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Love Food, Love Cooking

Last year Miss Alison applied for a cooking grant and we were given £3000 from Education Scotland to spend on cooking and growing equipment at Newton. We cleared out the storage area in the P6/7 open area and covered the shelves so it became a cooking area.

Cooking equipment was purchased including our new cooking trolleys which have an oven, two hobs and enough cooking equipment for a group of 8 children.

The Love Food, Love Cooking Leading and Learning group consists of children across Primary 4-7, supported by Mrs Campbell and Mrs Fitzgerald. We are currently in the process of making a soup recipe book to try and raise funds in order to purchase a dishwasher for the kitchen. We all brought in a favourite or family soup recipe which we have typed up and illustrated and have been designing front covers for the book too!

We have also tested out some of the equipment ourselves by making Halloween jelly and vegetable soup.

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A few weeks ago we also welcomed John and Nicola from Soupbox to our session. We made protein balls and smoothies. We also asked questions and learned lots about setting up a business and nutrition.

Primary 7 Burns Supper

On Wednesday the 29th of January Primary 7 hosted a fantastic Burns Supper for our parents, carers and invited guests. Over the past few weeks we have worked in the following teams: decorations, food and catering, productions, entertainment and sales and promotions.

The decorations team made all the decorations for the event. They made place cards, thistles, bunting, posters and much much more!

Our food and catering team worked alongside our kitchen staff to create a great menu and helped to prepare all of our favours and shortbread that our guests enjoyed.

Not only did P7 organise a Burns Supper, but we also created a book full of our art work and poems. Without our production team this wouldn’t have been possible! The team worked hard uploading all of our work into the book, deciding on the layout and getting it published at Stirling Copy Centre.

Without the entertainment, the night wouldn’t have been the same.  They also put together our program and wrote the script.

The sales and promotions team helped to raise money through the selling of tickets and the Scotland is…book! The team designed tickets, made ticket order forms, advertised the event and will be calculating our profit.

Our Burns Supper was an amazing night, one we’ll not forget in a while. It really showcased all of our talents and was enjoyed by all!

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Time Travelling in Primary 5F

Primary 5F have been busy this term. To start off we had a Halloween Poetry competition with Sam’s poem winning first place. He used excellent adjectives for description and lots of WOW words throughout. See for yourself…

Also in the first few weeks back we studied the work of an artist called Vincent van Gogh. We looked at some of his most famous pieces of artwork, in particular Starry Night. From this, we created our very own Starry Night inspired art.

Primary 5F are enjoying learning all about the past in our ‘Time Travellers’ context for learning this term. So far we have been to Ancient Greece and we are currently visiting the Romans. Over the remainder of the term we will be visiting the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Victorians and finally the Future. Here are some of our fact files and vases created whilst in Ancient Greece…

Welcome to Primary 5!

P5 have been learning all about Fairtrade as it is our new context this term. We’ve been thinking about the amount of money that farmers are paid and we have been very surprised to learn they get paid very little! Remember to look out for the Fairtrade logo when you’re shopping.

We have really enjoyed visiting the Memory Café in Dunblane with Mrs Watt. We can’t wait until they come and visit us at Newton, where we will have entertainment and lots of Fairtrade baking for our afternoon tea.

Both classes have been working hard on our class charters. We thought about what rights we have and how these are important in school. We designed our own class charters and voted for our favourites.

In literacy we have been learning about non-fiction texts and persuasive language. We can identify the main features of a non-fiction text and have used our skimming and scanning skills to look for key words. Last week we looked at a number of adverts to see what techniques are used to persuade and influence buyers.

In maths we have been learning about place value up to 100,000 and beyond as well as estimating and measuring. As part of our mental maths we have been using CLIC with a focus on times tables.

We’ve been enjoying P.E. with Mr Shearer. We are developing our basketball skills and get to play fun games!

Written by May Cruft (P5F) and Holly Stobie (P5P)

P5F Tree Detectives

Primary 5F enjoyed taking their maths outdoors today for empty classroom day.  They became tree detectives by working in pairs or trios to calculate the ages of a variety of trees around the school grounds. Firstly, they identified the species of tree by looking carefully at the leaves and after that, calculated its age. Primary 5 were able to work this out by measuring the circumference of the tree and then dividing this number by 2.5. The average age of the trees surrounding the school is 30 years old.

