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P2 Poets!!

This term, as part of our shared reading we have been learning  about poetry. We have enjoyed listening to lots of different poems and have even been writing our own. The first poem we listened to was called ‘Carribean Counting Rhyme’ by Pamela Mordecai. We had to listen carefully to it with our eyes closed and imagine what we could see. Then we used paint and collage materials to create a carribean scene which reflected what we thought the poem was describing.

We also enjoyed writing our own verses to ‘Oh The World Must be Coming to an End’. We had fun singing our new verses…


We sent her for toast, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for toast, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for toast but she got frightened by a ghost,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, o aye!
(By Phoebe)

We sent her for Fanta, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for Fanta, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for Fanta and she found the lovely Santa,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Zoe)

We sent her for broccoli, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for broccoli, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for broccoli and she ended up playing Monopoly,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Eva)

We sent her for honey, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for honey, oh aye, oh aye
We sent her for honey and she met a fluffy bunny,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Lottie)

We sent her for lime, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for lime, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for lime and she fell and broke her spine,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Grace)

We sent her for hay, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for hay, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for hay and she forgot to pay,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By James)

We sent her for fish, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for fish, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for fish and she came back with a dish,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Sophie)

We sent her for peas, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for peas, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for peas and she got stung by bees,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Ethan)

We sent her for jam, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for jam, oh aye, oh aye,
We sent her for jam and she came back with a lamb,
Oh the world must be coming to an end, oh aye!
(By Lucas)


We have written our own apple shape poems which are on display in our classroom:


A few close ups:

Finally, we loved the  poem ‘Monsters’ by Linda Hammond. We got to decorate our own purple monsters and then we used them to act out the poem . Some groups chose to mime what was happening in the poem, others got into character and acted out the poem and some groups worked together to read and perfom the poem.




Our Class Assembly

On Thursday 8th February, our class led the whole school assembly on ‘Chinese New Year’. We really enjoyed performing to an audience and we especially liked dressing up and having our faces painted. We learned our lines and acted out ‘The Great Race’ which explains how each year became named after an animal. This year is the year of the dog. Most of us were born in the year of the rabbit but Sofia and Emma were born in the year of the dragon. Mrs Aitken was born in the year of the tiger. We loved decorating the dragon for our dragon dance and Rosie, Grace, Harris and Phoebe played some instruments to accompany it. As well as learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated we also enjoyed using chalk to draw our own dogs and we learned how to blend using the chalk too.

We were so excited to put on our assembly but some of us were sad that we couldn’t do it again 🙁

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos from the assembly!

A few quotes from some of the stars of the show…

Maxence – ‘I did well with my speaking part and I liked seeing my
brother there.’

Phoebe – ‘I liked when we all sung the song at the end.’

Marissa – ‘I think everyone worked hard and tried their best.’

Grace – ‘My favourite part was bunny hopping across the stage. I really loved seeing the emotions on people’s faces when they saw the amazing face paints that my mum, Pamela did on them.’

George – ‘It was my first ever time having a speaking part so I was very excited.’

Johnny – ‘I was happy being the head of the dragon. It was quite hard because I couldn’t see very well but I was careful and took my time and kept looking through one of the big eyes.’

James – ‘I loved the full assembly.’

Lucy G – ‘I liked it when I got to be a narrator because I liked saying my part and being part of ‘The Great Race’.

Lottie – ‘I really enjoyed being the cat. It was very inspiring for me because I learned how to be a cat at the Dunblane Centre.’

Welldone Primary 2 – Mrs Aitken is very proud of you all!

Fairyland Tea Party

(This post is from December 2017 – not sure why it disappeared)

We have had a wonderfully exciting time in P2A turning our classroom into Fairyland after receiving a letter from ‘The Friendly Dragon’. He wanted us to read more fairy tales because Fairyland was disappearing as not many people were reading fairytales anymore.  We have loved reading lots of fairy tales and have worked together as a team to complete a variety of challenges. Some of these included; creating a parachute for Jack, making a basket for Little Red Riding Hood, building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats, creating a castle for Cinderella and designing a new chair for Baby Bear.

