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Egyptian Explorers – The Show!

Recently, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We learned about Egyptian Gods, papyrus, the pyramids, mummification and The Nile.

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing a show all about our learning and the Egyptians called ‘Egyptian Explorers.’ We have had a fantastic time preparing our show.

On Wednesday 28th of March we performed to our friends and family. We absolutely loved it and had a great time!

Fraser C – “I really enjoyed learning about the pyramids of Giza and painting our backdrop for the show!”

Katie – “My tummy felt funny!”

Daniel – “I liked learning about Mummification and singing the song ‘Make a Mummy'”

Leila – “It was a bit scary saying the words to everyone’s parents but after I felt proud.”

Charlie M – “I loved doing the show and singing all the songs.”

John – “At the start I felt a bit scared but after my first few lines I found it was actually quite easy and I wasn’t as scared.”

Cameron – “I really enjoyed learning all about the Nile and singing the ‘Gift of the Nile’.”

Imogen – “I feel really proud of us!”

P3 STEM Pyramid Challenge

On Friday 9th of March, Miss McDonald set us the challenge of making STEM pyramids. We had to make pyramids using different materials:  paper and cello-tape, Lego, interlocking cubes, play dough and art straws. We needed to make sure our pyramids had equal sides, it was free standing and had a square base.

Teamwork was important for our challenge. Everyone in our groups had a job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help build our pyramids.

We found making a pyramid from paper was the most difficult. Only 2 groups out of 4 managed to make one! We felt that the play dough and art straws were easy, as well as the interlocking cubes.

Eilidh – “I thought it was really fun making the pyramids!”

Aaron – “I really liked the materials we were making the pyramids with. My favourite was the paper!”

Fraser R – “I really liked building the pyramid with the Lego because it was quite easy and you could use the blocks to help shape it.”

Eva – “I liked making the pyramid out of paper because it was a real challenge.”

Finn – “I found making the pyramids easy, especially the paper one – my group managed to make it!”


Primary 5 have been lucky enough to have the expertise of Mr Connery and his colleagues from Dunblane High School and Leigh Austin from the Dunblane Centre, to support our learning context this term. Our  STEM focus is on simple chemical reactions, changing state and dissolving. Both Mr Connery and Leigh enhanced the children’s learning, through practical and fun science experiments demonstrating some chemical reactions taking place. Their favourite was elephant toothpaste and making iron.

The children have been learning about scientific reports and how we make experiments fair.  They are beginning to think like a scientist, creating scientific questions, predicting what might happen (hypothesis), observing and recording what actually happened and drawing conclusions. We look forward to seeing you at the ‘Family Learning’ session on Tuesday 27th March (am), where the children will take on the role of the teacher to teach you something new!

Novel Study – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

As part of our ‘School of Magic’ context this term, primary 5 have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a novel study.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about some of the different roles involved in literature circles (an in-depth discussion about a given text). Some of the roles are as follows:

  • Question Master – ask a range of questions that check/help understanding of the text, ask my group to suggest reasons for a character’s behaviour or to explain why problems have arisen

  • Character Cop – understand a character’s personality, relationships and emotions and explain how these make a character do something surprising or unexpected, understanding of a character to predict how they will react to an event or to explain why they reacted to an event in a particular way

  • Illustrator – use detail from the text to make visual representation accurate

  • Word Wizard – identify and predict the meaning of tricky words using surrounding text and can offer an alternative word

  • Summariser – summarise the main ideas of a text

  • Connector – talk and write about links made between one story and a range of media (book, film, TV) or real life

  • Fortune Teller – predict what will happen next in the story

  • Writer’s Tricks – understand the different tricks that writers use and explain why they use them, identify examples of writer’s tricks within a text and explain the effect they have

Throughout our shared reading sessions we have been practising all of these roles. As from next week we will work in small groups, using these roles to help us analyse and evaluate the remaining chapters of the novel.

