Welcome to P5S

Primary 5S are settling in to their new class and embracing new challenges! Pupils created some amazing artwork  last week. They produced their very own “Minecraft” inspired self-portrait.

As part of our “It’s Fair to Care” context this term, last week pupils began to explore Fairtrade. They thought about why it is important to buy Fairtrade and how it benefits others, such as farmers in other countries.  Pupils were set the task to design their own Fairtrade chocolate bar. Bubble Pop, Tibble and Caramel Drip were just a few of the incredible chocolatey creations. Linked to our literacy focus of persuasive writing, pupils then created an advert for their chocolate bar that would make it irresistible to buy. They were very persuasive indeed!

By Leila Jasat The delicious Choco Bite and Heir bar by Jack and Imogen The tasty Choca and Caramel Crunch by Brie and Leila

This afternoon P5S enjoyed the opportunity to use the Loose Parts play out in the sunny playground. They had lots of fun using their imaginations and getting creative with the resources.