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P2 Fairyland!

Primary 2 have had a very exciting start to their week. We received a letter from the friendly dragon asking us to help him and his fairyland friend. He left us clues in our rooms to find.  We found a basket, a red cape and a wanted poster for a wolf!

We worked out that the clues all lead to the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We read the story in our classes and wrote our own description of the woods using relevant adjectives.

Primary 2 have really been enjoying turning our classrooms into fairyland, writing letters to the dragon in our spare time and completing some challenges (like growing our own beanstalks in the classroom!)


Primary 2’s Mnemonics

This week Primary 2 have been writing mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets.

With our teachers we ordered and discussed the size of the planets using different edible items from the kitchen:

Mercury – peppercorn

Venus – cherry tomato

Earth – cherry tomato

Mars – blueberry

Jupiter – watermelon

Saturn – grapefruit

Uranus – apple

Neptune – orange

Here are some of them –

‘My Very Elegant Mummy Just Saw Us Napping’ – Annie P2M

‘My Very Enthusiastic Mum Just Served Us Nuts’ – Rory P2K

‘Mum’s Van Easily Moves Just Slowly Up Newton-Crescent’ – Caden P2M

‘My Very Elegant Mammal Jiggled Slowly Under Nests’ – Sarah P2K

P3 Sharing Our Learning

On Thursday 21st of March Primary 3 held our Family Learning event.  We invited parents/carers into our classrooms to see our learning as part of our ‘Powering Our Planet’ context. Pupils had the chance to share their non-fiction books they had written over the course of the term, explore the snap n’fix electricity games and create simple circuits.

On Friday 29th March we shared our books again with Primary 6. In turn, they shared their space buggies which they have been designing. Primary 6 took making circuits to the next level by adding motors to turn their buggies wheels! We even witnessed a buggy race in the hall!

Primary 3 visit Dunblane Library!

Today, Primary 3 went on a trip to Dunblane Library. We met Angela who welcomed us and got us started with a story called ‘Poles Apart’.  Everybody knows that penguins belong at the South Pole and polar bears live at the North Pole – but  in this story a family of penguins got lost, and found themselves at the wrong pole! They needed the polar bear to help guide them home.

We had to use our knowledge of the Arctic and the Antarctic to decide which animals lived in the North or South Pole. We already knew where some of the animals lived but we learned some new ones too.

Angela had looked out a selection of fiction and non-fiction books linked to our context ‘Poles Apart’. We had some time to explore the different books and choose which ones we wanted to bring back to school.

We finished our library session with a story about an explorer. We had a super time and learned lots from Angela about the library.



Our New Classroom!

In class we created a class charter about the things we promise to do. We want our class to be a fair and happy place where everyone is respected and cared for. We designed our own Dojo Monsters to go on the class charter, and this means we agree to our promise.

We have been watching some Mojo the Dojo videos all about Growth Mindset. We learned that our brain is a muscle and that it is ok to make mistakes!

Over the last few weeks we have also been learning through the novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We made animal pill medicine bottles for Grandma. We wrote a character description about old, grumpy Grandma using adjectives.  We also wrote hash tag summaries of the book so far:

#GeorgePutsLotsOfIngredientsIn (Sophie)

#GeorgesMedicineIsFrothingAndPopping (Marissa)

#The AnimalPillsGoFlyingInThePot (Phoebe)


Terrific Trip to Tesco!

In class we have been learning all about being Health and Wellbeing Warriors.

On Tuesday 5th of June we went to Tesco on a school trip to learn more about healthy eating and the journey of food. When we arrived at Tesco we were met by Margaret and Chloe (who we named ‘The Pineapple Sisters’ because of their hats!).

They made us do a spelling test before we even started! We had to spell out WARRIORS with fruit that began with the first letter of it. It was a race to the finish!

We then had a tour of the Tesco store. We learned that a red star beside an item means it is a ‘Best Seller’ at the store and that an 7/8 year old should have no more than 30 grams of sugar a day. We also found out about the Free From range and were very lucky to try some Chocolate buttons which were Gluten, Wheat, Milk and Egg free! They were very yummy and tasted like dark chocolate.

