Learning is fun in P1!

The first 2 weeks of Term 2 have been jam packed for P1! In Literacy, we are continuing to learn our single sounds. So far this term we have learned u,b,f,e, l, h, r,j and even a special friend, sh! We choose from lots of different play activities to help us learn and remember our sounds. Our recent favourites have been making j-j-jellyfish, creating rrrrrockets, making b-b-button bs and designing h-h-hairstyles with playdough.

In Maths and Numeracy, we are continuing to learn our numbers to 20 with lots of counting activities. We have also been playing dice games and bingo to practice subitising and we have enjoyed using the Interactive Whiteboard to order non-sequential numbers.

We have chosen to learn about Space in our context work. So far we have learned about the sun and the moon and why we get day and night.  We are enjoying reading space stories too! In PE, we are developing our movement skills through Gymnastics and we are learning to travel, jump, roll and balance in different ways. Last week was Halloween which we were very excited about. We enjoyed crafting pumpkins and skeletons and we LOVED trying to catch the spiders in the sticky web.

And of course, we have been leading our own learning through play too. We have been writing birthday party notes, junk modelling, developing our communication skills in our Vets role play area, working as a team to create a huge train network and lots more! The rest of term is set to be just as busy as we begin preparations for performing A Wriggly Nativity.