Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders area a group of children in P4-7 who are interested in all things sport.

The aim of the Sports Leaders group is to build confidence in leadership abilities in a sporting context with the hope that the children work on the skills of teamwork, cooperation, encouragement, organisation and independence. 

With the help of Mrs Alexander the Sports Leaders have so far this year:

  • Learned how to lead warm ups and small games with the help of Active Stirling. Children have all had practise leading small group warm ups in order to support their class teachers in weekly PE time. Children worked in mixed stage groups coming up with games and leading them infront of the learning group. This allowed the P6 and 7 pupils to support the P4s and 5s. This meant that the skills of teamwork, communication, perseverance and creativity were developed.


  • Organised activities for Sport Relief 2020. The children had to come up with team activities, organise a timetable so as all classes could take part, create and deliver PowerPoint presentations to the whole school and then collect classes at the appropriate timings as well as leading the games for all year groups on the day. This is event was a huge success with the whole school taking part throughout the day.


The Sports Leaders Managed to raise over £250 on the day which is a great achievement. With all sports leaders present contributing throughout the day.

We hope that the Sports Leaders will continue to work on these skills over the coming months, as well as taking more responsibility for the equipment we have at Newton.