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P3M Poles Apart

This term Primary 3M have been learning about the Arctic and Antarctic in our Poles Apart context.

We have learned about the climate there and how to compare it to our own, and other climates around the world. We have also learned about some of the animals that live there and the ways in which they have adapted so that they can survive. Creating a factfile with a partner was a good way to collect this information.

Our trip to Dunblane Library last month was a lovely afternoon and we took part in a fun quiz about some differences between the North and South Poles while we were there. The books we brought back to school have been very useful for finding out more facts. To say thank you we wrote letters to the library as our assessed writing piece this term.

A fun highlight of this context was doing science – especially since our experiments involved ice poles! We saw the changing states of water through boiling, freezing, melting and condensation and thought of examples of this that we often see in real life. Some other ice poles then became ice trolls (fictional creatures from Antarctica) which needed insulated during their trip to Dunblane. We predicted which materials would be the most successful to make their jackets and tested each one over a 15 minute period. After these experiments the ice trolls (poles) mysteriously vanished… perhaps they evaporated!

“I learned that polar bears don’t always stay on land. I didn’t know that before.” Lillian

“I liked learning about how the animals adapted to survive in that place.” Callum

“The North Pole is a much safer place than the South Pole.” Olivia

“I enjoyed making coats for the Ice Trolls.” Keir

“I liked when we did the experiments with the kettle and how the water turned into gas.” Laurence

“I learned that penguins have never seen a polar bear before. I thought that they both lived in the same place.” Charlotte

P2 World of Work Assembly

On Thursday 9th May, P2M presented their World of Work assembly to the school. We all shared what jobs we would like to do when we grow up.  In P2M there are future football players, horse riders, gymnasts, scientists, midwives,  inventors, astronauts, midwives, actors, gem collectors, game designers, acrobats, film directors and teachers.

We shared that when we start work in 2030, we might be doing jobs that don’t even exist yet. There could be jobs such as Drone Traffic Optimizer, Waste Engineer, Body Part Creator and Space Tour guide. It’s hard to prepare for jobs that don’t exist so experts believe the best thing to do is develop useful skills and attitudes. At Newton our teachers plan opportunities for us to develop our skills and attitudes every day. We use books and characters to help us understand our skills and attitudes.

To finish our assembly, we sang our very own version of A Million Dreams.  We are all proud of being confident performers at assembly.

I liked singing our song –Robbie

I liked doing my speaking parts- Eilidh

I liked using my clapboard and trophy for when I was being a film director- Charlotte

I liked dressing up as a gem and diamond collector. I looked like Indiana Jones- George

I liked dressing up like a teacher- Clara

I liked my costume- Lauren


Dinosaur measurement

P2M have been learning about measuring length. We have learned about non-standard units and the standard unit, metres.  We have used our knowledge of metres to estimate and measure the length of dinosaurs and their footprints.

The Brachiosaurus was the biggest dinosaur that we measured and it was 26m long. The Velociraptor was only 2metres long and some dinosaur footprints were bigger than that!

P2 Time Travellers!

On Wednesday 13th of March P2M had ‘the best day ever!’ at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. First we enjoyed a Dinosaur Storytelling workshop where we were able to hold lots of old fossils and even fossilised dinosaur poo! We even had a chance to be palaeontologists and gently brush away sand to discover fossils and identify what dinosaurs they once were.

After that we travelled back in time to the beginning of Planet Earth! We stood on a volcano and felt it rumble underneath our feet. We saw glaciers forming landscapes right in front of our eyes and even touched massive ice blocks like there might have been in the ice age. Finally we took a 4D flight across the climate zones of our planet- it even snowed on the plane! It was such an adventure.

“I liked the ice bit when I got to touch the ice. It was very very very very cold!” Isaac

“I really liked the plane bit because we got to see a rhino up close” Clara

“I liked going in the time machine because I like how it looked really real” Anon

“I liked the flight best because we got to wear glasses to make it 3D” Brodie

“I liked when it was raining foam when we were on our flight and when I got freezing cold by the ice berg” Farah

Thank you to Mrs Sage, Mrs Mullen and Mrs Campbell who came along to support us.  We hope you enjoyed it too!