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P1S ‘Toys’ Context Launch

On Tuesday afternoon, we launched our new learning context, ‘Toys’.  As part of the afternoon, we took part in a carousel of activities using different toys, and working out how they move and what we can do with them.  We had a great time and are looking forward to exploring more about Toys over the coming weeks!



Primary 1 Reading Detectives!

As part of our learning in literacy, Primary 1B have been learning about what a sentence is.  We found out what a  full stop is and what they mean.  We practised writing some words and using a full stop.

As part of our learning we became Reading Detectives, and our job was to find the full stops hidden in our books.   We had a great time!

Smarties Maths!

As part of our learning in Numeracy and Maths, Primary 7B have been investigating Ratio and Proportion.  We have been finding the ratio of coloured Smarties in a tube as well as working out the proportion of each colour.    We have had to apply our knowledge of conversions between fractions and percentage, as well as use Excel to create a pie chart to show the proportion of each colour.

P7 ‘Design a Maths Game’ Challenge


As part of our learning in numeracy, P7B have been finding out how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.  We have been challenged by Mrs Brown to design a game based on fractions, decimals and percentage.  The game must be able to be played by 2 people, and needs to include opportunities and challenges for each player to put their learning into action.


Primary 7 enjoyed an exciting afternoon with Dr Steve Bunce, who talked to us about coding and programming using Spheros robots.  We learned how to code the robot to change colour, move, create patterns and follow directions.

“It was so much fun, I learnt so much and I’ve decided to buy one.” – Douglas

“I liked the way that it taught you, it was a fun way to learn about programming.” – Joe

“I programmed my Sphero to write words – it was really cool.” – Ava

Primary 7B – Peace and Conflict

As part of our Peace and Conflict context for learning, we have been sharing our thoughts and feelings about peace, and what it means.  In groups we each created our own ‘Thought Line’ about what peace means, and we ranked each statement on how much we agreed or disagreed with it.   We are going to re-do the thought line task at the end of our context to see if our thoughts and attitudes have changed or stayed the same.  We have also been learning about the United Nations, and the role they play in peace keeping around the world.


Operation Survival in P7B

As part of our ‘Operation Survival’ context, Primary 7 have been tasked with finding clean water on the island of ‘Newtopia.’  We designed a water filter to clean dirty water, and took part in experiments to find the only clean drinking source on the island.  We also have been learning about he pH scale, and we created Universal Indicator out of red cabbage.  We used the indicator to help us  identify the pH of various water samples.

Angus: “Acids and alkalis turn the universal indicator different colours.”

Stuart: “We predicted what would happen in our experiment – we were right!”

Primary 7 – Transient Art

Primary 7B have been learning about the  work of Andy Goldsworthy, who creates pieces of transient art in nature from natural materials.  P7 created their own masterpieces inspired by something they enjoy.  Each piece of transient artwork was given its own unique and interesting title, and included ‘X-Factor’, ‘A Day at the Beach’, ‘The Olympic Rings’ and ‘Squidgy Ball’.  Well done everyone, on your creativity and imagination.