After, we visited the back of the store where all of the stock is kept while waiting to go onto the shelves. We were able to go into the fridge and even the giant freezer! We put Miss McDonald in too!

Next, we went underground to see the rest of the store. We saw different rooms where money is counted, we saw the managers office and the break-room. We posed for a picture for the CCTV cameras! When we went into the break-room we  were able to make up our own fruit salad pots! They were very tasty!

Primary 3M really enjoyed our trip and would like to say a huge thank-you to Tesco Dunblane and Margaret for letting us come and visit their store! THANK-YOU!

Health and Wellbeing Warriors – Life-saving Lungs!

In class we have been learning about the major organs in the body. We learned about the brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver and lots more!

We found out that lungs are important because they help you to breath. They take in oxygen and release stale air (carbon dioxide). The ribcage protects the lungs in your body. We also found out that your left lung is slightly smaller than your right so there is space for your heart!

We decided to make our own lungs using plastic bags, big straws, elastic bands and cello tape.

First we attached the plastic bag to the straws using our elastic bands – making sure it was very tight and no air would escape.

Secondly, we cello taped the two straws together and attached our nose and mouth.

Finally, we stuck our straws onto a lung template.


Egyptian Explorers – The Show!

Recently, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We learned about Egyptian Gods, papyrus, the pyramids, mummification and The Nile.

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing a show all about our learning and the Egyptians called ‘Egyptian Explorers.’ We have had a fantastic time preparing our show.

On Wednesday 28th of March we performed to our friends and family. We absolutely loved it and had a great time!

Fraser C – “I really enjoyed learning about the pyramids of Giza and painting our backdrop for the show!”

Katie – “My tummy felt funny!”

Daniel – “I liked learning about Mummification and singing the song ‘Make a Mummy'”

Leila – “It was a bit scary saying the words to everyone’s parents but after I felt proud.”

Charlie M – “I loved doing the show and singing all the songs.”

John – “At the start I felt a bit scared but after my first few lines I found it was actually quite easy and I wasn’t as scared.”

Cameron – “I really enjoyed learning all about the Nile and singing the ‘Gift of the Nile’.”

Imogen – “I feel really proud of us!”

P3 STEM Pyramid Challenge

On Friday 9th of March, Miss McDonald set us the challenge of making STEM pyramids. We had to make pyramids using different materials:  paper and cello-tape, Lego, interlocking cubes, play dough and art straws. We needed to make sure our pyramids had equal sides, it was free standing and had a square base.

Teamwork was important for our challenge. Everyone in our groups had a job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help build our pyramids.

We found making a pyramid from paper was the most difficult. Only 2 groups out of 4 managed to make one! We felt that the play dough and art straws were easy, as well as the interlocking cubes.

Eilidh – “I thought it was really fun making the pyramids!”

Aaron – “I really liked the materials we were making the pyramids with. My favourite was the paper!”

Fraser R – “I really liked building the pyramid with the Lego because it was quite easy and you could use the blocks to help shape it.”

Eva – “I liked making the pyramid out of paper because it was a real challenge.”

Finn – “I found making the pyramids easy, especially the paper one – my group managed to make it!”

Cool Creative Scots!

In Primary 3 we have been learning all about different ‘creative’ Scots! Each week we have researched a different famous Scottish person.

We have learned about Steven Brown the artist who is famous for painting the McCoo. We created our own McCoo’s in the style of Steven Brown.

We also looked at Charles Rennie Mackintosh who is most famous for his rose. We painted our own Mackintosh roses using crayons and watercolours.

We learned about Robert Burns and why he is famous in Scotland. We even managed to learn one of his songs, ‘The White Cockade’, and perform it at our One Scotland Assembly.

Last week, we learned about Mairi Hedderwick. We looked at a few of her Katie Morag stories which she is most famous for. We created a drama frieze frame of some scenes from the Katie Morag stories. We also wrote our own Katie Morag stories with a familiar setting – the Isle of Struay.


This week we are excited to learn all about John Logie Baird!