We enjoyed reading fairy tales so much that we decided to write our own. We learned how to write a fairy tale with a beginning, middle and end. It was great fun working together to talk about our ideas and we were then able to create characters and decide on a setting for our own story. We loved seeing our finished books and were so proud of them!

We decided to plan a Fairyland Tea Party before Christmas to show our families ‘Fairyland’. Lots of people came dressed up as their favourite fairy tale characters and enjoyed looking at all the learning which had taken place over the term.  It was a lovely end to a very exciting and magical context.

Here are some photos from the Fairyland Tea Party:

Fairyland at the Dunblane Centre

On Tuesday 21st November we all walked down to the Dunblane Centre in the rain! Our day got better when we arrived at the Dunblane Centre and dried off. First, we all sat in a circle and told Pamela all about Fairyland and what we have been learning about at school. Then Siobhan did some yoga with us – we had to get into our bubble then we went to different places and did different activities. Some of the places we went in the yoga story Siobhan told us were Legoland, trampolining class, gymnastics class, football training, Pamela’s drama class, Funky Science, art lessons and the Leighills to find Leigh’s keys which he had lost.



After our yoga session we had lunch and then Pamela showed us lots of fairytale costumes. She asked Ryan and James to come in and they stood in the middle of the circle. We decided that Ryan should dress up as ‘Jack’ from Jack and the Beanstalk and James should dress up as the ‘Beast’ from Beauty and the Beast.


Jack – ‘I liked when Pamela put the mask on James because it was funny and it made him look like the Beast.’

Anna – ‘I think Ryan looked really like ‘Jack’ because he had green shorts on and old clothes and it made him look poor.’

Next, we got to dress up in a costume or we got to hold a prop. We learned that props are the things you hold when you are acting and that they are really important in telling the story. We had a photoshoot which was great fun – we had to think about what character we were and hold up the photo frame to have our photos taken.

Grace – ‘I dressed up as Poison Ivy with my head band that has flowers on it and the Poison Ivy staff.’

Simon – ‘I dressed up as a Policeman. I liked the hat because the inside part was green and that is my favourite colour.’

James – ‘I enjoyed Pamela taking photos of us. She was the camera lady and I liked holding the frame up to get my photo taken.’

Phoebe – ‘I liked to see all the costumes that Pamela had. My favourite hat was the jester hat because it was all different colours and it had little bells on it.’


We took Draco to the Dunblane Centre and he got to dress up too. He had a brilliant time…you can read his diary in school to find out what he got up to!


We had an amazing time – thank you Pamela, Siobhan, Ryan and James!


P2A Visit Dunblane Library

On Tuesday 14th November we all walked to Dunblane Library. When we arrived Angela asked us all to sit on the carpet and she did a quiz about all the characters in fairytales and we had to guess which fairytale each character was from. After the quiz, she read us a fairytale called ‘The Great Gran Plan’. We liked the story because it was a mixed up fairytale.

Eva – ‘I liked when we all got to shout out ‘Save that Gran’ really loud.’

Emma – ‘I liked when the wolf got muddled up and thought the pig was the gran.’

Maxence – ‘I liked the end because the wolf came back and he was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.’

After the story, Angela let us explore the library so we could read our own books.

Luke – ‘I read some of the Star Wars books because Star Wars is my favourite film.’

Lottie – ‘I saw my little brother at the library and I got to read a story to him.’

Simon – ‘I liked looking at a superhero book with Batman and villains in it.’

Before we walked back to school, we all sat back on the carpet and Angela read us a funny fairytale called ‘Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk’


One day when we came into the classroom and there was a post-box and it said ‘D-Mail’ on it. Hanging out of the post-box was a letter from ‘The Friendly Dragon’. The letter was burnt because when the dragon is happy or excited he blows bits of fire out of his mouth. We read the letter and it asked us to save ‘Fairyland’ because it was disappearing. We need to read more fairytales and turn our classroom into Fairyland.


