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P3 Family Learning Afternoon

On Tuesday 19th of December we had a Family Learning afternoon.

We taught our families how to make simple circuits, how to make an easy switch and showed them our non-fictions books that we created.

We also discussed what materials were conductors and which were insulators. We had the chance to explore different games related to circuits.

Here are some comments from P3M….

Isla F – “I thought it was really fun to teach our Mums and Dads what we had been learning about.”

Leah – “I liked that my Mum and Dad were able to make a simple circuit that I had taught them.”

Euan – “I really enjoyed the afternoon because I got to make a simple circuit with my Mum.”

Eve – “I really enjoyed it because I got to see my Gran and she got to see what I am doing in school.”

Windy Whitelees!

We went to Whitelees Windfarm on the 21st of November because we have been learning all about ‘Powering Our Planet’.

We completed a workshop called, ‘Wind, Rain or Shine’. We spoke about fossil fuels and how energy is created. We took part in 3 experiments which aimed to show us which renewable energy source was the most effective. We learned that hydro power was the best!

We also went on a walking tour to see the wind turbines and got to see one up close – it was gigantic! We found out that one blade can be half as long as a football pitch.

We also managed to explore the Exhibition Centre and we tested our knowledge of electricity and wind power. We played a game which let you manage your own wind farm – it was very exciting!

Kai – “My favourite part was seeing the wind turbine up close.”

Leah – “I really enjoyed the Exhibition Centre!”

Baillie – “I really enjoyed the test to see how much I knew about Wind Farms.”

Olivia – “I loved seeing how long the blades were!”



All About Electricity

As part of our ‘Powering Our Planet’ context Primary 3 have been learning all about what electricity is and how it is made.

In class, we made simple circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs. We had to make the bulb light up. We also learned all about conductive and non-conductive materials. We know plastic is a good insulator of electricit and metal is a good conductor of electricity.

We were challenged to make a simple switch using some cardboard, split pins and a paper clip. When the paper clip touched both split pins it would complete the circuit and make the bulb light up.

We also had the opportunity to play with different types of circuits. We really enjoyed this.

Terrific Tennis

Primary 3M have had the opportunity to take part in the first Learning Community Tennis Project at the Tennis Club in Dunblane. We have been joined by Primary 3 pupils from Dunblane Primary School and Primary 3/4 pupils from St Mary’s Primary School.

We have been working together with Mrs McLauglin to improve our tennis skills. Check out what P3M had to say about it:

Leah – “I have been practising my balancing skills.”

Caden – “I’ve been working on keeping control of the ball.”

Lucy – “I’ve learned how to serve in tennis.”

Isla C – “I’ve really enjoyed playing all the different tennis games we have learnt.”

James – “I’ve enjoyed playing the game Escape – I managed to stay in!”

Eve – “I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to play tennis with them.”

We continue to take part in the Tennis project for the next 2 weeks!

P3M’s first week adventure…

Primary 3M have settled well into our new classroom with Miss McDonald.

We have been learning all about needs and wants through James and the Giant Peach.  We wanted to find out more information about people’s rights, including James’ in the book. We all wrote down a little question on a peach. Check out our peach tree below:

We talked about Our School Values of Kindness, Fairness, Unity, Respect and Responsibility,  and discussed what we expect in our classroom. With Miss McDonald’s help we made a class charter and designed our own Class Dojo Character.

Our Final Harvest!

On Wednesday the 28th of June we harvested the potatoes, baby turnips and some radishes. We decided to leave the spring onions and beetroot to grow over the summer.


We were delighted to discover that we had lots of potatoes! Some were big and some were small. We really liked digging them up.  We found that our experiment potatoes, which had been cut in half before planting, have grown just as successfully as our control potatoes.  They all looked delicious!


We used our turnip and some of our potatoes to make vegetable soup. We all really liked the soup and would have eaten more.


We took some of our potatoes home to taste  and this is what we thought:

Anna C – “They were very creamy.”

Anna G – “They were very crunchy and tasty.”

Judah – “We made chips out of mine!”

Alexander F – “They tasted very carroty…”

Hollie – “When I ate them they felt very sweet in my mouth.”

Tesco – Farm to Fork Trail

On Monday 12th of June, P3M went to Tesco to learn all about food and the journey it goes on.

When we arrived, we were given yellow tabards and different stickers to put us into our groups. We were given a clipboard with different tasks to complete during our visit.

Our first task was to try and identify which fruits and vegetables were from the UK.

Margaret liked to tell us silly facts as we went on our tour. Such as, ‘The longest carrot ever grown was just over 5m long,’ and ‘To tell if a pineapple is ripe, you have to pull out the centre leaf. If it comes out easily it is ready to eat.’

Margaret had prepared a food tasting session for us. We tried 3 different chutneys, Tomato and Red Ppper, Pear and Plum and then Caramelised Red onion. “The one I tried was a little bit spicy!” Anna C.

We were able to see the store room, the walk in fridge, the offices and the staff restaurant. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed our visit. P3M would like to say a huge big thank-you to Tesco for all their help and for our vegetables to make an Autumn Harvest Soup!

Empty Classroom Day

On Thursday 18th of May, Newton Primary School took part in ‘Empty Classroom Day’. Our contribution to this wonderful day was a walk around Dunblane collecting soil samples as part of our context for learning.

We are exploring ‘The World Beneath Our Feet’ and the conditions for plant growth. Mr George Matthews from Dunblane in Bloom accompanied us for part of the walk and shared his knowledge of everything below ground!


We collected soil samples from Dunblane Hydro woods, Holmehill, Dunblane in Bloom’s rock garden and The Dunblane Centre.


We spotted a heron by the riverside!


We enjoyed our snack and a spot of centipede racing in the Memorial Garden before finishing by enjoying the lovely hospitality of the Dunblane Centre.

Our thanks to all the parents and kind participants in this super soil walk!


Seed to Soup

Primary 3 have been learning all about how to grow and look after vegetables.  We have planted salad leaves, radishes, spinach, turnip, spring onions and potatoes.

The recent good weather has really shown us the importance of water along with air, good soil and warmth in ensuring good growth. We became dab hands with a watering can!

Watch this space – we plan to harvest in June!

Scots Sang Concert!

Primary 3M and 3S performed at the Albert Halls on Monday 13th March.  We showcased the Scots Sang work we have been doing with Amy Lord over the last 7 weeks. We learned numerous Scots songs and lots of new words!

We sang, ‘The White Cockade’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’, among others.

Lexie Cowley won Runner-up in the Art competition and Archie McOuat won Highly Commended – fantastic news!


Check out what P3M had to say about it…

May – “My favourite part of the class was the warm-up because it was fun when we had to copy Amy when she was making funny faces.”

Andrew – “I learned that the White Cockade was a white flower made from ribbon.”

Evan- “My least favourite part was when the concert ended!”