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Elaine Hopley Visit

On Wednesday 17th May, we had a very special visitor come to our class…Elaine Hopley! We were so excited to see the footage from her Atlantic row as well as being able to ask her lots of questions. We really enjoyed watching the footage of her journey, she is AMAZING! To quote Elaine, “wow!”

Alex Doherty – “I enjoyed seeing the dolphins”

Kai Austin – “My favourite part was when she crossed the finish line”

Eve Clark – “I liked it when she put the stones into the water”

Fraser Rennie – “All the underwater parts were fantastic”

Thank you so much again for coming to speak to us!

P2F Pond Dipping

On Friday 5th May P2F went to the back of the Laighills to do some pond dipping. We worked in small groups to see what we could find using nets, collecting trays and magnifying sheets. We managed to find pond skaters, pond snails, great diving beetles, water fleas, caddis fly and dragon fly larvae, tadpoles and we even caught 3 newts! After the pond dipping we walked a little further to the burn to rinse of the equipment…and ourselves! Thank you ever so much to Mrs Clinkenbeard and Mrs Crockett for supporting us on this trip. A fantastic afternoon was had by all.

Literacy Lunchers Club

Thank you to the boys and girls that have been coming along to the ‘Literacy Lunchers’ club which is run by Mrs Fitzgerald and Mrs McNally. Here are some pictures of the children working hard, having fun and enjoying a few snacks.

World Book Day Assembly

On Wednesday 1st March we put together an assembly about ‘World Book Day’ for the whole school. We explained what World Book Day was and we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Some of us performed ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as this is one of the books we have enjoyed reading in class. We also showed everyone our favourite places to read and talked about what reading means to us.

Isla C (P1/2R) – “I liked saying my lines because it was fun saying it in front of the whole school.”

Matthew (P1/2R) – “My favourite part of the assembly was singing the song and dressing up as a book character. I dressed up as Harry Potter.”

Lucy M (P2F) – “I most enjoyed acting out The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. It was funny when Ewan (the caterpillar) was eating through all the food.”

Charlie M (P2F) – “I really liked speaking into the microphone – it was fun!”

Scots poetry/songs and Mini Burns Supper

On Wednesday 25th January we performed our Scottish song ‘Three Wee Mice’ at the ‘One Scotland’ assembly as well as having a special visit from Mr Glendinning. He arrived wearing his kilt and talked to us about the different parts of it. We also enjoyed listening to him reciting a selection of Burns poems and learning about what happens at a Burns Supper.

pic1 pic2

On Friday 27th of January we had our very own ‘Mini Burns Supper’. We went up to the library to watch the Scottish entertainment which included poetry recitals, singing and dancing. The Selkirk Grace was said and then we all went back to the classroom to enjoy some Scottish delicacies: Irn Bru, cheese and oatcakes and shortbread. Afterwards, we enjoyed dancing along to a variety of Scottish music.

Visit from Countryside Ranger and Little Critters

On Friday the 11th November we had a visitor come to the class called Claire. She is a countryside ranger. Claire taught us all about owl pellets and we even got to dissect an owl pellet. We had to try and figure out what animal the bones we found had come from.



On Wednesday 30th November we had a visit from Little Critters. They brought with them a snake called Cuddles, a bearded dragon called Rocky and a hedgehog called Jaggy. They also brought 3 owls with them. A Tawny owl called Chestnut who was 3 years old, an Asian Wood owl called Oakley who was 4 years old and a Barn owl called Willow who was 2 years old.