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Enchanting elves arrive in Primary One!

On Tuesday 24th of April,    Primary One classes were astonished to find two elves in their rooms. Bramble Berry and Sweet Pea  had both arrived accompanied by a letter explaining that they would like to spend some time a school and had chosen our kind, helpful pupils. Each week a letter has arrived from the respective elves which has caused great excitement! We have been set challenges which involve lots of writing, researching woodlands and many arts and crafts which support our big challenge of creating an enchanted  forest.

The pupils are really enjoying having the elves to stay. We will keep you updated on the adventures of our wonderful elves.



Investigating forces through toys

We have been hard at work exploring the forces which make our toys move. We used a variety of PE equipment and toys in the playground. We also prepared talks on a special toy from home and shared that information in class.

“If you push a car  hard it goes faster and further.” – Esme              


“I had a helicopter which , when you pulled a strap, flew up in to the air” – Keir

” Pushing, pulling and twisting are all types of movement.” – Hayden

“It is fun to learn about each other’s toys!” commented Lleyton


Marvellous Materials

As part of our investigations in to materials in the world around us, Mr Herriot of Harbro (Lillian’s grandpa) came to explain the manufacturing process involved in producing animal feed. Natural materials such as oats, barley, wheat, peas, sunflower seeds and molasses are part of the special recipes which mixed together make a man made material – feed for cows, sheep, hens , pigs, horses and goats.

“We got to feel all the stuff which goes in to the feed” – Jackson

” Mr Herriot had posters showing the machines” – Murray

Thank you, Mr Herriot.  A super learning visit!

Exciting Times in Ghana – Shared with Primary One





We had a fantastic visit from Mrs Wyroslawska who shared the family’s amazing visit to Ghana with us. Mrs Wyroslawska went to learn   drumming and dance from local musicians and dancers in Tafi Atome, a village in Ghana. We learned lots about wildlife seen, the local school and the community of Tafi Atome.

Pupils then were taught a dance accompanied by a drum.

Callum said “It was awesome.”




“A Miracle in Town” – Our Nativity

P1S and P1H put on a marvellous performance of  “A Miracle in Town” It told the story of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem. We acted out the story and sang lots of lovely songs. Both P2 classes supported with us with our singing. We practised lots to make sure our performance was superb!

Jackson ” We made people smile.”



Jack ” Lots of people came to see us – our families and the whole school watched.”

Grace ” The narrators worked hard at speaking clearly”

Isla added ” We made our mummies and daddies proud.”

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Today, the children from both P1 classes had the opportunity to take part in a circus skills workshop led beautifully by Pamela and James from the Dunblane Centre.

Pamela demonstrated juggling, plate spinning and stilt walking as the children watched in admiration , clapped and called “Bravo”. She explained the skills involved and then we had the opportunity to “have a go”!



Setting the Scene

Primary One are busily engaged in finding out about the circus and the skills required to put on a performance. As part of our research a group of hardy parents, teachers and young investigators made their way to the Dunblane Centre  to find out what was involved in staging a performance of Les Miserables.

The children had the opportunity to explore backstage, look at props, scenery, lighting and sound. Some of the performers wowed us with their singing and then we took to the stage to perform “Twinkle , Twinkle, Little Star”. The highlight of the trip? Undoubtedly- the appearance of dry ice all around us!

Eilidh said “We learnt about shows and went on stage. We sang”

Olivia commented “The big boys sang to us, it was super!”

George ” I like the props, I saw a sword!”


Our Community

 Over the last few weeks, P1H and P1S have been establishing their class communities, finding out about their school community and the wider community in which we live.  We have enjoyed mapping our environment and getting to know the people who help us in school. Mrs Rayner,  from our school catering service and Mr Thomson, our school janitor, popped in to explain their roles in the school and answered a series of questions from the children.

On Thursday, the 28th of September, both classes visited Dunblane Library and enjoyed a lovely storytime and a tour of the library’s facilities.

Over the last weeks the children have truly become citizens of all of these communities.

P1S and P1H – Our first weeks

Primary One have enjoyed their first weeks at school.

“We have loved it!” said Hannah M and  Hannah I. We have learned to write  numbers 1,2 3 and 4 so far.” added Lovis.

We have shared storybooks and made amazing patterns with shape. “We have worked together to make models with construction sets” said Alex.

Working together in class reminds us about our school value of unity. Our other values are kindness, respect, fairness and responsibility. The boys and girls have shown their understanding of these values in their marvellous approach to new tasks and new routines in these first weeks at school.

P3S Fist of Five for Newton Fun Run!

Asked for their reaction to our recent participation in the first Newton Fun Run, P3S gave the whole experience 5/5! Many identified crossing the finishing line as their “best bit” whilst others loved the excitement of the start or running in the park. For Holly Stobie , it was watching her little sister in nursery take part. It was a very special afternoon for us all.