P2 World of Work Assembly

On Thursday 9th May, P2M presented their World of Work assembly to the school. We all shared what jobs we would like to do when we grow up.  In P2M there are future football players, horse riders, gymnasts, scientists, midwives,  inventors, astronauts, midwives, actors, gem collectors, game designers, acrobats, film directors and teachers.

We shared that when we start work in 2030, we might be doing jobs that don’t even exist yet. There could be jobs such as Drone Traffic Optimizer, Waste Engineer, Body Part Creator and Space Tour guide. It’s hard to prepare for jobs that don’t exist so experts believe the best thing to do is develop useful skills and attitudes. At Newton our teachers plan opportunities for us to develop our skills and attitudes every day. We use books and characters to help us understand our skills and attitudes.

To finish our assembly, we sang our very own version of A Million Dreams.  We are all proud of being confident performers at assembly.

I liked singing our song –Robbie

I liked doing my speaking parts- Eilidh

I liked using my clapboard and trophy for when I was being a film director- Charlotte

I liked dressing up as a gem and diamond collector. I looked like Indiana Jones- George

I liked dressing up like a teacher- Clara

I liked my costume- Lauren