Adverse Weather – School Closure (1.3.18)

We have been informed that due to continuing adverse weather conditions all Stirling Council schools and nurseries will remain closed on Thursday 1st March.

Please continue to check Parentmail and Stirling Council media (website, Twitter, Facebook) and tune in to Central FM for updates regarding Friday.

While school remains closed children are encouraged to complete this week’s Home Learning tasks (P.5-7 can also access Mathletics) and enjoy celebrating World Book Day tomorrow at home. Lots of ideas and activities can be found at Parents and carers may also refer to the Parent Information section of our school website ‘How to support your child’ for ideas and activities to do at home.

We encourage children and families to enjoy the snow and keep safe, following advice, in the weather conditions. Children could have a go at designing (indoors) or creating (outdoors) their own Snow Structures?

We hope to see everyone back at school on Friday when we will celebrate World Book Day.

Adverse Weather – School Closed 28.2.18

We have been informed that due to adverse weather all children and staff must stay at home tomorrow (Wednesday).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please continue to check Parentmail and Stirling Council media (website, Twitter, Facebook) and tune in to Central FM for updates regarding Thursday.

Quality Meat Scotland

On Thursday 25th January we had a visit from Jennifer Morrison who works for Quality Meat Scotland. The children learned about where our meat comes from and how to recognise if our meat comes from Scotland. They also learned about the eat well plate (ensuring a balanced diet) and the many benefits of protein. Following that they had a cooking demonstration on how to make beef fajitas that involved a few helpers. Throughout, Jennifer highlighted the importance of hygiene whilst cooking as well as giving them many tips on how to be safe in the kitchen. The children had the opportunity to taste what was made, with many commenting on how delicious they were.

Burns Supper

On Wednesday 31st January P7 welcomed 170 guests to our school, served them a delicious Scottish meal and entertained them with a variety of singing, instrumentalists and of course, some work by Robert Burns.

We have worked incredibly hard to organising our Burns Supper enterprise event. We applied for jobs on different teams and took on many responsibilities to ensure our event was a success!

The food and catering team worked along side the kitchen staff to create a menu, helped prepare favours and baked shortbread for our guests to enjoy. They also worked with Gleneagles Hotel staff to learn how to set a table correctly and how to serve food. We are very grateful to Gleneagles for all of their support!

The Operations team made sure that the night ran smoothly. They made the seating plan, formed the running order of the evening and were the key communicators between all of the teams.

Not only did P7 organise a Burns Supper, but we also created a book full of our art work, poems and recipes. Without our production team this wouldn’t have been possible! The team worked hard uploading all of our work into the book, deciding on the layout and getting it published at Stirling Copy Centre.

The Entertainment team worked hard to create a script for the evening, organise the excellent entertainment and creating our Burns Supper program.

Finally, The sales and promotions team for helped to raise money through the selling of tickets and our Scotland Is book! The team designed tickets, made ticket order forms, advertised the event and will be calculating our profit.

We all really enjoyed ourselves in the run up to the event and on the night itself! We are very proud of our hard work and our parents and invited guests had a fantastic evening!

#talented     #proud


P5 McHistory Performance

This term Primary 5 have been learning about the ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’ alongside performing a show called ‘McHistory’. The show has taught us all about Scottish history and influential figures that have helped shape Scotland today. We have also learned about what is involved in putting on a performance.

We separated into groups so that everyone had a role and part to play. The set design group decided what our staging would look like and any props we needed. We had to paint a racing car, a milk float, bookshelves, a clock, teacher’s desk and door for the classroom. The dancers choreographed their own dances. We had to make sure that the dances tied in with the songs we were singing. The songs helped tell the story throughout the performance. We had an amazing band of musicians who played everything from violins and drums to glockenspiels, hand bells and maracas.

On Monday 20th of November we held a dress rehearsal to the entire school. Then on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd we performed ‘McHistory’ to our friends and family. Everyone thought that it was funny, interesting and informative!

Written by Alex R, May, Sienna, Euan and Annabelle