Skills for learning, skills for life with spaghetti and marshmallows!

As part of our focus on good citizenship, P4S has been exploring decisionmaking and the skills of good communication, and creative thinking   so important if we are to contribute positively in our communities. We also agreed that good citizens persevered and supported each other when faced with difficult tasks. We have been practising these skills in a series of challenges , but without doubt, our favourite was the tower marshmallow and spaghetti challenge.

Working in groups of three and then six, we had to build a two tier tower, using only spaghetti and marshmallows.Groups tried lots of different shapes and structures.

“We had to make the tower stable” – Finlay

Finally, to ensure and adequate supply of marshmallows, the groups merged in to two and created two super structures using very different techniques.


In discussion, talking lots, teamwork and just ” keeping trying” were identified as key.

Lots of learning! Lots of fun!