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Fairness Assembly

P5L informed the whole school at an assembly recently about local and global issues related to fairness.  The assembly began with a short drama illustrating a common misuse of the phrase ‘it’s not fair’! We then shared with the school a couple of issues which really are not fair; people with Dementia being treated badly and our single use plastics littering foreign shorelines and hurting sealife. We were very grateful that 4 human guests and 2 canine guests came to help us develop an understanding of these challenging topics!  Breda Seaman from Dementia Friendly Dunblane and Rosie Hunter who is imminently opening a zero waste shop in the High Street were very ably interviewed by Primary 5 pupils who prompted some fascinating responses to these issue.

Following the assembly all our visitors spent time in both Primary 5 classes sharing about their work.  Two highlights were learning about Ecobricks and stroking the two assistance dogs which accompanied our guests.  One of the dogs was fully trained as a Dementia assistance dog, one of only four in Scotland.

Brochures, Top Trumps, Skiing and Multi-Sports

P6 recently made brochures about Dunblane and how amazing it is. We focused on Places to Live, Places to Work, Places of Relaxation, Places of Interest and on Groups. We were learning to write persuasive, non-fiction texts. We also made Top Trumps about Dunblane too.  We started this activity learning about databases. They’re really fun to play and we are hoping to sell them at the Dunblane Extravaganza. They are going to be fundraisers for our Dalguise trip next year.

We recently went skiing at Firpark in Tillicoutry. We had 2 days of learning how to ski and we all very much enjoyed it. Our skiing teachers, Andy and Louise helped most of us learn how to ski. By the end, most of us reached the ‘big halfway blue’ line. Some of us came home with soggy clothes despite the second day being a sunny and warm 20 degrees because they had to put the sprinklers on more often to keep the slope slippy! It was amazing learning a new skill and it will help us in the future when we want to ski. Andy and Louise were amazing coaches and were fabulous at teaching us simple skiing techniques.

“It was very fun because I couldn’t ski but now I can ski from the halfway line.” Isla C

“It was fun because it’s funny when you fall over.” Abigail

“It gives people opportunities to do things they have never done before.” Euan

“It was amazing because I learned how to ski and how to use the tow-lift.” Tina

“It was fabulous because I learned how to ski. To begin I was like Bambi on ice when I was on the slope!” Alby

On Friday the 9th of November, P6’s from Newton Primary and St Mary’s went to Dunblane High School for 2 hours and did sports. It was organised by Active Stirling, Mr Turnbull, a PE teacher from Dunblane High School and the S4 Sport Coaches. It was really fun and we did sports from hurdles to football and even piggyback races!! Here are some student’s thoughts:

“It was very fun to do something new.” Caitlin

“I really enjoyed the football activity.” Aoife

“The S4’s were really kind and they had some good ideas for activities.” Tina

“It was really fun.” Isla.R

“I loved the piggyback races and the wheelbarrow races.” Isla C

“I thought it was really fun especially the piggyback races.” Alby

The opening weeks of P6L

Destination Dunblane

We have been working on letters to send to different groups and organisations in Dunblane that we hope to visit soon because our topic is Destination Dunblane.

Class Charter

In a group Caitlin, Ella, Isla, Abigail, Ruaridh, Lennon, Freya and Eve made our class a charter so we all can all recognise some of our rights and responsibilities.

In class we have been talking about children’s rights and responsibilities .We made a group poster about it and we did a short performance on it.

Responsibility Assembly

We led a Responsibility Assembly. It was about why we should be responsible at home and school. It went very well. We made dramas about being responsible in relation to the ‘laws of the land’, the environment, to our parents and school.

Pen Pineapple Apple Tuck

This term P6 have been running a business called “Pen Pineapple Apple Tuck” as part of our context: Healthy Heroes. This involved answering 2 big questions: “Where is the best place to buy fruit in Dunblane?” and “How do we run a successful business to persuade young children to eat healthy?”

First we found the best place to buy fruit and vegetables by looking at online shops to compare prices. We looked at lots of top food retailers but we decided on our local fruit seller Mr Dunlop because he is local, gave us a 10% discount and would deliver for free. So we bought most things from him (we bought mangoes, watermelon and Frubes from other supermarkets as he didn’t stock these).

We nominated each other for departments according to our skills and talents so that we could run an efficient business through sharing the work: Accounts and Admin, Marketing, Operations, HR Customer Services and Advertising.

Market research carried out a survey to find out what people in the school wanted us to sell them, Advertising made eye catching posters, HR checked everyone was working well, Admin sent a parent mail with information and Operations organised rotas, price lists and timetables. After we had ran a healthy tuck, Accounts calculated our profit and Customer Service checked our customers were happy with the service.

Once we had decided on our name, we had a logo and slogan competition and here is the winning design!

On our first week we got the best “first week” healthy tuck profit ever! This was an amazing achievement and it   encouraged us to be even better. We decided together by a vote that money raised will go to two charities called “Cancer Research” and “Mary’s Meals”.

Each time we ran PPAT both classes came together afterwards to have a talk about what went well and what could be even better. This was so that the P6 class that ran it the following week could make a bigger profit and less loss.

Each class have calculated what they believe to be our total profit but we are waiting until final bills are paid before we announce the final grand total…watch this space! We have lots of amazing new business skills now plus we all really enjoyed it!

P6 would like to thank all the fabulous parents who helped us prepare and run our healthy tuck, we really appreciate  it!

by Rhys and Findlay (P6M)


This term we have been learning about health and microorganisms. P6L’s big question was: What are microorganisms and what do they do? P6M’s was: What are microorganisms, what do they produce and how do they break down materials?

We were very lucky and got a visit from Mrs Crockett (a microbiologist) who came to talk to us about microorganisms. We learned many facts about microorganisms and had lots of fun as well! We took notes in our jotters while she was talking so that we could remember all of the amazing information.

We answered our questions by creating posters including plenty of information about microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

As well as that we tried out an experiment with yeast (a microorganism), to see which temperature is best for yeast to react with sugar and water in order to produce CO2.

We filled cups with the same amount of sugar, yeast and water to keep the test fair. One cup had cold water, one warm and one boiling hot water. Then we transferred it into bottles and put balloons on top. We waited and saw which balloon had blown up the most over time and recorded any changes in our jotters at different time intervals. Our results showed that the balloon on the warm water bottle blew up the most. This is how it worked; when the warm water, sugar and yeast got mixed together, they formed a chemical reaction, which produced CO2 (which made the balloon rise).

Everyone enjoyed this context and had many opportunities to do things like try out a microscope, or see examples of fungi, or parasites. We had loads of fun and took part in experiments.

By Ailsa and Lucy P6L