P3A – Visit to Dunblane Library

On Thursday 12th September P3A went to Dunblane Library to look at some books about the Arctic and Antarctica. When we arrived Angela read us a story called ‘Geronimo’ by David Walliams. It was about a penguin who thought he could fly. After that, Angela did a quiz with us and we had to tell her which animals were from the Arctic and which ones were from Antarctica. Then Angela gave us some non-fiction books which would help with our learning about ‘Poles Apart’. We got to look at them and find out more facts with our friends. Angela said we can keep some of these books at school while we are learning about ‘Poles Apart’.

What we enjoyed:

‘I enjoyed when Angela read us the story.’ (Heidi)

‘I liked when me and all my friends were looking at a book together. We thought the pictures of the penguins were very funny.’ (Jackson)

‘I liked finding out more about Antarctica’ (Hayden)

‘I liked when my friends were looking at the books with me.’(Grace M)


What we learned:

‘I learned about 5 types of penguins.’ (Connor)

‘I learned that penguins swallow food then bring it up to feed their babies.’ (Ronan)

‘I learned that Antarctica is a continent.’ (Hannah)

‘I learned that people use polar bear fur for jumpers and rugs.’ (Keira)