Our classroom is starting to look like Fairyland – we have made a castle, a beanstalk for Jack, we painted a dragon, we made parachutes for Jack to get down from the beanstalk safely and we have made baskets for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandma’s house.



Sophie – ‘I like hearing the letters being read because it is so exciting.’

Lucas – ‘I’m happy with how we made the castle because we can play in it.’

Douglas – ‘I liked testing the parachutes to find out how good they would be when they came down.’

Marissa – ‘I like it when the whole class works very hard together as a team.’


P2A – Shapetastic Art

We have all settled back into school and are enjoying being in primary two. We have been learning lots about 2D shapes so far. The shapes we know are circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon.

Lucy G – ‘A circle has no corners.’
Eilidh – ‘A 2D shape is a flat shape.’
Sophie – ‘A pentagon looks a bit like a house.’
James – ‘A semi-circle has one straight edge and one curved edge.’
Lottie  – ‘A hexagon has 6 sides.’
Johnny – ‘A nonagon has 9 sides and a dodecagon has 12 sides.’

We used 2D shapes to create overlapping shape pictures. We had to hold the shapes quite firmly to draw around them.

By Elita                                                                     By Harris

We also enjoyed making our own pictures using only 2D shapes.

Phoebe – ‘I made a flower                                  Euan – ‘I made a person
with circles and a                                                    running. I used a circle,
rectangle.’                                                                   triangles, rectangles and a

We really enjoyed being outside in the playground using chalk to draw our own shape pictures.

‘I made a rocket with a
rectangle, a circle and
triangles.’ (George)

An Extra Special Visitor to P1/2R

On Monday 20th March, Anna was very excited to introduce her baby sister Harriet to us. Mrs Barnes arrived in the classroom with a beautiful big pram where Harriet was lying asleep. We were very quiet because we didn’t want to wake her up (well, we did really!). Mrs Barnes was very good at answering all the questions we had for her about how to look after a new baby and we learned so much from her. After lots of discussion about babies; how to feed them, look after them, what they need, how to hold them and what they like to do; Harriet woke up. We liked seeing her sit up on her mum’s knee and we  played ‘peek-a-boo’ with her which made her smile. Just before it was time to go home we sung ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to Harriet because we learned that babies like to be sung to. Finally, on our way to get our jackets and bags we all got to give Harriet a cuddle and say goodbye to her.

Harriet asleep in her pram.

Harriet just woken up after her sleep.

Asking Mrs Barnes questions.

Playing ‘peek-a-boo’.

Singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

Giving Harriet a cuddle before we go home.

Here are some quotes from the children about what they learned:

Katie – ‘I learned that babies need lots of nappies, wipes, bottles, clothes and a changing mat when they are going out.’

Johnny – ‘Now I know that babies can only see black and white when they are born.’

Rory – ‘When babies cry their mum might know if they need a drink of milk or if they are tired.’

Aaron – ‘When babies sleep they grow.’

Phoebe – ‘Babies put everything in their mouths because taste is their strongest sense.’

Eilidh C – ‘You need to hold babies heads when you lift them up because they are a bit floppy and it could hurt their necks if you don’t hold them properly.’


Thank you Mrs Barnes and Harriet for coming to visit us in P1/2R.

Chinese New Year

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit this afternoon (25th January) from Mrs Cowley. She told us all about Chinese New Year. We learned how to say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ in Chinese and we know that this year it will be the year of the rooster.  Mrs Cowley brought in the most beautiful decorations which we loved learning about and enjoyed getting to hold.

Mrs Cowley



Burns Poetry visit from Mr Glendinning

On Wednesday 25th January we were very fortunate to have a special visit from Mr Glendinning who arrived wearing his kilt. He talked to us about the different parts of his kilt and we learned some new words – sporran and skean dhu. We also enjoyed listening to him reciting a selection of Burns poems and learning about what happens at a Burns Supper.

Mr Glendinning