, musical statues and corners where prizes were on offer. A fantastic afternoon was had by all.

Merry Christmas from P4W

Christmas in P4W


This week Primary 4 have been running the Christmas Post.

Pupils from the whole school can post their Christmas cards at the post office run by P4. For 5 pence per card P4 will then deliver the cards with the money raised going UNICEF.


Obviously Crystal the Elf could not wait to help P4W out!

In order to run the post smoothly P4W have been learning all about money.

We have been learning how to give change from larger notes and understanding the different coins we have. Additionally,  we have been learning what a budget is and the importance of sticking to it.

Here are some pictures of the class working with a budget…


Below you can see pupils using money in the classroom


We all really cannot wait for the Pantomime this afternoon (14th) and our P4 Christmas Party on Monday 17th.



The Gift of Christmas

Term 2 has started off with a festive touch in Primary 4W where we have launched our new topic: The Gift of Christmas.

The launch began with the popping of a cracker and the children working together to solve the puzzle.

Since then we have had a new addition to the class of Crystal the Elf. She is cheeky, magical and here to help the class with their pop up stories that they are creating.


So far Crystal has messed up our classroom, hung from the projector and tried to join in sitting at a table. I wonder what she will do next …

Last week we were able to visit Dunblane Library where all the children saw what a pop up book looks like. This gave them loads of ideas that they could use in their books.

Since then we have started writing our stories, with the children having many amazing ideas. Soon we will start to create our pop up books.

Within the next few weeks will have discussions around what we can give at Christmas with the focus being on the values of kindness, respect, love and  fairness.

It is not just about the presents we give or receive.


Ancient Animators – Sharing the Learning

P4W have been busy working on creating animations for our topic Ancient Animators.

The class have worked very hard:

  •  Allocating roles (director, actors, camera man, timer, editor, animators and prop makers)
  • Learning how to work the animation Apps such as Toontastic, Tellegami and I-Movie
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Creating scripts
  • Creating their animations
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Editing their animations
  • Presenting their animations


Below are  animations  that some of the groups created.

We do hope you enjoy them.







P4W Term 1

The first term has come to an end in P4W.

We have been very busy in class this term. Below are some of our thoughts.


We have had a great time working on our Ancient Animators topic learning all about the Romans and how they have impacted Scotland.

“My favourite part was making a Roman shield” – Daniel

“The part I found tricky was tying the string to create the shilled” – James

“I have really enjoyed using the I Pads to make our films” – Caden

“Learning about Roman Numerals has been really fun” – Baillie



We have been focused on place value, addition strategies and times table work in maths.

“I am really good at chimney sums” – Ewan

“My maths is so much better now” – Eilidh



We have also enjoyed keeping active in PE and with KM Club.

“I am working towards my 30KM” – Fraser R

“Basketball has been fun in PE” – James

“My shooting is a lot better now” – Maddy


In addition to this we have been enjoying weekly reading practice, learning new words in French and we have been creating mind maps and reports in literacy.

We are looking forward to coming back after the October holiday!

Welcome To P4W

Welcome back!

This term our topic is about Scottish and Roman history and is called Ancient Animators.

Below are some pictures of the class problem solving to discover our new topic name.


We have been busy learning facts about the Romans in addition to creating Scottish and Italian flags using paint, pencil and crayon.

We have had a visit from David Smith from the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. In this visit Mr Smith talked about Roman artefacts, what the Romans brought to Scotland, Roman forts and life of the Roman soldiers.


We were able to take notes to record important information throughout the talk and used our notes to create a summary.


We have really enjoyed this topic so far and we all cannot wait to start creating movies and animations about the facts we have discovered!

Terrific Trip to Tesco!

In class we have been learning all about being Health and Wellbeing Warriors.

On Tuesday 5th of June we went to Tesco on a school trip to learn more about healthy eating and the journey of food. When we arrived at Tesco we were met by Margaret and Chloe (who we named ‘The Pineapple Sisters’ because of their hats!).

They made us do a spelling test before we even started! We had to spell out WARRIORS with fruit that began with the first letter of it. It was a race to the finish!

We then had a tour of the Tesco store. We learned that a red star beside an item means it is a ‘Best Seller’ at the store and that an 7/8 year old should have no more than 30 grams of sugar a day. We also found out about the Free From range and were very lucky to try some Chocolate buttons which were Gluten, Wheat, Milk and Egg free! They were very yummy and tasted like dark chocolate.

After, we visited the back of the store where all of the stock is kept while waiting to go onto the shelves. We were able to go into the fridge and even the giant freezer! We put Miss McDonald in too!

Next, we went underground to see the rest of the store. We saw different rooms where money is counted, we saw the managers office and the break-room. We posed for a picture for the CCTV cameras! When we went into the break-room we  were able to make up our own fruit salad pots! They were very tasty!

Primary 3M really enjoyed our trip and would like to say a huge thank-you to Tesco Dunblane and Margaret for letting us come and visit their store! THANK-YOU!

Health and Wellbeing Warriors – Life-saving Lungs!

In class we have been learning about the major organs in the body. We learned about the brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver and lots more!

We found out that lungs are important because they help you to breath. They take in oxygen and release stale air (carbon dioxide). The ribcage protects the lungs in your body. We also found out that your left lung is slightly smaller than your right so there is space for your heart!

We decided to make our own lungs using plastic bags, big straws, elastic bands and cello tape.

First we attached the plastic bag to the straws using our elastic bands – making sure it was very tight and no air would escape.

Secondly, we cello taped the two straws together and attached our nose and mouth.

Finally, we stuck our straws onto a lung template.