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P6 Hi-Five

P6 Hi-Five Group have been working on the Chrome Books with their writing.  Here is what they have to say about their learning…

“Hi-Five is fun because we are learning something new” – Kirsty

“It’s fun because we get to use the Chrome Books” – Harvey

“It’s good because it improves your skills in writing, reading and spelling” – Isla

“It’s exciting!” – Aimee

“It’s good to have a mixture of reading and writing” – Andrew

“Hi-Five is good fun” – Alex




On 21st May 2018 P4WE went to the Laigh Hills to go geocaching.

Geocaching is when someone hides something like a bolt and you use a device to find the object by giving it commands.

First of all Rory used the geocaching device.  We found a carved stick.  It looked amazing.  Next it was Sam’s go on the device.  He found a little bolt.  Then it was finally my turn.  It was really hard to find the object but after a while I found a medium sized cup.

We had to get back to school so I got my partner Rory and walked back to school after our amazing afternoon at the Laigh Hills.

By Archie McQ


We walked up to the Laigh Hills to go geocaching.  When we got there we were put into groups of two or three.  We were not allowed to leave our groups.

Me, Murray and Alex tried to find a magnet on a bench.  I looked under the bench and I found it.  Then I had a turn at using the geocaching device.  We had to run to the edge of the Laigh Hills but we never found the object we were looking for so we moved on.  After we had finished finding the objects we walked back to school.

I learned that working in a team is better than working alone because your team can help you if you’re stuck.

By Alexander F

Sketching at Dykedale

Recently we went to Dykedale to sketch the land use of Dunblane.   On the way there Ellie’s grandpa showed us a plant called a ‘marestail’.  He told us it has been around since the time of the dinosaurs!!  We were sketching what we could see.  We could see the Hydro, houses and hills.  We also saw a herd of cows in a field.  It was tricky sketching the land use.  I had fun and enjoyed learning about the ‘marestail’.

By Aiden

Recently we went to Dykedale Wood to do some sketching. We went to look at the land use. We put down the blanket and we got our jotters. We opened our jotters then we put on the paper and we started. I sketched farms, trees, hotels and hills. Then it was time to go back to school. When we got back to school it was time to go home. I learned about the land use of Dunblane.

By Mac

P4M visit to Dykedale

Last week P4M went to Dykedale to sketch the land use of Dunblane because we could get a good view from there.  Before we could start to sketch we had to walk there.  It was really hard because it was rocky.  When we got up we had to get the grass flattened  before we could lay down the rugs.  When we got on the rugs we got the pencils from our bags then we started.

First I sketched the mountain, then I sketched the cows.  The mountain was quite tricky to sketch because I had to get the humps in.  Then I sketched Dunblane Hydro, trees, house, farms and the wind turbines.  Next Mrs Miller told us that it was time to go back to school so we packed up and headed back.  It was even harder to go back down because stones were sticking out of the ground.  When we got back to school it was time to go home.

I really enjoyed going to Dykedale because it was fun to sketch Dunblane.

By Louis



Empty Classroom Day

On the 17th of May 2018 we went to Ochlochy Park and Holmehill for empty classroom day.

First we walked to Ochlochy Park then we played a warm up game. Next we had stations to go to. They were rounders, bug hunt, back to back drawing and find the paint colour around the loch.

After we played football we got ICE LOLLIES!! Then we went back to school for lunch. After lunch we walked to Holmehill and we got put into stations.  They were leaf detectives, find the age of trees, bark printing and spelling.

I had a fun day and learned how to find the age of a tree.

By Brodie T

On the 17th of May we got ready to go to Ochlochy Park for empty classroom day.   When we got there we did a warm up game it was ‘shepherds and sheep’.  Then we went into groups to do activities.  The activities where rounders, bug hunt, plant colour and back to back drawing. We had break time and then Mrs Miller’s husband came with a basket full of ice lollies and we ate them all and we said thanks and bye to Mrs Miller’s husband.

Then we headed off to have lunch back at school. Next we went to Holmehill and we went around different groups.  The groups were leaf detectives, bark printing, tree measuring to find the age of trees and spelling. Then we headed back to the school and went home.

I enjoyed empty classroom day.  It was fun.  I learned how to do bark printing.

By Rowan W

Empty Classroom Day

On 17th May P4 went out for empty classroom day to Ochlochy Park and Holmehill.

