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Our Dynamic Earth

On Wednesday 13th of March 2019, Primary 2 visited ‘Our Dynamic Earth’ in Edinburgh.

During the tour my favourite thing was the 4D cinema and the rhino nearly hit me on the nose. After the tour we had our lunch.

Then we went to a dinosaur storytelling workshop and I really enjoyed when Vicky the Velociraptor was so excited about things that were dangerous. I also enjoyed when Vicky thought she had done it all by herself but actually she didn’t she had help from the 2 other dinosaurs.

The trip was epic! By Keira

“My favourite thing was when bubbles came out during the 4D cinema. It was cool.” Grace S

“My favourite thing was the cinema.” Olivia

“My favourite thing was the earthquake room and the rainforest.” Hayden

“I really enjoyed the storytelling workshop where we got told a story about Vicky the Velociraptor, Terry the Triceratops and Annie the Ankylosaurus.” Jackson

“I really enjoyed when we saw and held dinosaur fossils during the storytelling workshop.” Ronan

“During the storytelling workshop I really enjoyed the part where the dinosaurs all worked together.” Hannah

“My favourite part was the iceberg because it was cold and it felt good.” Harry


Primary 2 are very excited to find out their new learning context is Dinosaurs. They came into their classroom to find some rather interesting clues about their new topic. A really large egg was found  and the class thought it was way too big to belong to a chick. There was also a tray with sand and they had to dig for their next clue – they found a huge bone and sharp tooth! The clues were beginning to become clear. Next to the egg there was a question mark with small dinosaur information cards surrounding it. The boys and girls are excited to become dinosaur experts and turn their classroom into a museum.

Take a look at our photos.

RHET visit

This week,  P2 enjoyed a visit from RHET (Royal Highland Educational Trust). They participated in an oatcake and butter making workshop where they discussed where our food comes from.  The children learned that arable farmers grow crops and they used the crops to make oatcakes.  As well as that, they also learned that dairy cows need milked at least twice a day. They used cream and a little water to make their own fresh butter.  It was super easy!

Primary 2 have also been busy trying some new foods. Everyone was open minded about trying new things. First up they tried some gluten free and vegetarian haggis with neeps.  Most children enjoyed the gluten free haggis and not many enjoyed the vegetarian option. Afterwards the children tried a sweet oatcake then a variety of fruits that we would find in other countries. Some children were so proud of themselves for trying something new. Well done P2K!


Primary 2 are enjoying their magical learning context – Fairyland. They have enjoyed receiving letters from the friendly dragon, as well as hunting for fairytale characters around the school. The friendly dragon wants the children to keep reading and believing in fairytale stories, so along with clues we have been exploring some well-loved fairytales. The children have been developing their understanding of describing character and setting and will use this learning to help them write their own story, very soon.

‘Our topic is Fairyland and we have been reading lots of fairytale stories, my favourite has been Little Red Riding Hood. A friendly dragon has asked us to turn our classroom into Fairyland and read lots! I really enjoyed doing art.  I chose oil pastel and watercolour to decorate my dragon art.’ Anna (P2K)

Rocket Launchers

On Monday 24th September, Leigh Austin from Funky Science, visited P2 to demonstrate how rockets launched. The boys and girls were very excited and did not know what to expect. They participated in 3 different practical experiments; mini rockets, fizzing chemical reaction and water rocket launcher. They all had so much fun! Thank you Leigh.

‘Yesterday Leigh Austin came to do science experiments with us. First we did the fizzing powder in water. It was fun. Then we did the mini rocket. Then we did the water rocket.’

by Ronan

John Muir Award

As part of their learning context, P5 have been actively working on achieving their own personal John Muir Award. As part of the Award the children have explored the school grounds and taken part in a variety of outdoor learning experiences, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. As well as exploring the school grounds, they have visited Holmehill, a local woodland area. Whilst visiting Holmehill the children had great fun searching for a ‘secret tunnel’, participated in  a scavenger hunt and measured the ages of trees to compare with the trees back in the school grounds.

For our second outing we were lucky enough to have the support of Rosie who is a volunteer for TCV, she planned a mini-beast hunt and discussed air quality with the children. Thank you to all our volunteers who allowed us to visit Holmehill.


Primary 5 have been lucky enough to have the expertise of Mr Connery and his colleagues from Dunblane High School and Leigh Austin from the Dunblane Centre, to support our learning context this term. Our  STEM focus is on simple chemical reactions, changing state and dissolving. Both Mr Connery and Leigh enhanced the children’s learning, through practical and fun science experiments demonstrating some chemical reactions taking place. Their favourite was elephant toothpaste and making iron.

The children have been learning about scientific reports and how we make experiments fair.  They are beginning to think like a scientist, creating scientific questions, predicting what might happen (hypothesis), observing and recording what actually happened and drawing conclusions. We look forward to seeing you at the ‘Family Learning’ session on Tuesday 27th March (am), where the children will take on the role of the teacher to teach you something new!

David Smith Visit – Scottish Wars of Independence

David Smith from the Smith Museum and Art Gallery came to teach us about the Scottish Wars of Independence. He taught us about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Falkirk and Bannockburn.

We found out that Alexander the III died by falling off his horse. Since there were no heirs to the throne, Princess Margaret of Norway was the next in line. She died on the way to Orkney, so again Scotland had no heirs to the throne. This was the beginning of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

David brought in a sword and told us that William Wallace was six foot tall and that his belt was made of human skin, his sword was called Claymore.

He showed us some real artefacts that he had borrowed from the museum. We all wanted a shot of the sword.

We really enjoyed learning about Wallace and Bruce and can’t wait to learn more.

Thank you David!

By Lennon Ward, Isla Cheyne and Kirsten Johnstone

Fairtrade Campaign

Primary 5 have been working in groups to campaign for a small change within the school, to support Fairtrade.  Each group used their knowledge of Fairtrade and their knowledge of persuasive language to create a campaign that included: a speech, banners, posters, powerpoint, rosettes etc.

Different groups campaigned for different things. Heroes to Help Farmers were campaigning to hold a Fairtrade tuck shop, Funky Fairtrade Footballs wanted to raise money to provide the school with Fairtrade footballs, as were the Football Fairness group. Chocolate Changers wanted to sell Fairtrade chocolate at a tuck shop, during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Fairtrade Freedom Fighters were keen to hold ‘Save a Life Day’, encouraging people to bring Fairtrade snacks and hold a Fairtrade lunch.  The Fairtrade Appreciation Party wanted to encourage the staff to only buy Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staffroom.

We held a mini election, where we invited P4WE to come and listen to the campaign speeches. Primary 5 delivered some wonderful speeches, sharing the change they would make and the impact on the farmers’ lives.  P4WE voted and the winner was announced……………….FOOTBALL FAIRNESS.

Well done,and we cannot wait to see you implementing your change in the school.


Primary 5K and Primary 5F held a very successful assembly, focussing   on being Active and Nurtured.

It was clear to see on the day the variety of sports and clubs the young people participate in. We had gymnastics, martial arts, basketball, football and tennis, to  name  a few. We got to see some super demonstrations from confident individuals.  We got the whole school up on their feet, dancing to wake themselves up!

The children shared a lovely poem about what a seed needs to grow and compared it to what we need to grow and develop to the best we can be.

Well done TEAM P5!