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Super Science Update

Over the last few weeks, P4S has been exploring the human body – our skeleton, organs, senses and , most topically, the impact of germs on our health.

As part of our learning, we had an amazing trip to Glasgow Science Centre. The interactive exhibits allowed us to take our classroom learning further in a fun and engaging way. However, the highlight was, without doubt, our DNA workshop in which we extracted some of our own DNA and made our own, unique DNA necklaces!

” I learned that we get our inherited characteristics both from our mum and our dad.” – Harris

” I learned how to use the test tubes, pipettes and chemicals safely to extract our DNA.” – Aletta

We have also carried out experiments on the reliability of our senses and found out how closely those senses are linked, for example, taste and smell.

Creating germ raps and  using all sorts of materials to create “germ art”, along with P4M,  has allowed us to create a display reminding the whole school of the importance of washing our hands. Science learning applied usefully and creatively!

” Awesome!”


Super Science and so much more!

2020 has begun with P4S engaged in lots of new learning.

We shared and performed Burns poetry and we loved performing Mairi’s Wedding with P4M at our school One Scotland assembly – complete with percussion and dancing! Thanks to Mrs Moore for all her help.

We launched our new Super Science context with P4M, tackling brain teaser challenges to find out the areas of science we would focus on this term. After establishing our “Big Questions”, our first focus has been the Human Body and we have been researching our skeleton and major organs before exploring our senses and thinking about germs and their impact on our healthPosition and movement work in Maths has taken us outdoors for practical sessions whilst work on addition, subtraction and the application of our tables continue.

Our new Mindfulness lessons and the follow up daily practice help us to be more aware of our bodies, our emotions and offer ways to help us be kind, calm and resilient and more focused.

” I feel calm and relaxed at the end of a session.” – Yasmin

” It helps us feel calm and think about things like our breathing.” – Lily

We look forward to updating you on our learning as term progresses.


Authors and Posties – a busy December!

P4S had a fantastic afternoon sharing their “Gift of Christmas ” pop – up books with their families and friends. A focus on the values of sharing, giving and caring for others produced some wonderful stories about heroic elves and their efforts to help children and Santa at the same time!

Reflections on our books produced many comments about the improvements this project had made to the development of writing skills and the fun we had making the pop – ups for our books.

A big thank you to the parents , grandparents and aunties and friends who came to help with our art and craft.

Primary Four also organised and ran the Christmas Post for the school. We researched charities supporting the Global Goals of ending hunger and poverty, presented our arguments to each other and then we voted. We raised £135.70 for Unicef!

The skills of teamwork, perseverance and the ability to work hard were all identified as key to this enterprise project as well as the practical application of learning about using  money.

” I wish we could have run the post for longer” – Luca

“It could not have been better,” – Finlay

These were sentiments shared across the class and stage!

A super start to term two for P4S!

We have had a busy start to the term in P4S. In Maths, we have been honing our skills in estimation, rounding, multiplication and exploring the delights of function machines.  After a “playtastic” block of learning  about the features of playscript, we are reading a number of short stories and focusing on characterisation, setting and plot devices. Skills applied in our own amazing Hallowe’en writing.

We have evaluated the skills developed in our amazing Isle of Izcalm context, which focused on citizenship, what makes a good citizen,  and the skills required to make decisions fairly in a community. We achieved this through drama, becoming a very special community on the imaginary Isle of Izcalm. Our evaluations highlighted improvements in our abilities to  communicate with others, to discuss and to debate issues respectfully and in teamwork, problem solving and , of course, in dramatic characterisation!

We have launched our new context which,  through a piece of imaginative extended writing on giving to others  and our role in running this year’s Christmas post, will also support our understanding of those values we identified as being so important to us as developing global citizens!

Throughout our busy routines, we also find time to enjoy our shared love of reading and to share our “top tips” for a “good read”.


Apple Harvest Shared!






Over the last fortnight, members of P4S have harvested our crop of apples from the eco garden and made them in to apple crumble to share with very special visitors from the Memory Cafe. Our visitors were most complimentary!

It was very satisfying to feel that we could grow, cook and offer our produce to eat, in our school. The cycle begins again as we prepare the eco garden for the coming winter and spring planting.

Skills for learning, skills for life with spaghetti and marshmallows!

As part of our focus on good citizenship, P4S has been exploring decisionmaking and the skills of good communication, and creative thinking   so important if we are to contribute positively in our communities. We also agreed that good citizens persevered and supported each other when faced with difficult tasks. We have been practising these skills in a series of challenges , but without doubt, our favourite was the tower marshmallow and spaghetti challenge.

Working in groups of three and then six, we had to build a two tier tower, using only spaghetti and marshmallows.Groups tried lots of different shapes and structures.

“We had to make the tower stable” – Finlay

Finally, to ensure and adequate supply of marshmallows, the groups merged in to two and created two super structures using very different techniques.


In discussion, talking lots, teamwork and just ” keeping trying” were identified as key.

Lots of learning! Lots of fun!

P3 Sharing Our Learning

On Thursday 21st of March Primary 3 held our Family Learning event.  We invited parents/carers into our classrooms to see our learning as part of our ‘Powering Our Planet’ context. Pupils had the chance to share their non-fiction books they had written over the course of the term, explore the snap n’fix electricity games and create simple circuits.

On Friday 29th March we shared our books again with Primary 6. In turn, they shared their space buggies which they have been designing. Primary 6 took making circuits to the next level by adding motors to turn their buggies wheels! We even witnessed a buggy race in the hall!

Antarctic Adventures

On Wednesday 16th January we went on a really looooong journey…all the way to Antarctica! Our tour guides for the trip were Mr and Mrs McCreath who were entertaining, informative and lots of fun. Our journey started with a song played beautifully on the piano by Mrs McCreath – we joined in singing about p-p-p- penguins. We were then introduced to their cuddly penguin who sleeps in Mr and Mrs McCreath’s bed…we thought he might’ve been better sleeping in the fridge or freezer but Mrs McCreath said he quite likes sleeping in the bed. He must be acclimatising! Next up, our expert tour guide Mr McCreath who has recently returned from a 10 day tour of Antarctica shared his experiences and knowledge with us. He went on a boat (more modern than Captain Scott’s) then chose to kayak as part of his tour – we watched videos of him kayaking through the ice and heard it crunching as he paddled. We all loved seeing the photographs of the animals and there were lots of ‘awwwwww’ moments. The penguins were very funny – playing football, tig, sunbathing and even….kissing! We got to pretend to be penguins huddled together in a colony to keep us warm; the penguins at the front then had to waddle to the back when they got too cold. Mr McCreath used 3 of us with our arms outstretched to show us the wingspan of an albatross – it was 3 metres!! We learned that an albatross can stay in the air for about a year without touching the ground – it even sleeps in the air. Our journey came to an end as we got back on the boat and waved goodbye to the penguins.

A few of our favourite parts:

P3A –

Harris M – I thought it was really funny when you told us about the penguins going along their tracks and they kept changing direction and forgetting where they were going.

Helena – I learned that penguins like to steal stones from each other’s nests and I thought it was really funny.

Eva R – I learned that it took Mr McCreath 4 and a half days to get to Antarctica. It sounds like a really long journey – I really want to go there one day.


P3M –

Johnny – I really liked the p-p-p-penguin song because it had some facts in it too.

Emma R – I liked seeing the cuddly toy penguin from Antarctica.

Luke – It was funny seeing the baby wind up penguin hatching out of the egg.


Finally, we would just like to say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs McCreath – what a wonderful afternoon for the children and teachers!