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Welcome to P7!

We have all made a fantastic start to our final year at Newton Primary School! From the minute we walked in the door on the first day of term we have been fantastic role models for the younger pupils. All of our Buddy training in P6 has came in handy the past few weeks as we have been helping our new Primary 1 buddies settle into life at Newton Primary. We have been helping them line up in the morning, get coats on at play time and helping them get their lunch in the dinner hall at lunch time.

In class we have been reading the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This is a fantastic book and we cant wait to read on to find out what happens next. Through reading Wonder, we have been learning all about SHANARRI and we led a school assembly to share our learning about kindness and inclusion. We create lovely artwork based on the front cover of wonder, all about the things that make us unique and special!  We have also been learning a lot about the different types of discrimination and the impact it has on society.

We are all super excited about beginning our transition week in a few weeks and staying at Dalguise with our friends in the Dunblane Learning Community! We will post all about it when we get back!

Paired Reading with P1

This term, P7 have been working with P1 pupils by supporting their reading and developing their ICT skills.

Each Wednesday afternoon the children in P7I have been teaching the P1 children how to log on to the laptops, how to open different applications such as paint and word documents and how to play online games to support their learning in class.

While half of the children are working on the laptops in the P7I classroom, the other half are in the P1 classrooms and open area reading stories and playing together. Both Primary 1 and Primary 7 children are really enjoying working together and sharing their knowledge!

Burns Supper

On Wednesday 31st January P7 welcomed 170 guests to our school, served them a delicious Scottish meal and entertained them with a variety of singing, instrumentalists and of course, some work by Robert Burns.

We have worked incredibly hard to organising our Burns Supper enterprise event. We applied for jobs on different teams and took on many responsibilities to ensure our event was a success!

The food and catering team worked along side the kitchen staff to create a menu, helped prepare favours and baked shortbread for our guests to enjoy. They also worked with Gleneagles Hotel staff to learn how to set a table correctly and how to serve food. We are very grateful to Gleneagles for all of their support!

The Operations team made sure that the night ran smoothly. They made the seating plan, formed the running order of the evening and were the key communicators between all of the teams.

Not only did P7 organise a Burns Supper, but we also created a book full of our art work, poems and recipes. Without our production team this wouldn’t have been possible! The team worked hard uploading all of our work into the book, deciding on the layout and getting it published at Stirling Copy Centre.

The Entertainment team worked hard to create a script for the evening, organise the excellent entertainment and creating our Burns Supper program.

Finally, The sales and promotions team for helped to raise money through the selling of tickets and our Scotland Is book! The team designed tickets, made ticket order forms, advertised the event and will be calculating our profit.

We all really enjoyed ourselves in the run up to the event and on the night itself! We are very proud of our hard work and our parents and invited guests had a fantastic evening!

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P7 Squaddie Training

So far this year, P7 have been excellent roles models for the younger children in Newton Primary and have really enjoyed taking on the extra responsibilities that Primary 7 brings! One new responsibility that we are all very excited about is being a P7 Squaddie.

P7 Squaddies will be leading playground games and activities for the younger children in the school during lunch time and making sure that everyone is being active, feels included and is having fun in the playground!

This week, Carly from Active Stirling started a 3 week block of Squaddie training with us. She took us out to the playground to learn some new playground games that we could play with the younger classes and gave us some great tips on how to be good leaders and coaches. We had great fun playing the games and cant wait to continue our training next week!


Den Building at Dykedale Woods

This week as part of our Operation Survival context, Primary 7 visited Dykedale Woods in Dunblane to do some den building. We split into teams and worked together to plan and build a den that would protect us from the elements.

We had to think carefully about how we were going to build a den using only the natural resources that we found at Dykedale. We all had lots of fun and built some fantastic dens!

“I really enjoyed it! It was super fun!” Oliver R P7B

“It was hard to carry all of the logs to our den. I was really happy with our finished den!” Kyle P7I

“We worked really well together as a team to build our den!” Lucy P7I

“I really enjoyed working with my friends to create an amazing den!” India P7B

Theme Park Challenge

Primary 7 were very excited when we were set the challenge to plan and build our very own theme park! We were split into groups and were told that we had £5000 to spend and that all the parks had to meet specific criteria.

Before we started, P7 thought about what good team work would look like and sound like – as without good team work we would never succeed in our challenge! Then, the planning and budgeting began! We had so much fun!! We then presented our finished theme parks to the rest of the class and peer marked each others work.

We were all very proud of our team work and what we created! It was a great way to start Primary 7!

Natural Disasters!

As part of our Operation Survival Context, P7I have been learning all about natural disasters. We have learned how they happen and the damage they can cause.  We have looked at earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanoes.

We have been practising our shading skills to create tornado art and carried out an experiment that made a tornado in a jar!

We also made paper-mache volcanoes to learn  about chemical reactions! We put bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring, water and washing up liquid in our volcano then added vinegar.  By adding vinegar (an acid) to the  bicarbonate of soda (an Alkali) we created Carbon Dioxide. The washing up liquid helped to trap the CO2 and helped our volcano to erupt! We all had lots of fun!


Operation Survival!

Primary 7I have crash landed on a deserted island called Newtonia somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean! Our first task was to find out if any of the available water in our new environment was safe to drink.

We have been learning all about the pH scale and found that we can make our own universal pH indicator out of red cabbage leaves. We learned that if a substance is acidic then the purple cabbage indicator will turn red/pink, if it is alkali then it will turn blue/green and if the substance is pH neutral then the cabbage indicator will remain purple.

After conducting our experiment and recording our results, we could identify safe, clean drinking water!

Comic Relief!

P7I had lots of fun on Friday 24th March for Comic Relief! Build Up organised a crazy hair day for the whole school – even the teachers had crazy hair! We also had a  LOLathon which meant that every time the bell went throughout the day we had 1 minute to tell as many jokes as we could. We all laughed a lot!

P7I’s homework this week was to create a Red Nose day recipe. Some of us even made our recipe and brought it in for the class to try. We had lots of red nose cupcakes, cakes and biscuits! A great day was had by all!

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Whose Water, Whose Power?

Primary 7I have been learning through a Global Story line context called ‘Whose Water, Whose Power?’ We have developed our own community who live in Jellystone Valley by creating characters and background stories. Throughout the course of our context, our beautiful valley and sacred river have come under threat by the proposal of a new mega dam being built in the area. We researched the effects that a dam would have on the land, the environment and to the people who live near by and we were outraged! We have decided that the Hydro company must be stopped! After a meeting with the Hydro representative it is clear that we will need to take action to make our voices heard!  We are in the process of preparing for a protest to hopefully stop the dam being built! Wish us luck!