The Rainforest

Primary 5 are learning all about ‘The Rainforest’ this term. So far we know about the location of different rainforests across the world, the climate, the plants and animals that live there and the different layers of the rainforest.

We completed up close line drawings of different animals you would find in the rainforest. We outlined them in black and then coloured using oil pastels. They look extremely vibrant and realistic.

Thank you very much to Freya’s mum (P5K) who gave us a fantastic talk all about her job as a botanist and her experiences in the rainforest. We enjoyed seeing lots of amazing pictures, handling items that had come all the way from the rainforest and we still can’t believe that she’s actually written a book. Thank you again!

Novel Study – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

As part of our ‘School of Magic’ context this term, primary 5 have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a novel study.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about some of the different roles involved in literature circles (an in-depth discussion about a given text). Some of the roles are as follows:

  • Question Master – ask a range of questions that check/help understanding of the text, ask my group to suggest reasons for a character’s behaviour or to explain why problems have arisen

  • Character Cop – understand a character’s personality, relationships and emotions and explain how these make a character do something surprising or unexpected, understanding of a character to predict how they will react to an event or to explain why they reacted to an event in a particular way

  • Illustrator – use detail from the text to make visual representation accurate

  • Word Wizard – identify and predict the meaning of tricky words using surrounding text and can offer an alternative word

  • Summariser – summarise the main ideas of a text

  • Connector – talk and write about links made between one story and a range of media (book, film, TV) or real life

  • Fortune Teller – predict what will happen next in the story

  • Writer’s Tricks – understand the different tricks that writers use and explain why they use them, identify examples of writer’s tricks within a text and explain the effect they have

Throughout our shared reading sessions we have been practising all of these roles. As from next week we will work in small groups, using these roles to help us analyse and evaluate the remaining chapters of the novel.

Quality Meat Scotland

On Thursday 25th January we had a visit from Jennifer Morrison who works for Quality Meat Scotland. The children learned about where our meat comes from and how to recognise if our meat comes from Scotland. They also learned about the eat well plate (ensuring a balanced diet) and the many benefits of protein. Following that they had a cooking demonstration on how to make beef fajitas that involved a few helpers. Throughout, Jennifer highlighted the importance of hygiene whilst cooking as well as giving them many tips on how to be safe in the kitchen. The children had the opportunity to taste what was made, with many commenting on how delicious they were.

P5 McHistory Performance

This term Primary 5 have been learning about the ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’ alongside performing a show called ‘McHistory’. The show has taught us all about Scottish history and influential figures that have helped shape Scotland today. We have also learned about what is involved in putting on a performance.

We separated into groups so that everyone had a role and part to play. The set design group decided what our staging would look like and any props we needed. We had to paint a racing car, a milk float, bookshelves, a clock, teacher’s desk and door for the classroom. The dancers choreographed their own dances. We had to make sure that the dances tied in with the songs we were singing. The songs helped tell the story throughout the performance. We had an amazing band of musicians who played everything from violins and drums to glockenspiels, hand bells and maracas.

On Monday 20th of November we held a dress rehearsal to the entire school. Then on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd we performed ‘McHistory’ to our friends and family. Everyone thought that it was funny, interesting and informative!

Written by Alex R, May, Sienna, Euan and Annabelle

P5F’s first fortnight back…

P5F are settling in very well. We’ve been learning lots of interesting things. First we learned all about our school values (RESPONSIBILITY, UNITY, RESPECT, KINDNESS and FAIRNESS) and how to demonstrate and use them. We enjoyed learning all about mime and acting out the school values through it in drama. We have also been learning all about ‘The Rights of the Child’ and discussed which rights are appropriate to our classroom and how we are going to respect these rights. These then became our Class Charter. Following our discussion we were given the task of completing a rough design of what our Class Charter might look like. After many super ideas, we decided on Chloe’s design. The rights will be in the centre of the sun, how we can respect these rights on the cloud and in the sun’s rays will be all of our signatures. In maths we have been learning about place value up to 100,000 and beyond as well as estimating and measuring. In writing we have been highlighting and discussing good examples of VCOP and then used them in our own writing. As always, a busy start to the new term!

Anna, Esmee and Mrs Fitzgerald