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A day in the life of the Earth with P4WE

In P4WE this term we’re learning about how the Earth and Moon’s movements tell us how long a day, month and year is. To start with we have investigated how the sun appears to move through the sky during a day.


Finding out what direction the Sun is in.

We used the shadows to show us where sunshine is coming from rather than looking at the Sun. We discovered that in the morning the sun shine comes from the east. At the end of the school day it comes from a south west direction.


Recording the direction of the sun

The reason for what we saw is that the Earth spins round one complete turn in a day so different parts of the earth see the sun at different times.


Sponge The Teacher

On Monday 27th March 2017 P4WE took part in a sponsored Sponge The Teacher to raise money for Water Aid.

We got buckets of warm water and dunked the sponges in the buckets and threw them at our teachers and they got very wet!

We had lots of fun!

Together with P4M we raised a lot of money for Water Aid and the money will go to the country they work in.


Water and Weather

We’re well  into our new context for learning which is Water and Weather. We will be looking at the science behind water is and how water is recycled around the world in the weather. We’ll also look at how people adapt to the weather.

We launched the topic outside in the rain (how appropriate!) and we were challenged by Mr Edwards to work together to transport water between two points. There was a large amount of laughter as we learnt that liquid water needs containing carefully to be moved.

Recently, we learned that water can exist in 3 different forms – water ice, liquid water and water vapour. These different forms are all important in the Water Cycle – the subject of another post coming soon!

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