Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday 23rd of May we had Outdoor Classroom Day! Surprisingly P4M had two trips, Ochlochy Park in the morning and Holmehill Woods in the afternoon which meant they were out of class all day . It was great fun.

We walked to Ochlochy Park with P4W and then we took part in four activities. We looked for different types of birds and ,excuse our language,  but we had to look for different types of bird poo. We also brought our Brilliant Book Champions to the fresh outdoors and read in the sun. We also did a bug hunt including ladybirds, spiders e.t.c. Our fourth activity was playing rounders.

A big thank you to Mr Miller who brought us all ice lollies and ice creams!

In the afternoon we went to Holmehill Woods and did four activities. We did bark art, measuring trees ages, nest building and twig and leaf identifying.

A big thanks to all our parents who have helped us this term with all of our trips.

Written and edited by Lucy, Lori and Imogen (P4M Remarkable Reporters).