First we walked to Ochlochy Park.  When we got there we went into groups then we played ‘sheep and shepherd’.  After that we went around 4 stations.  One group played rounders, another group walked around the loch to find different shades of green to make a paint palette, a different group did ‘back to back drawing’.  My group started at the bug hunt.  We found lots of bugs.  After that we played football and then we got ice lollies from Mrs Miller’s husband!!!  We walked back to school for lunch.

Next we went to Holmehill.  Once we got there we did 4 more stations.  They were leaf detectives, bark printing, spelling using things we found on the ground and we also found out the age of trees.  To tell the age of a tree you need a rope and a metre stick.  First you rope the rope around the tree then you put it on the ground.  Then you get the metre stick and put it next to the rope.  Once you have your measurement, you divide it by 2.  After that you have the age of the tree.

I enjoyed empty classroom day because it was fun.  I learned how to the tell the age of a tree and how to identify trees.

By Brodie M


On 17th May we went out for empty classroom day.  P4M and P4WE went to Ochlochy Park and Holmehill.

First we walked to Ochlochy Park.  When we got there we played ‘sheep and shepherd’ for our warm up activity.  Then one group played rounders, another did bug hunting, one did back to back drawing and the last group did find the paint colour around the loch.  After that we played football and had ice lollies.

After lunch we went to Holmehill.  We went into new groups and our group went to find the age of trees.  The other groups went to bark rubbing, spelling and leaf detective stations and it was so much fun.

What I learned was how to find the age of trees and the height of trees because I did not know how to find out the age of trees.  It was all so fun and exciting.

by Jake R





Marvellous Mappers Context Launch

Last week we did a treasure hunt.  We had to find clues to complete a picture to find out our new context.

First we sorted out a team captain for our groups then we went outside to figure out our clues to find all the letters.  We figured out where we needed to go.  First we went to the bike rack but our clue wasn’t there so Mr Edwards had to show us on a map.  Then we headed to the eco garden and we found one of the clues in the plant bed.  We headed off again to find the next clue and it was under the table near the bars.  Our last clue was in the porch behind the plant pot.  We went back inside about put all our clues together and it made picture.  Each group had a different picture.  Finally we found out that our context was Marvellous Mappers.

I am most looking forward to finding out more about maps.

by Rowan






Marvellous Mappers Context Launch

Last week we went on a treasure hunt to find out what our context is for this term.

Before we went on our treasure hunt we had to choose our team leader.  After we got our team leader they got a map.  Next we got to go outside then we started our treasure hunt.  Every team had a different colour.  They were green, yellow, blue and red.  We all had to find our envelope with our colours on it.  In the envelope there was a clue.  Each clue had a different position on it.  We had to get four clues to make a big photo.  When we had found all our clues we went to the outdoor classroom.  Once all the groups were together we went back inside.  My team’s picture was a big field in Dunblane.  The other pictures were of a map of Dunblane, the Cathedral and houses in Dunblane.  Next we had to guess our context and it was Marvellous Mappers!

My favourite part of the treasure hunt was working as a team.  We also learned how to use a map in the treasure hunt and work as a team to find all the envelopes.  I am most looking forward to all the trips around Dunblane because they are going to be fun.

By Louis


Last week we did a treasure hunt, it was for our context.  First of all we chose our team leader and we went outside in the playground.

Next we got a map.  Then we went to find our first clue which was on the running track.  Our second one was in the mini kitchen, the third one was in the eco garden and then we looked for the last one but we could not find it.  We looked everywhere but we still could not find it.  So we asked Mrs Miller for a clue but we still could not find it!  Eventually P4WE found it.  After we went back into the classroom Mrs Miller put the letters on the board from all the cards and we said our new context is Marvellous Mappers!

We learned more information about our new context and we learned that we are going to learn more about maps and walk down to different landmarks in Dunblane.  I am looking forward to GO Cashing.

by Gregory





P4WE Book Club

Last week we started Book Club and we made badges. We also made Book Club bookmarks. Book Club is a club where we can read books. We can also make dens to read in so we are comfortable to read. We use blankets and cushions to make the dens.  At Book Club we all read a book.  There is a special jotter to sign in and out the books.  Some people brought books from home and Mrs Whitehead brought some books and we got other books from the school.  We have to try and read lots of books.  If we finish a book we get gems to put in our class pot for a treat at the end of term.  We have a ‘Class Reading Caterpillar’ and once you finish a book you get a coloured circle to add to the caterpillar.  We have to write the book title, author, date and our name then we add it to the Reading Caterpillar.  At Book Club we are allowed to listen to audio books.  I like Book Club because it helps me to learn and read.

By Isla