Super Science Update

Over the last few weeks, P4S has been exploring the human body – our skeleton, organs, senses and , most topically, the impact of germs on our health.

As part of our learning, we had an amazing trip to Glasgow Science Centre. The interactive exhibits allowed us to take our classroom learning further in a fun and engaging way. However, the highlight was, without doubt, our DNA workshop in which we extracted some of our own DNA and made our own, unique DNA necklaces!

” I learned that we get our inherited characteristics both from our mum and our dad.” – Harris

” I learned how to use the test tubes, pipettes and chemicals safely to extract our DNA.” – Aletta

We have also carried out experiments on the reliability of our senses and found out how closely those senses are linked, for example, taste and smell.

Creating germ raps and  using all sorts of materials to create “germ art”, along with P4M,  has allowed us to create a display reminding the whole school of the importance of washing our hands. Science learning applied usefully and creatively!

” Awesome!”