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P1 Trip to Lego exhibition

As part of the class context for learning on toys  Primary 1 H and 1G  visited a Lego Exhibition at Perth Museum .  The children had a great day out looking at all the fantastic models of famous landmarks from around the world.  They also had a hands on session creating their own models. We ended the day with a picnic and trip to the park .


Visit to Dykedale Woods

On Friday  the   10th of February,  Primary P1G and Primary IH went on  a trip to Dykedale woods. They enjoyed the walk up to the woods and back despite the cold and damp conditions!  The children were   in groups with an allocated parent helper and then worked together to create pieces of transient art.  We had previously explored different aspects of art work by Andy Goldsworthy to stimulate ideas. The children enjoyed using creating with natural materials.

Marvellous Materials Assembly

Primary 1H and Primary 1G hosted a whole school assembly on materials. The children presented a talk about what they had learned about context.  After investigating the different properties , they looked at how we recycle. They created their own costumes with recycled materials and then performed a fashion show on the stage.  They looked fantastic in their creations which included bow ties, dresses, bags and even kilts!