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P2 Fairyland!

Primary 2 have had a very exciting start to their week. We received a letter from the friendly dragon asking us to help him and his fairyland friend. He left us clues in our rooms to find.  We found a basket, a red cape and a wanted poster for a wolf!

We worked out that the clues all lead to the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We read the story in our classes and wrote our own description of the woods using relevant adjectives.

Primary 2 have really been enjoying turning our classrooms into fairyland, writing letters to the dragon in our spare time and completing some challenges (like growing our own beanstalks in the classroom!)


Primary 2’s Mnemonics

This week Primary 2 have been writing mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets.

With our teachers we ordered and discussed the size of the planets using different edible items from the kitchen:

Mercury – peppercorn

Venus – cherry tomato

Earth – cherry tomato

Mars – blueberry

Jupiter – watermelon

Saturn – grapefruit

Uranus – apple

Neptune – orange

Here are some of them –

‘My Very Elegant Mummy Just Saw Us Napping’ – Annie P2M

‘My Very Enthusiastic Mum Just Served Us Nuts’ – Rory P2K

‘Mum’s Van Easily Moves Just Slowly Up Newton-Crescent’ – Caden P2M

‘My Very Elegant Mammal Jiggled Slowly Under Nests’ – Sarah P2K

Visiting Dunblane Library to meet an author!

P1B and P1S were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Morag Hood, author of “I Am Bat”, one of the Scottish Book Trust’s Book Bag books.

Morag has written several other super picture books and shared a number of them with us.

We loved them all but the excitement in the room rose when she read “I Am Bat” to us all.

Morag showed us how she set about drawing bats, and we helped by making sad/happy/angry bat faces!

We then decorated paper bats.




These were just some of our responses.

A taste of Scotland – Oatcakes and butter

We had a wonderful return visit from Katie the farmer, with another fantastic RHET representative in Marion Sutherland. We learned the processes by which milk was produced and oats grown on our farms become oatcakes. Most excitingly, we got to examine oats and grind them in to flour. The flour was mixed with other ingredients to make oatcakes. We also had the opportunity to churn butter from cream with a lot of enthusiastic shaking!

“I liked learning about the oats.” said Orla

“Yes, I liked taking the husk off the seed and looking at the seed.” agreed Josh.

I liked shaking the cream to make butter” added Emilie.


Clootie Dumpling Explained

As part of our ongoing exploration in to Scottish foods, Orla’s grandparents, Kate and Rod , came to class to explain how to make a clootie dumpling. Rod told us all about his family recipe for this delicious Scottish food. We saw all the ingredients, his recipe and got to taste a dumpling. Kate taught us a song about dumplings.

We loved smelling and discussing the different ingredients and learning all the steps in making a dumpling in a “cloot”. Most of us tried a piece of Rod’s wonderful pudding.

Emilie spoke for many when she said  “I think your dumpling tastes fantastic!”.

Our thanks to our wonderful visitors!



A Taste of Scotland

Both Primary One classes had exciting visits from the Katie the farmer on Thursday. Katie Brisbane from the Royal Highland Educational Trust came by to drop in an exciting learning box and to talk to us about Scottish farms, the animals raised and the crops grown. Katie brought props!

“I loved smelling the hay” said Annie . However, we all agreed silage wasn’t so pleasant!

We learned lots and we are looking forward to a return visit later in the month when we will be making oatcakes and butter.

Watch this space!

Toys- Investigating Forces

We have continued to explore the forces which make toys move.

On Friday, we experimented with toy cars. We tried blowing, pushing our car with one finger or  with  one  hand across a table. We found out that:

“The harder the push the further the car moved.” – Anna

We made a car with a partner and tried using a ramp. The ramp made the cars go further and faster and the heavier the car the further it travelled. Some of our car designs worked well but some crashed. We talked lots about what made one design work well whilst others were trickier.

Did we enjoy being investigators?

I loved it! – Annie

A thumbs up from all!


P1S ‘Toys’ Context Launch

On Tuesday afternoon, we launched our new learning context, ‘Toys’.  As part of the afternoon, we took part in a carousel of activities using different toys, and working out how they move and what we can do with them.  We had a great time and are looking forward to exploring more about Toys over the coming weeks!



We are learners at Newton Primary!

P1B and P1S  have been working hard, learning lots and having fun in our first few weeks as learners in school. The children have been exploring the values, skills and attitudes we need to take our learning forward as we progress through school. We have done so through lots of games, stories, discussion, craft and play. We have already had visitors in class, Mr Thomson, our janitor, and Mrs Rayner, our head cook, explained their respective roles in school. We loved hearing about the things they do to help us stay safe, healthy and happy in school.

Both classes have enjoyed learning our first sounds and encountering some rather wonderful number animals.  Ava said, ‘I am proud of how I can write my numbers.’ There has also been
 a focus on pattern in the world around us and in number. The children have demonstrated excellent understanding of repeating pattern. As Orla says, ‘a pattern has to be ordered using the same things again and again.’